H.MOSER&CIE: Return Of The Green Dragon, Best Replica Websites

Known as the “Green Dragon” by watch collectors, the Streamliner Center Seconds Matrix Green watch has made its much-anticipated return, and a new model with a dazzling mist purple dial has also debuted simultaneously. In 2020, the Speedster series three-hand watch won widespread praise upon its launch. It quickly became the iconic work of H. Moser & Cie. Despite the huge demand, the brand decided to suspend taking orders and use this time to refine the aesthetic design and watchmaking features of the watch. This update and upgrade includes the transparent paint-colored Henry Moser & Cie. brand logo and the new HMC 201 self-winding, self-produced movement, which exceeds everyone’s expectations and makes watch enthusiasts chase. Best replica websites.

The hour hand, minute hand, central seconds hand: the classic three-hand watch requires extremely exquisite professional skills and balanced and precise proportions to achieve a harmonious design to create a delicate and beautiful masterpiece. The Speedster series of three-hand watches fully embodies this design concept. This watch uses a 40.0 mm stainless steel pillow-shaped case with a waterproof depth of 120 meters (12 ATM), a lug-less design, and an integrated stainless steel bracelet, showing excellent ergonomic design. The recesses on both sides of the case are satin-finished, with alternating frosted and polished surfaces, and are covered with a slightly curved sapphire crystal mirror, which complements the transparent bottom cover and pays homage to H. Moser & Cie. ‘s unusual and classic appearance. The smooth curve extends to the integrated stainless steel chain strap along the wrist. The chain strap has been polished and vertically brushed. The structure is very complex. All links are connected in a hinged manner and have a soft, wavy shape just to fit the wrist better. It also has elegant curves and is convenient and flexible to wear. This bracelet is also a technical achievement, demonstrating exquisite and complex watchmaking skills. Swiss replica watches.

The Speedster series three-hand watch perfectly integrates harmonious proportions, smooth lines, and advanced watchmaking technology. The watch uses the brand’s classic color – Aurora Green (Matrix Green) smoked dial, which watch lovers can recognize at a glance. Full of power, vivid colors and gradient tones from olive green to red gold add a touch of timeless elegance to the watch. At the same time, H. Moser & Cie also launched another new color-matching Speedster series watch with a blue reflective dark purple dial named Purple Haze. Whether Aurora Green or Misty Purple, the dial presents the Henry Moser & Cie. brand logo in transparent lacquer color, like a mysterious identity mark. The 3D hour and minute hands pointing to the time scale are composed of two parts embedded with Globolight, an innovative ceramic base material containing Super-LumiNova.

The Speedster series three-hand watch is powered by our 100% Swiss-made mechanical movement: the HMC 201 self-winding movement. This movement, a successor to the HMC 200 movement, features innovative elements such as a hollowed-out bridge for a wider opening. This opening beautifully showcases the gear train, central second hand, and two-way automatic winding system, giving the watch a modern feel. The carbon gray surface modification enhances the watch’s high-end appeal. The oscillating weight, also hollowed out and chamfered, ensures a power reserve of at least 72 hours while maintaining a clear view of the movement.

H. Moser & Cie. demonstrates its unique insights into fine watchmaking.

Watch the number and picture.

Speedster series three-hand Aurora Green watch No. 6201-1200, stainless steel model, Aurora green smoked dial, integrated stainless steel bracelet.

Speedster Series Second Hand Misty Purple Watch, No. 6201-1201, Stainless Steel Model, Misty Purple Smoked Dial, Integrated Stainless Steel Bracelet

2024 Celebrity Watch Pairing Gift 520 Confession Moment, Replicas Watch China

Traveling through the stars and dawns, searching for dusk and dawn, I finally met my love in a roundabout way. When parallel times intersect, the hearts collide every second, turning into bright love. When the 520 confession moment comes, the Swiss watchmaking family Baume & Mercier selects two pairs of Riviera series timepieces to put the “core” in motion on the wrist, telling the most vivid and vivid love of “name.”

“Core” moves, blue love song

Borrow a touch of blue and place it in your lover’s palm, letting the throbbing moment leave eternal footprints. As time passes, build a warm habitat. Deep love expresses attachment with long-lasting colors, a surprise buried by time.

In the blue-woven dream, love grows freely. Baume & Mercier Riviera series Baumatic calendar automatic winding titanium watch 10769 blue dial is like the infinite possibilities in love, which is fascinating. The riveted gold-plated Roman numerals and engravings arranged on the disk are the same as the moment when a lover holds hands and makes a promise, which is solemn and precious. The sandblasted gray PVD-coated titanium bezel is like a bond between lovers, connecting heartbeats simultaneously and expressing their unwavering friendship. The Baume & Mercier Riviera series diamond-set English movement watch 10765 has a lacquered midnight blue dial polished by sun satin. It is decorated with transparent mountain and sea patterns, embellishing the entire dial with exquisiteness. The stainless steel bezel has 44 brilliant-cut diamonds (top Weselton, VS clarity grade, 0.47 carats), shining like eternal love. Replicas watch china.

(Left) Baume & Mercier Riviera series Baumatic calendar automatic winding titanium watch 10769_42mm

(Right) Baume & Mercier Riviera series diamond-set English movement watch 10765_33mm

The “core” moves, thousands of miles of mountains and seas

If we have the heart to meet each other, mountains and seas are not far away. Looking across the hills, the sea, and the sky meet, the determination to love each other is endless. The wind-swept hills and the shore with roaring waves add rich and colorful descriptions to the story of lovers persistently searching for love.

Between the mountains and the sea, make a wish to the howling wind, and fall in love in the name of love in endless time. Baume & Mercier Riviera Series Baumatic Calendar Self-winding Watch 10616 is equipped with the brand’s Baumatic movement, which provides a power reserve of up to five days, just like lovers relying on each other. The blue sapphire dial is decorated with mountain and sea patterns, like the perseverance and courage of not being afraid of mountains and seas on the voyage of love. The Baume & Mercier Riviera Calendar Automatic Watch 10764 “Pink Peach Blossom” timepiece releases warm energy, carries the expectation of happy things, and exquisitely interprets delicate love with unique intention. The lacquer dial polished by sunray satin is like sweet companionship and pleasant times between lovers. The riveted rhodium-plated Roman numerals and scales are covered with a white luminous coating (blue light), visible every minute and second, giving comfort and warmth to lovers in the long night. Richard mille replica.

(Left) Baume & Mercier Riviera Series Baumatic Calendar Automatic Watch 10616_42mm

(Right) Baume & Mercier Riviera calendar automatic watch 10764_36mm

Love is like the long wind, passing through the sea and around the mountains before finally falling into lovers’ hands. The 520 sweet confession season is coming. Baume & Mercier watches will burn love on the wrist and treasure every minute and second’s “core” movements.

Tag Heuer Carrera Series Date Watch, Replica Luxury Watches

She is a steadfast watcher in the long river of time and a gentle comment on the way to pursue dreams.

She is like a towering tree in life’s journey, witnessing every extraordinary challenge with her unyielding tenacity.

Swiss pioneer watchmaking brand TAG Heuer presents three new Carrera series (Carrera) calendar watches on Mother’s Day. These watches represent TAG Heuer’s unremitting pursuit of excellent design and comfort and interpret the combination of strength and softness with timeless and elegant design and precious and luxurious materials, paying profound tribute to every mother. Replica luxury watches.

The TAG Heuer Carrera series, which carries Jack Heuer’s watchmaking vision, has been a classic since its birth in 1963. The three new Carrera series calendar watches launched by TAG Heuer this year are based on last year’s highly successful 36mm watch. Each model exudes exquisite beauty and gentle charm, paying tribute to the timeless elegance of the watch. Aesthetic style. These new watches are made of precious materials such as 18K5N rose gold, mother-of-pearl, and diamonds. They use excellent craftsmanship to show the exquisite fusion of luxury and sophistication, showing the power of women without losing their gentle temperament. Tag Heuer replica watches.

The Carrera series watches with a diameter of 36 mm are easy to match and integrate classic design elements. They remain charming after years of baptism, just like women who are unafraid of the passage of time and always shine. The diameter of the case highlights its unique advantages. Whether high-speed racing on the track or an elegant dinner, the TAG Heuer Carrera series calendar watch is ideal for quickly switching between multiple roles. With the continuous deepening of research on ergonomics, the thickness of the new watch is controlled between 10.20 mm and 10.60 mm, ensuring that while presenting an elegant style, it provides a comfortable wearing experience and is suitable for women in various scenarios. Demand, it is an excellent choice for gifting to mothers.

The new TAG Heuer Carrera series calendar watch is a witness of time and the best interpretation of mother’s elegance and tenacity. The three distinctive watches exude subtle and precious charm. Every detail has been carefully polished, fully demonstrating this Swiss high-end watchmaker’s exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and unique design concept.

The first timepiece features a charming copper dial decorated with a snail-shaped frosted process; it presents a nude tone that transitions from light brown to beige, interpreting the watch’s sense of harmony and balance. The stainless steel case adopts alternating finishing technology, and every detail is refined. The bezel and crown are made of 18K 5N rose gold, giving the watch an elegant style for daily wear and paying tribute to the mother’s endless tenderness and strength.

The second watch uses a white mother-of-pearl dial with a nude gradient ring that gradually transitions from light brown to beige, showing elegance and ethereal beauty. The stainless steel case adopts an alternating finishing process, against which the 18K 5N rose gold hour markers, hands, and brand logo stand out. The outer edge of the iconic diamond dial is inlaid with 76 diamonds, with a total weight of 0.288 carats, adding dazzling charm to daily wear and making it a dazzling heroine on any occasion.

The third watch also uses a mother-of-pearl dial with a nude gradient ring that transitions from light brown to beige. It is like a mother who silently guards every moment. It is eternal and precious. The hour markers are set with 11 brilliant diamonds in a diamond prong setting, with a total weight of 0.22 carats, adding to the luxurious style of the watch. The 18K 5N rose gold crown and bezel complements the gold-plated hands and TAG Heuer logo, creating a harmonious and unified luxury style. The iconic diamond outer edge is inlaid with 76 diamonds, with a total weight of 0.288 carats, making the overall styling the icing on the cake, showing off the brilliance.

All three watches have an optimized new iconic Carrera series H-shaped bracelet. The bracelet adopts a tapered structure design and is carefully made of stainless steel or stainless steel and 18K 5N rose gold, giving the watch a long-lasting look and gentle qualities.

Every precise beat of the TAG Heuer Carrera series calendar watch demonstrates its excellent performance. At the same time, it pours the mother’s praise into precious materials, which can flow every second, no matter when and where. Admiration and gratitude are conveyed occasionally, and the passage of time remains the same.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·creator Series 31mm, Best Replica Watch Site

With the spirit of pioneering and creating history, Shanghai Watch has created elegant timepieces for women of different generations. Shanghai Watch has newly launched the 31 mm diameter Tribute·Creator Series, with its exquisite and compact size, diverse dial colors, and rich strap options. It highlights women’s elegance and taste and perfectly adapts to various daily wear. It has become the Watch of choice for modern women.

Shanghai Watch Pays Tribute to the Creator Series 31mm Elegantly Arrives.

Drawing on the design essence of the brand’s first mass-produced mechanical Watch, the A581, the Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series follows the representative design of the A581 watch: the combination of Arabic numerals and three-dimensional arrow nails and the red dots of the first trial production. The second hand and the three-dimensional building brand logo that reproduced the Shanghai Watch when it was founded all pay Tribute to that vibrant era. In addition, it is paired with an arched sapphire glass mirror and a case back decorated with a calligraphy brand logo and retro crabapple window design, which jointly demonstrate the sophistication and style of Shanghai. Best replica watch site.

Modern golden rhyme imprint of time

The night falls, and the lanterns come on. Shanghai shines brightly against the lights as if it has been plated with a layer of gorgeous and dreamy gilding, showing the prosperity and modernity of the city. In 1958, Shanghai Watch injected a unique urban charm into the brand’s first mass-produced mechanical Watch, the A581, with its modern building logo and shining gold. The building’s brand identity was designed by engineer Mr. Chen Jiachang when the brand was founded. The majestic Shanghai Tower inspired it. This building, located on the banks of the Suzhou River, is an early representative of the modernist style and not only witnesses the century-old legend of Shanghai. , which highlights the fashionable and avant-garde charm of this city. Today, the Tribute to the Creators series once again presents this modern gold, which inherits the brand’s classic aesthetics and shines with the shining light of the times, like the neon lights of Shanghai.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

Modern gold is sprinkled on the dial, just like the epitome of the bustling city of Shanghai, condensed in the square inches of the wrist. The iconic building logo is visible on the dial, revealing the accumulated beauty over time. The characteristic digital time scales at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock complement other arrow nail design time scales, and the 48 round nail-shaped minute scales scattered around like pearls add a unique and exquisite style to the entire dial. The golden toffee hour hand jumps lightly, and the red lacquer on the top of the second hand is like a finishing touch, injecting vitality into the entire dial. The second-hand red dot lights up the dial instantly and pays Tribute to the history of the first trial production of Shanghai watches before National Day in 1955.

31 mm, elegant and round

Shanghai Watch Tribute·Creator Series 31mm, elegant and rounded

Following the retro design of the 1950s, the Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series uses an arched sapphire glass mirror. Its slightly convex mirror design cleverly magnifies the disk’s vision and adds a bit of elegance and roundness. The 31 mm stainless steel case complements the smooth curves of the lugs, exuding a charming metallic luster. The crown is decorated with the “Building Body” logo, supplemented by exquisite anti-slip texture, demonstrating the brand’s ultimate pursuit of details and ingenuity.

The Watch’s back cover is decorated with a retro crabapple window and the “Shanghai” calligraphy logo.

Gently turn the Watch over, and the begonia flower window design and the “Shanghai” calligraphy logo on the stainless steel watch back cover come into view, recreating the oriental aesthetics of the last century. The exquisite gravel texture gives the Watch a rich visual layering and a badge engraved with time marks.

The 31mm Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series has a date display function, provides a power reserve of up to 38 hours, and is waterproof to 50 meters to meet the needs of daily life. It is internally equipped with the excellent ST4200 self-winding movement, which swings at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour. It is equipped with 29 synthetic ruby bearings to reduce wear and tear effectively and is also loaded with a shock absorber to ensure its durability and stability.

Expressing affection to each other and spending time together

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·The Creator Series 39mm and 31mm express their love for each other and spend time together.

The Shanghai Watch Tribute·Chronicle series uses modern watchmaking technology and inherited ingenuity to re-engrave classics. It is available in 31 mm and 39 mm sizes and has three unique and timeless dials, showing the morning and dusk in Shanghai, respectively, and night, highlighting the city’s diverse charm. In addition, this series is also equipped with black, camel, and brown leather straps with quick-release systems and classic steel straps to meet the personalized needs of different watch enthusiasts. Replica Rolex watches.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1603.011.09)

“Sunset Gold” is like the afterglow, and the gradually changing golden glow of the disk is like the Shanghai Bund at dusk. The sunset reflects the Huangpu River, reflecting time’s quiet and beautiful charm. When paired with a black strap, it is even more intoxicating.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1800.011.09/S5000.1800.011.19/S5000.1800.014.09)

“Skylight Silver” is like dawn, showing Shanghai in the morning light with light sun patterns, carrying the elegant charm of the city. Paired with a brown or camel strap, it shows a more tasteful style, while paired with a steel strap, it reveals the beauty of competence.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1802.011.09)

“Yoye Black” is like a starry night sky, with black sun patterns reflecting the urban scene. Paired with a brown strap, it adds a sense of mystery and depth, showing an international metropolis’s charming charm and infinite vitality.

A classic that has been tempered by time, awakening the Shanghai years in modern memories. Today, the Tribute to the Creator series conveys deep affection in the form of a pair of watches and spending time together. The 31mm is exquisite and delicate, suitable for women to wear, showing elegance; the 39mm is majestic, showing the stability and style of men. The 31 mm and 39 mm models go hand in hand, symbolizing love and the vow of staying together with their shining golden light, witnessing every precious moment together.