Talk About Rolex Day-date Replica Watches: My Favorite Gold Watch

Today’s protagonist, the Rolex Day-Date replica watches, adds a week display to the Datejust and is equipped with a presidential chain.

The function of the Day-Date replica watch is not complicated, nor is it a unique design, but because of its historical background, it has always been the flagship model of Rolex.

As Rolex said in its advertisement, although we can’t change the world, we can let the people who change the world wear a replica Rolex watch.

The two replica watches in the article are both Rolex day-date models. The new 40mm replica watch diameter is 228238 black rock sugar, which should be the most popular style in the weekly calendar except for the green plate.

And the other is an old model 118238, 36mm diameter, because it is an old model, so the price, appearance, and accessories have a lot to do.

There is an extraordinary phenomenon called gold copy watch phobia in the replica watch circle. I feel that wearing a gold watch is too much like a nouveau richer.

But in my contact, the watch friends who buy gold watches are often not the image of the nouveau riche in everyone’s eyes, and there are many visions of paying for the design of history, function, and movement.

The customers who consume gold watches on my side are on the contrary. It is some old money. They weren’t worried that others would think he was showing off.

I hope that after this show, some small bosses will stop talking about the golden chance. In my eyes, a gold watch has a powerful symbolic meaning in a gold watch.

The essence of modern mechanical watches is jewelry, and in the era of mechanical watches or tools, only precious metal watches have jewelry and social attributes. Gold replica watches in the 20th century are the most closely linked with modern mechanical replica watches.