Carl F. Bucherer 135th Anniversary Limited Edition, Swiss Replica Watches

In early 2023, Carl F. Bucherer launched a unique minute repeater trilogy – the 135th Anniversary Edition of the Manero Minute Repeater Watch (Manero Minute Repeater Anniversary) to pay tribute to the brand’s 135th anniversary. The excellent heritage and minute repeater continues as it is about to enter its 136th year. Carl F. Bucherer once again presents three new limited edition minute repeater watches, interpreting traditional craftsmanship and modern materials with a contemporary style.

The second interpretation of the 135th Anniversary Edition of the Manero Minute Repeater Watch not only represents the pinnacle of Bucherer’s exquisite technology but is also equipped with an ultra-complex movement with three outer edges of advanced complex functions and also embodies the spirit of continuous improvement. The brand spirit strives to remain at the forefront of the times.

Each watch is limited to one and has a peripheral automatic winding system, an external minute repeater fine-tuner, and a suspended tourbillon. It adopts the CFBMR3000 movement independently designed, developed, and manufactured by Bucherer. This movement consists of 617 parts and has been continuously optimized and improved for six years since its release. Bucherer artisans spend each CFBMR3000 movement. It took more than 60 hours to complete the assembly, which shows its complexity.

The full view of the movement can be appreciated through the sapphire crystal case back, thanks to the three-edge complication that symbolizes the brand’s watchmaking expertise. It has an 18K gold two-way oscillating weight and an outer edge automatic winding system. The oscillating weight is colored to match the color of each watch. Carl F. Bucherer’s iconic suspended tourbillon: The tourbillon is neither installed on the movement’s main plate nor connected to the upper plate as if suspended in the air. Bucherer uniquely installed the tourbillon at noon instead of the traditional 6 o’clock position.

The external minute repeater fine-tuner controls the hammer’s time rhythm, striking the two gongs to sound the hours, quarter-hours, and minutes. Sound timekeeping is one of the most complex technologies in watchmaking. Carl F. Bucherer has given this complex function more features. Unlike other similar mechanical devices, the minute repeater components are visible on the dial:

  • The trimmer is at 6 o’clock.
  • The hammer is at the bottom.
  • The circular gong surrounds the inner edge of the case.

These rare constructions showcase the brand’s savoir-faire and boldness. There is another detail: guests who own this series of watches can customize the engraving content in the designated watch area to add a unique personal mark to the watch. Swiss replica watches.

The new products are presented to the public with stunning bold color designs, all using 18K rose gold cases, and the bezel is inlaid with 40 baguette-cut gemstones. The three works are equipped with different precious stones:

  • The blue one is decorated with 40 sapphires (total weight 4.7 carats).
  • The green one is decorated with 40 tsavorites (total weight 4.7 carats).
  • The purple one is decorated with 40 amethysts (Total weight of 3.1 carats).

18K rose gold gradient dial, 8-hour markers set with 0.3-carat baguette-cut diamonds, and 18K gold hands. Each gemstone is naturally formed, has a natural color, and is unique. It is carefully selected to ensure that all gemstones and the dial color are cleverly matched and sparkle. The watches have high-grade fabric straps, and 18K rose gold folding clasps. Rolex replicas for sale.

The 135th Anniversary Edition of the Manero Minute Repeater Watch embodies the philosophy that Carl F. Bucherer has adhered to since its inception: perseverance and continuous improvement. The contemporary design pays homage to fine watchmaking and presents a new image of the traditional watchmaking brand.

Breitling Santa Claus Action Team, Cheap Replica Watches

At the end of the colorful year, the year’s order is renewed, the lanterns light up the silver-covered winter, and the Christmas carols everywhere give the winter a joyful atmosphere. The Breitling Santa Claus Action Team carries a mysterious blue gift box, either airborne, riding on the waves, or speeding over, bringing high-quality timepieces everywhere to create surprises on time. Please follow Breitling to embark on boundless adventures and travel “sea, land and air”!

The sweet bells played the Christmas music, and the light wings flew across the Christmas starry night. The Avenger B01 Chronograph 44 has a blue dial, a leather strap of the same color, and a robust self-made Breitling watch. One movement, born for adventure, can also accompany you to fly in the bright Christmas night sky. The Navitimer Aviation Chronograph B01 Chronograph 43 features a clear black and white dial with the brand’s iconic circular flight slide rule. A polished and frosted seven-section silver chain strap is attached to the wrist, blooming with classic charm on winter nights. Cheap replica watches.

Roast turkey and make gingerbread, warm the fireplace with mulled wine and catch a glimpse of Santa Claus surfing by the window. The superocean automatic mechanical watch 6 has a white dial with a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel inlaid with the same color. The whole body is white and echoes the beautiful snow scene. The slightly orange second-hand and rubber strap adds to the vitality. The Superocean Heritage B20 automatic mechanical watch 42 cleverly combines the design inspiration of the original watch from the 1950s with contemporary high-performance materials. The shiny green dial awakens vitality and invites us to “green” for Christmas. Fake watches.

The Christmas tree branches are decorated with colorful decorations, and retro motorcycles drive through the white snow. The TOPTime series B01Deus watch continues the incredible feeling of a racing clock with a small black dial, small white dials, and a speed scale. The outer ring is decorated with eye-catching red and orange, and the central chronograph hand is shaped like a red light, lighting up the Christmas fantasy. Night. The chronomat mechanical chronograph automatic watch 6 has translucent diamonds inlaid on the bezel and scales and a two-tone gold strap. Its dazzling brilliance makes it challenging to take your eyes away, thus kicking off the golden Christmas fantasy.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Château Latour Limited Edition Fake Watch

Extraordinary quality and generational inheritance are two characteristics Château Latour and GP Girard-Perregaux share. The products of both brands are distinguished by their place of origin, and the unique terroir gives the products a distinctive charm. Now, two prestigious brands have combined to design a slim and elegant watch – the 1966 Château Latour Limited Edition fake watch, with a dial made of Château Latour’s cobblestones. It combines the styles of the two brands and exudes timeless charm.

A legacy of elegance and exceptional quality

Since its founding in 1791, Girard-Perregaux has created high-level timepieces one after another, always pursuing extraordinary quality with firm enthusiasm.

In 1966, Girard-Perregaux won the Centenary Award of the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland for its first high-frequency movement, Gyromatic HF (36,000 vibrations/hour), creating a new milestone in the brand’s history. The 1966 series stands out for its elegant, simple, slim, and timeless style.

Terroir – the unique influence of the place of origin

Chateau Latour can be described as having “extraordinary quality” and “ancestral expertise.” This extraordinary winery is located near the Gironde estuary. Chateau Latour was founded in 1331 and has been listed as one of France’s five best “Premiers Crus Classés” in the Médoc region since 1855. The people who work in the vineyards and cellar pass on the extraordinary culture of the winery from generation to generation. Luxury replica watches.

Since 1847, Girard-Perregaux has been closely connected with the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Today, La Chaux-de-Fonds is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rich watchmaking heritage. The architectural style of the entire town is heavily influenced by its primary industries, with factory construction tending to take advantage of natural light. In addition, a network of professional suppliers has gradually developed and strongly supports the development of various brands in the region. The unique terroir of La Chaux-de-Fonds injects a unique charm into every Girard-Perregaux timepiece.

As a world-famous “creative incubator,” La Chaux-de-Fonds is home to a large number of big names and talents, such as the architect Le Corbusier, the poet Blaise Cendrars, Famous figures such as Louis Chevrolet, the founder of the Chevrolet brand, have all made outstanding achievements here. This is very consistent with the brand connotation of GP Girard-Perregaux. For more than 200 years, the brand has been working hard in professional watchmaking and is committed to becoming a pioneer in the high-end watch industry. Deeply rooted in its long heritage, Girard-Perregaux always maintains a far-sighted vision, actively embraces new technologies, utilizes advanced materials, and strives to find creative ways to create pleasing aesthetics.

The mild climate, complex geological conditions, and geographical location close to the river mouth have jointly created the unique terroir of Chateau Latour. The soil under the winery’s vines is covered with a layer of pebbles: light-colored pebbles reflect light and accelerate photosynthesis. In contrast, dark-colored pebbles absorb sunlight and release heat at night. Girard-Perregaux is deeply aware of the charm of cobblestones and chose light-colored pebbles from the vineyards of Chateau Latour to make the dial, creating a unique watch limited to 18 pieces in the world.

Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Girard-Perregaux, said: “Girard-Perregaux and Château Latour have a lot in common. Both brands have a rich history, expertise accumulated over centuries, and Unique skills passed down from generation to generation. We understand the importance of people and reflect their passion and skills in the products we create. At the same time, we also recognize that terroir is the key to the extraordinary quality of our products. We are very pleased to be able to Working hand in hand with world-renowned wineries.”

Each dial is the result of 30 hours of meticulous work.

Each dial is crafted by hand and embodies the painstaking efforts of the artisans. First, each pebble must be finely cut and polished to a pebble disk with a thickness of only 0.45 mm and then installed on a brass base. The final dial has a total thickness of only 0.70 mm. Since natural pebbles are used, each piece is different in appearance and construction. These differences make the production of each dial challenging, resulting in some dials failing to meet standards or even cracking. The production of each dial takes 30 hours of meticulous work, and only the best among them can be finally used on the watch. In addition, the potential fragility of the pebbles needs to be considered to ensure that the application of the dial does not compromise the accuracy and reliability of the movement. The result is that each dial has a distinctive appearance and is unparalleled in its exclusivity.

Frédéric Engerer, CEO of French wine group Artémis Domaines and Château Latour, said: “Beautiful things are not just functional, they are works of art. The people who create these masterpieces also My own beauty, patience, professionalism and love are imbued in the work. Through this collaboration, our amazing pebbles are combined with the exquisite and extraordinary Swiss art of watchmaking.”

Rich elements, harmonious integration

The case of the 1966 Chateau Latour limited edition watch complements the charming tones of the dial. The rose gold material makes the yellow texture on the pebble dial more vivid and eye-catching. The golden willow leaf-shaped hour and minute hands are elegant and precise, echoing the slender hour markers. The central seconds hand and date window make the watch more versatile. In the winemaking industry, time’s importance is self-evident and a prerequisite for making fine Bordeaux wines.

The sapphire crystal glass case back is decorated with the Chateau Latour logo, fully revealing the style of the GP03300 movement inside. This self-winding movement features rich and exquisite surface finishing techniques, including chamfering, circular graining, circular and linear Côtes de Genève, engraving, mirror polishing, brushing, snailing, and a sunray pattern. The movement is entirely built by the brand, and most of the watch’s components are purchased locally, with 90% of the components purchased within the 100 kilometers around La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The 1966 Château Latour limited edition watch harmoniously blends the terroir of the winery with the exquisite watchmaking skills of the famous local brand GP Girard-Perregaux in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This watch is limited to 18 pieces worldwide and is only available to private customers at Chateau Latour and the GP Girard-Perregaux House in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Carl F. Bucherer Launches Marley Longyuan Powered Perpetual Calendar Replica Watch

Carl F. Bucherer launches the Manero Peripheral Perpetual Calendar, equipped with the newly developed CFB A2055 movement. It combines the brand’s iconic automatic winding system with perpetual calendar and moon phase display functions for the first time. In one, the precision and precision of the watch’s travel time are raised to a new level. The watch has an eye-catching design and the brand’s iconic outer edge self-winding movement, which can be appreciated through the case back, balancing modern style and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Manero Peripheral Perpetual Calendar watch is a new step in watch mechanical engineering. It can display leap year, date, day of the week, month, and moon phase through a small window and four small dials. Its iconic complication, the perpetual calendar, can automatically identify leap years in the coming decades without the wearer adjusting between months of different lengths. This is also the origin of the watch’s name. Even in leap years, the watch can maintain accurate time until 2100 and only needs to be fine-tuned every century after that.

Exquisite skills

As a piece of exquisite craftsmanship, the moon phase complication adds to the precise timing of the watch. The hand-carved rose gold moon phase is set on the aventurine small dial, turning the watch into a beautiful work of art.

The Marley Longyuan Power Perpetual Calendar watch uses Bucherer’s iconic outer edge automatic winding system. The CFB A2055 movement is the latest generation of peripheral self-winding movement independently developed by Carl F. Bucherer. The structure of the movement seems simple, but it hides a mystery: the outer edge winding system is driven by three ceramic rollers, does not require lubrication, and can be incorporated in two directions, making the winding efficiency higher and more stable. Under the protection of the triple dynamic shock absorption system, the outer edge winding system is more robust and protects the oscillating weight from shock. In addition, the pendulum is made of natural tungsten material to ensure bidirectional rotation efficiency. This movement also has advantages common to all peripheral movements: you can appreciate the full view of the movement through the bottom of the watch without any plywood blocking it.

Bucherer has been deeply involved in peripheral oscillating weight technology for 15 years. In 2008, Bucherer launched the revolutionary CFB A1000 peripheral oscillating weight movement and became the first watch manufacturer in the world to mass-produce peripheral automatic winding movements. In 2016, the CFB A2000 movement was launched. It upgraded the performance and stability based on the A1000 and became the outer edge oscillating weight basic movement that is still used today. Replica watches for sale.

The research and development upgrades of generations of movements have made outer-edge technology continue to improve in function. In 2018, Bucherer introduced the double outer edge concept and launched the CFB T3000 movement, which superimposed a suspended tourbillon on the outer edge automatic winding movement. , the tourbillon is fixed at two fixed points on the outer ring of the tourbillon frame without a bracket, and there is no obstruction to visual appreciation. It is similar to the outer edge oscillating weight. In 2021, Bucherer again breaks through the limits and presents the CFB MR3000 movement, which interprets the concept of three outer edges and loads an external trimmer-style minute repeater on the double outer edges, the first in the industry.

Today, the CFB A2055 movement is another milestone in the development of Bucherer’s peripheral technology, and it also strengthens the brand’s determination to move forward into the field of professional advanced watchmaking.

Distinctive style

In addition to the movement design, the bold color design flaunts Bucherer’s innate confidence and distinctive style. The Malilong Dynamic Perpetual Calendar watch is available in black, green, and brown gray, echoing the concept of the Malilong series: the best companion for contemporary urban lifestyle. In addition, Bucherer also launched a charming rose-colored limited edition replica watch, exclusively sold at the Bucherer 1888 flagship boutique in New York and is limited to eight pieces.

The dial has a sunray brushed effect, with a milky white minute scale ring and rose gold-plated wedge-shaped time scales, which have distinct layers and are easier to read. The calfskin strap is specially treated to present a galaxy texture that complements the color of the dial. It has a quick-release system, and an 18K rose gold pin-type folding clasp. All design details echo Bucherer’s enthusiasm for not sticking to tradition and boldly trying new colors. They prove the brand’s actions to transcend the traditions and conventions of high-end watchmaking and broaden the boundaries of charm.