Classification Of Replica Watches

Imitation watches can be roughly divided into three categories according to their grades:

The First Category Is Garbage

This kind of watch is usually tens of dollars a piece, the quality is very rough, and you can modify it at will. Initially, there were only three needles. He gave you four hands with a personality. The single calendar will be changed to a double calendar for you without drilling. The whole plate set for you is “diamond,” the so-called artificial zircon! Many of the movements use low-end movements!

The Second Category Is Made According To The Genuine 1:1

Of course, the workmanship is much better than in the first category, and there are few cases of cutting corners. The case details, metal wire drawing, grinding, and polishing are defective, and some movements are made in China. Movements, some are equipped with Swiss machines (assembled watches).

These replica watches account for the vast majority of the market! One or two hundred dollars is average. After all, it is not cheap to assemble a Swiss machine movement, such as the 2892 and the 7750 campaigns. These are just the prices in the past. Now, because the Swiss movement factory does not directly give it to China Supply, the domestic business people with the movement saw the machine speculate the price, resulting in the cost of the training soaring.

The Third Category Is The Perfect Replica Watch

This watch is made by a hidden manufacturer, and its quality is very high. It is said that the former Guangdong watch factory did it behind closed doors because if it is private, it is impossible to make many watch enthusiasts such as Crazy realm. When the Chinese watchmaking industry first developed, the state allocated 120,000 pieces of Swiss watchmaking equipment to be imported from Switzerland, half of which were distributed to Guangdong, part to Shanghai, and amount to Tianjin.

Today, Shanghai has developed into a Shanghai Watch Factory, Tianjin has evolved into today’s well-known Seagull Watch Factory, and Guangdong has grown into the world’s largest watch accessories distribution center today, where the most high-end watchmaking technology in China, the most expensive watches, and The most skilled watchmakers are also here. Like Japan’s RXW and Italy’s TMF factory, it is re-engraved according to the original one-to-one mold. The fit between the crown and the case is perfect. Another feature is that many models have a luminous function, and the brilliant powder is not stingy.

They are all imported from Switzerland, and the effect of glowing at night is perfect. It is sharp and lasts for a long time, usually around 13 hours!  Someone went to the counter to ask the master to identify it, but the master did not see that it was fake! Maybe some people didn’t believe it and didn’t think it at the time, so I took a piece and tried it myself. After I got it, I can confidently say I’ve seen many imitation and genuine watches. It is said that the watch of our store is the most extreme in the imitation watch, surpassing many low-end authentic watches!

If everyone comes into contact with the watch with a play mentality, the replica watch is the best choice. The genuine watch is not necessarily good, and the imitation watch is not necessarily bad!