An Original Masterpiece That Pays Homage To The Vibrant 1960s, Replica Watches

German high-end watchmaking brand Glashütte Original launches the new Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition, paying tribute to the style of the 1960s with a masterpiece on the wrist. The contrasting design of the new Sixties Chronograph recreates the chic feelings of the 1960s. Unique colors and textures contribute to the outstanding charm of this annual edition watch: the exquisitely carved starry sky gray lacquer dial is decorated with a gradient effect and shiny red gold hands, which complement the dark blue woven strap, showing extraordinary taste. The classic and timeless design exudes a fresh temperament, confirming the charm of the “Swinging Sixties.”

The 1960s: Facing life head-on and showing off freely

In the 1960s, the younger generation not only dared to speak their minds, but their uninhibited attitude also attracted the world’s attention. The fashion trends of the 1960s were eclectic, ranging from the simple lines and dark colors favored by the Beat Generation to the luxury and colorful blooms favored by hippies. Outfits are often a form of self-expression. Today, sixty years later, Glashütte Original reinterprets this concept with a masterpiece on the wrist. The new Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition is a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship and is evidence of the brand’s commitment to originality.

Chronographs from the 1960s: Extraordinary style, full of charm

Being different was the doctrine of the 1960s trendsetters. Sixties Chronograph The sixties chronograph watch quietly blends into it: it expresses its personality with a low-key and restrained attitude. The round 42mm stainless steel case has a complex and exquisite dial. From the dial’s center to the edges, bright gray gradually changes to darker tones, creating a beautiful gradient effect. In addition, the bas-relief pattern of the dial is made using the craftsmanship of the 1960s. Each dial embryo must be embossed with exquisite designs on the source through a 60-ton press and present a unique embossed pattern. Replica watches.

The two white Arabic numerals, the brand logo, and Glashütte i/Sa, are all accurately hand-printed by the dial engineer using a rubber pad. The diamond-cut hour markers with luminous dots and the red gold-plated hands complement each other. This watch is paired with a blue nylon woven strap, fully demonstrating the contrasting colors’ beauty.

The appearance of the watch inherits the iconic curved design of this series. Everything reflects this distinctive feature, from the dial and hands to the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass mirror. The brand’s watchmakers use diamond polishing technology to concave and convex polish the entire sapphire crystal glass to achieve an arched effect, giving a broader and clearer viewing angle to appreciate the dial and movement. Rolex replicas for sale.

Extraordinary heart: precise movement, tailor-made

This watch is equipped with the 39-34 self-winding movement.

The exquisitely decorated movement parts result from the craftsman’s skillful hand, such as Glashütte columnar grain, chamfered edges, tiny polished screws, and the 21K hollow gold oscillating weight with the classic double G logo. All the exquisite decorations can be seen at a glance through the arched sapphire crystal glass case back, showing off their style.

The Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition is equipped with a starry sky gray dial and pays homage to the lifestyle of the 1960s with an elegant contrast design. This watch will be sold in Glashütte original stores and authorized dealer boutiques from September 2023.

Technical Information

  • Model name: Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition
  • Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition
  • Year of release: 2023
  • Model: 1-39-34-06-22-04 (blue nylon woven strap with pin buckle)
  • Movement: Beautifully decorated Caliber 39-34 self-winding movement
  • Functions: Hours, minutes (center), small seconds (off-center), stop seconds, Chronograph with stop seconds (center), and 30-minute counter
  • Vibration frequency: 4 Hz, equivalent to 28,800 oscillations per hour
  • Running time: 40 hours (±5%)
  • Balance wheel: light balance wheel
  • Hairspring: anachronic hairspring
  • Shock absorber: Incabloc
  • Case: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 42 mm in diameter
  • Interlug distance: 48.5mm
  • Water resistance: 3 bar
  • Dial: Gray/black lacquered dial with a gradient effect, embossed embossing, white Arabic numerals, cut-out hour markers, and Super-LumiNova dots
  • Dial material: brass
  • Hands: 5N red gold PVD-coated columnar hands, hour/minute hands embedded with Super-LumiNova luminous coating
  • Mirror: sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-reflective
  • Case back: sapphire crystal
  • Strap: Dark blue nylon braided strap with stainless steel pin buckle

Panerai Launches The New Luminor Due Series Prada Re-nylon Replica Watch

PANERAI joins hands with Prada to present an extraordinary encounter of exquisite style and innovative ideas

With a keen pursuit of design and watchmaking innovation, Panerai joins hands with Prada, an iconic Italian brand, to jointly launch the new Luminor Due Prada Re-Nylon replica watch. The latest looks cleverly combine their respective aesthetic characteristics, combining exquisite style and practical functions, and can also be used as daily style accessories.

Panerai Luminor Due series watches have always been designed with slim, lightweight, and smooth lines to interpret the brand’s iconic modern style. The new looks launched in this series match exclusive Prada Re-Nylon regenerated nylon straps, demonstrating Panerai’s keen capture of contemporary fashion and adding to Panerai’s deep accumulation of precision timepieces. The design has been given a new lease of life.

As Prada’s iconic fabric, nylon has become a distinct symbol of the brand’s DNA, representing the brand’s unique insights into modern luxury and modern lifestyle for more than 40 years. Today, Prada Re-Nylon regenerated nylon material injects subversive new ideas into this classic fabric. It is woven with regenerated nylon yarn ECONYL, 100% regenerated nylon made from pre-consumer (50%) and post-consumer ( 50%) materials such as fishing nets, discarded nylon, carpets, and industrial waste.

This time, Prada has equipped the new Panerai Luminor Due series with four strap styles, including iron gray and navy blue, for 42mm and 38mm imitation watches. The watch’s light pink and cornflower blue-gray models are decorated with the words “Prada Re-Nylon” and “Panerai” using heat transfer technology, paying tribute to the creative cooperation between the two brands. Four new works full of urban temperament are all made of polished stainless steel cases. Among them, the PAM01425 and PAM01426 watches are equipped with exquisite matte white sandwich dials, and the details are coated with gray Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which emits green brilliant light in the dark; the PAM01428 watch is equipped with a white sunburst dial, covered with beige Super-LumiNova luminous coating; the PAM01429 watch has a blue sunray dial, coated with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The carefully engraved word “Panerai” embellishes the modern dial.

2 The new watch is equipped with Panerai’s quick-detachment system for straps, allowing wearers to easily change straps according to different styling needs and moods, showing the diverse charm of the watch. Among them, the 42mm model is equipped with an adjustable buckle, and the 38mm model is fitted with a pin buckle. The clock is equipped with P.900 self-winding movement and has a 3-day power reserve.

Adhering to Panerai’s modern urban style, the new Luminor Due Prada Re-Nylon watch cleverly combines the brand’s unique watchmaking personality with exquisite style, fully satisfying watch lovers’ desire for the beauty of advanced watchmaking and life. The dual pursuit of taste adds the finishing touch to your spring wardrobe.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Launches Three High-end Jewelry Watches, Reddit Replica Watches

101Secrets Mysterious Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre launches three new high-end jewelry watches that combine excellent gem-setting technology with the iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement. Each new work highlights femininity intelligently and outstandingly, integrating high-end jewelry craftsmanship into a unique watch mechanism, demonstrating Jaeger-LeCoultre’s infinite creativity.

101 Secrets mystery watch
101 Bangle watch rose gold model
101 Bangle watch white gold model

The 101 Secrets mystery watch adopts a new design and is inlaid with diamonds totaling 27 carats. It is the most exquisite 101 series timepiece launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre so far. The diamond bracelet style bracelet has a new mysterious mechanical mechanism, and the wearer can open the hidden dial at will.

The 101 Bangle watch, which first appeared in 2020, has been reinterpreted and launched into two unique models: one is in rose gold, with a red lacquered dial and set with brilliant diamonds; the other is in white gold, with snow white. The lacquered dial is set with sapphires and crystal diamonds.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement, born in the Grand Workshop 1929, was initially designed and developed specifically for jewelry watches. Its small and unique rectangular shape allows designers to freely express their aesthetic creativity and continuously innovate the production process of women’s watches. This small and unique manual winding movement weighs only 1 gram and is still the most minor mechanical movement in the world today. In addition, it is one of the oldest movements ever produced that has never been interrupted. Reddit replica watches.

101 Secrets mystery watch – interpreting the spirit of Art Deco with a new design

The Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 Secrets mystery watch is outlined with four rows of diamonds. Two rows of prong-set diamonds are located outside two rows of grain-set diamonds. The look is full of brilliance and shines brightly on the wrist, cleverly integrating the timepiece. They are hidden in it.

The tradition of mystery watches dates back to the 19th century when pocket watches (worn by both men and women) had a hinged cover on the case that covered the dial and protected the glass from scratches. These watch covers are often decorated with intricate enamel patterns and inlaid with magnificent gemstones. Women started wearing watches in the early 20th century, and the idea then was that ladies didn’t need to check the time constantly. Today, the Mystery Watch provides creative space for integrating jewelry craftsmanship and watch design, resulting in extraordinary works with outstanding beauty and practical value. Fake watches.

In the English name of the 101 Secrets mystery watch, the word “Secrets” is plural, implying the dual charm elements in the new timepiece. The first mystery is that this timepiece is like a fine piece of jewelry: the dial is cleverly hidden and is only revealed when the wearer needs to check the time. The second mystery is that the new mechanical device is hidden among the rows of diamonds. Such an ingenious layout can be called a pioneering work in micro-mechanical technology. This delicate mechanism is almost invisible; only the woman wearing the watch knows its location. When she gently presses the hidden “button,” a small area on the bracelet will open like a page in a book, revealing the time displayed on the shiny mother-of-pearl dial. The dial disappears when the button is released, and the bracelet returns to its original diamond bracelet with flowing light.

The gem-setting master chose prong-setting technology for the two outer rows of diamonds. This traditional technology fixes the diamonds above the surface of the gold setting, allowing light to penetrate the diamonds from all angles, maximizing the brilliance of each diamond. These large diamonds present an almost imperceptible gradient shape according to their size and are set in harmonious and symmetrical positions, further demonstrating the superb craftsmanship of the gem setters. The two rows of diamonds inside are grain-set, making the large diamonds the visual focus. When the dial is revealed, it complements the brilliant diamonds surrounding it, highlighting the symmetrical design inspired by the Art Deco style. The side of the bracelet is also set with diamonds, making the entire piece even more dazzling and transparent.

The 101 Secrets mystery watch is set with 1,024 diamonds (total weight of 26.75 carats). The setting process was completed entirely in the Jaeger-LeCoultre rare crafts workshop (Métiers Rares atelier), which took 182 hours.

101 Secrets mystery watch – dial open
101 Secrets mystery watch – hidden dial

101 Bangle Watch – Two Colorful Models Launched

Jaeger-LeCoultre designers drew inspiration from the rounded arcs and sharp lines of the Art Deco style to reinterpret the 101 Bangle watch, first launched in 2020. The bracelet is set with nearly 1,000 precious gemstones and can wrap around the wrist securely without a buckle. It is equipped with a cleverly designed hidden lock that can be opened and closed at will with just one click.

In 2023, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Workshop will add colorful colors to the 101 Bangle watch and launch two new products, each of which is a unique treasure.

On the rose gold bracelet, the delicate red lacquer dial and white diamonds contrast sharply and complement the warm tones of the precious metal. To emphasize the three-dimensional design effect of the timepiece, 996 diamonds (total weight of 19.7 carats) are arranged one by one according to size. The gem setter uses prong setting and grain setting techniques to show off the brilliance of the diamonds. The side of the bracelet is also set with diamonds, making it even more dazzling.

In addition, the 101 Bangle watch is also launched in white gold for the first time, with a row of brilliant-cut sapphires arranged according to size to set off the rounded curvature of the bracelet, cleverly lingering around the wrist. The deep blue gemstone echoes the row of sapphires set on the side of the bracelet and contrasts sharply with the white diamonds, gold material, and snow-white lacquered dial. This 101 Bangle watch has 347 sapphires (total weight of 10.29 carats) and 645 diamonds (total weight of 10.99 carats), with 21.28 rare gemstones.

101 Bangle watch rose gold model
101 Bangle watch white gold model

Adhering to the pioneering spirit of the founder of Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Grand Maison began developing timepieces for women from its early days and soon realized that watches have great potential in terms of aesthetic design and technical craftsmanship and can be worn as both jewelry and accessories, in the decades since social progress has brought about not only changing fashion trends but also dramatic changes in the definition of femininity. Jaeger-LeCoultre develops timepieces specifically designed for women, combining sophisticated craftsmanship, creative design, and aesthetic taste in many ways.

To prove that precision performance and miniaturization are not mutually exclusive, Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers developed the Caliber 101 in 1929. Fifty years before the advent of computer-aided design and production technology, the birth of the 101 movement was nothing less than an eye-catching miniaturization initiative. This movement is also recognized as the minor mechanical movement in the world. . Over the decades, mechanical devices have been continuously improved through innovations in materials and processing, while their dimensions and layout have remained unchanged. The new generation Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement is composed of 98 parts (the number of parts of the original movement is 78), with dimensions of 14 mm x 4.8 mm, thickness of 3.4 mm (volume of 0.2 cubic centimeters), and weight of only 1 gram.

Due to the overall slimness and compactness of the movement, all parts must be custom-produced and adjusted, making each 101 activity unique. Only a small group of watchmakers in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops are skilled in the production and assembly of such a tiny movement. Therefore, the Grand Workshop only produces a dozen 101 signs every year.

The three new timepieces continue the glorious legend of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement, witnessing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s outstanding professional skills in the field of miniaturized watchmaking, as well as the exquisite craftsmanship of the gem setters in the Grand Workshop. Designers, watchmakers, and jewelers from the Grand Maison Jaeger-LeCoultre gather under the same roof to create extraordinary masterpieces that combine exquisite craftsmanship, creative design, and aesthetic taste.

Technical characteristics

  • 101 SECRETS mystery watch
  • Material: 18K rose gold
  • Case size: 29.07 x 12.22mm
  • Wrist circumference: 160 mm
  • Thickness: 9.88mm
  • Movement: Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 manual winding movement
  • Function: Hours and minutes display
  • Power reserve: 33 hours
  • Dial: mother-of-pearl
  • Carat: 1,024 diamonds, approximately 26.75 carats
  • No.: Q2872201
  • Production volume: Customized only

Technical characteristics

  • 101 BANGLE watch (rose gold model)
  • Case: 18K rose gold
  • Case size: 18.35 x 5.98mm
  • Wrist circumference: 160 mm
  • Thickness: 5.97mm
  • Movement: Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 manual winding movement
  • Function: Hours and minutes display
  • Power reserve: 33 hours
  • Dial: red lacquer
  • Carat count: 996 diamonds, approximately 19.7 carats
  • No.: Q2892260
  • Production: Limited to one piece

Technical characteristics

  • 101 BANGLE watch (white gold model)
  • Material: 18K white gold
  • Case size: 18.35 x 5.98mm
  • Wrist circumference: 160 mm
  • Thickness: 5.47mm
  • Movement: Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 manual winding movement
  • Function: Hours and minutes display
  • Power reserve: 33 hours
  • Dial: white lacquer
  • Carats: 347 sapphires (total weight 10.29 carats), 645 diamonds (total weight 10.99 carats), approximately 21.28 carats
  • No.: Q2893202
  • Production: Limited to one piece

GP Girard-Perregaux Inscribes The Legend Of Love, Replica Designer Watches

More than two centuries ago, Constant Girard and Marie Perregaux got married. Their hearts were intertwined in love. They combined their surnames and founded “Girard-Perregaux, ” the only watch brand named after the couple’s surnames in Swiss fine watchmaking for hundreds of years. During the Chinese Valentine’s Day, romance permeates the depths of time. GP Girard-Perregaux selects the Golden Bridge and Laurel series watches to continue writing the chapter on love with ingenious timepieces.

Inherited by love, bridges become romantic.

With the support of his wife Maria, Constant created the first three-bridge tourbillon in 1867. The movement of this pocket watch was equipped with three nickel silver bridges arranged parallel to each other. Its unique structure integrates all complex components, giving tourbillon watches unprecedented aesthetic qualities. In 1889, Constant’s great masterpiece “La Esmeralda Tourbillon with Three Golden Bridges” won the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exposition. The “Girard-Perregaux” watch born out of love has become known to the world since then. The three-gold bridge tourbillon has been passed down to this day with exquisite watchmaking skills and extraordinary design aesthetics. The golden bridge, which means connecting fate and tying the knot, has become an unforgettable memory for lovers—the perfect choice for affection. Replica designer watches.

The tourbillon frame of the lyre also refers to the prototype originally designed by Constant. Its accuracy is one rotation per minute, and the balance wheel vibrates 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz). It embodies Girard-Perregaux’s unremitting pursuit of precision watchmaking and continues to write the legend of love in the long river of time. Replica watches review.

The romantic love story of the brand founder inspires the design of the Three Gold Bridges Tourbillon Ruby Heart watch. The dial is made of ruby ​​hearts and is rich in details, clearly highlighting the beauty of the Three Gold Bridges. The case is made of 18K rose gold, has a diameter of 38 mm, and is beautifully decorated with many precious stones. Under the sun, the light of rubies shines brightly, just like the love surging in the heart, singing the love of the world with full enthusiasm.

The La Esmeralda Tourbillon watch, and the Three Gold Bridge Tourbillon Ruby Heart watch use the golden bridge across time to connect the never-ending love and spend the long journey of this life hand in hand.*

Smart laurel crowns love

Since its launch in 1975, the Laureato series has adhered to elegance and classics and has remained elegant after years of baptism. Like a laurel crown, its iconic octagonal bezel complements the barrel-shaped case, crowning the eternally true love. The Laurel series watches with flexible and diverse styles can be easily controlled in sports, leisure, or formal occasions and can be used for every exciting date with the one you love.

The Laureato series 42mm green watch continues the brand’s classic design style. The stainless steel case is alternately polished and satin-brushed, exuding an elegant atmosphere. The black PVD-coated hands and hour markers on the green dial add a modern feel, and the luminous material ensures that it is still clearly visible in the dark, fulfilling the eternal love vows on time.

The Laureato Copper 38mm watch focuses on metal elements. The delicate and elegant copper dial changes rich colors under natural light, like the afterglow of the sunset shining on the stage of love, warm and soft. The baton-type hands and time scales indicate the hours and minutes, and the golden central second’s hand complements the copper dial, recording every precious moment in love.

Both watches are designed with Paris hobnail patterns, and the pyramid-shaped structure is closely arranged to interweave light and shadow, reflecting each other on the romantic night of Chinese Valentine’s Day, witnessing the time of undying love for each other.