Patek Philippe’s “Rare Craftsmanship Timepieces 2024” Series Exhibition, Fake Watch

In April this year, Patek Philippe will display the largest-ever series of “Rare Crafts Timepieces” at the Geneva Salon.

From April 13 to 27, 2024, in the famous historical building on rue du Rhône, the public will have the opportunity to explore Patek Philippe’s new “Rare Crafts Timepieces 2024” series and appreciate 82 pieces up close. A beautiful timepiece that combines superb craftsmanship and unlimited creativity. Master carvers and enamel artisans will also be on hand to perform this rare craftsmanship, adding vitality to the event.

Every year, to perpetuate all the fine arts and crafts associated with decorating timepieces, Patek Philippe presents a series of unique limited-edition pieces highlighting these precious skills. Adhering to the “innovative tradition” of the watchmaking workshop, Patek Philippe is also committed to promoting the continuous progress of these outstanding skills, constantly pushing the limits to create new possibilities while drawing on an increasingly broad source of inspiration – which is presented in the decorative theme of the timepiece The abundant creativity is evident.

This year’s “Rare Craft Timepieces 2024” series (a total of 82 pieces, including 27 dome clocks and small dome clocks, 3 table clocks, nine pocket replica watches, and 43 wristwatches) once again attracts the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide. The focus is on Patek Philippe’s massive decorative craftsmanship system, which includes many ancient techniques (grand feu filigree enamel, micro-painted enamel, gray tone enamel, flinqué transparent enamel, gold leaf enamel, filled enamel, hand-carved, hand-carved patterns, gemstones marquetry) and relatively new horological techniques such as marquetry and Longuevi enamel. These works are displayed in three elegant areas to showcase their increasingly unique and stunning decorative craftsmanship.

Visitors will see an exceptional collection of twelve Calatrava watches with dials in Limoges white gray-tone enamel, cloisonné enamel, and gold leaf enamel, showing the signs associated with the zodiac. Zodiac theme.

The salon overlooking Lake Geneva displays timepieces that highlight the beauty of nature – plants, animals, gardens of the world, and spa cities – all decorated with beautiful details, such as the Ref .995/143G-001 “Portrait of an Egret” pocket fake watch, The marquetry detailing depicts the egret.

The salon facing rue du Rhône aims to pay tribute to the legends of human history (art, tradition, and sports), especially a series of works related to the sport of surfing, including Ref. 5089G-129 “Morning Beach” Calatrava A watch whose dial features fine wood marquetry depicting a brave surfer.

The exhibition “Rare Craftsmanship Timepieces 2024” will be held from April 13 to 27, 2024, at the Patek Philippe Salon in Geneva, 41 rue Rhône, open every day (except Sunday), from 11 am to 6 pm ( Last entry is at five pm5 pm). Visitors can register online in advance through the website starting on March 28, 2024.

From June 7 to 16, 2024, the “Rare Craft Timepieces 2024” exhibition will move to the newly renovated Patek Philippe Salon in London’s Bond Street.

5089G-129 “Morning on the Beach”/Calatrava watch with fine wood inlay dial

Waiting for the waves

This watch, limited to 10 pieces, uses fine wood inlay technology and shows a surfer waiting for the waves on a California beach in the center of the dial.

To express this miniature painting with delicate brushstrokes, from the play of light and shadow on the young man to the outline of the ripples on the coastline, the cabinetmaker needed to cut and assemble 100 micro-veneer components and 75 micro-inlays, covering 23 types of wood with different colors, textures, and veins.

The dial is decorated with white gold sword-shaped hands and has a hollow center piping.

The white gold case uses a shoulder-hinged dust cover to protect the sapphire crystal transparent cover, allowing you to appreciate the rhythmic beauty of the 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement.

This sporty style continues on the calfskin strap, with a blue Cordura embossed pattern paired with contrasting cream hand-stitching and a white gold pin buckle.

995/143G-001 “Portrait of an Egret”/pocket watch with fine wood marquetry

This unique timepiece, with an exemplary wood inlay case back, shows an egret and its delicate feathers in the center of the dial, revealing every detail.

The cabinetmakers were required to cut and assemble 53 micro-veneer components and 400 inlays, using 18 types of wood with different colors, textures, and veins.

The gold dial is hand-engraved with a sunburst pattern and coated with blue enamel using the traditional flinqué transparent enamel process. White gold three-dimensional Breguet numerals and leaf-shaped hands indicate the time. The crown is set with an orange opal cabochon (0.29 ct) that complements the golden details of the bird’s beak.

This pocket watch features a handcrafted white gold frame embellished with a reed pattern and an oval base in silver obsidian.

This watch has a 17-ligne LEP PS manual winding movement with a small seconds hand.

Rado Pays Tribute To Female Power, Who Sells The Best Replica Watches

As a “material master” in the Swiss watch industry, Rado Swiss radar watches insist on craftsmanship in the material presentation of high-tech ceramics. When combined with innovative designs, they are eye-catching and unique. As the representative color, white seems to be a warm and straightforward “white,” but it has gone through many complex processes and tempering of high-tech ceramics to show its warm and jade-like texture and touch, which is as warm as ever. Tension of female power.

“True Self” Bai Fang combines strength and softness.

Women have always been present on the road to self-pursuit. The True Square series “White Square” open-core mechanical watch and “Unparalleled White” hollow mechanical watch are clever interpretations of “Women’s Month.” They adopt” the brand’s iconic one-piece high-tech ceramic case, which is light, wear-resistant, and comfortable. Its appearance shows the harmonious posture of square with roundness, rigidity with softness, just like modern women constantly exploring inner balance in multi-facetedness. Who sells the best replica watches.

True Square series “White Square” open-core mechanical watch

The majestic and gorgeous “white square” dial has 12 Wesselton diamond hour markers, which are always eye-catching. You can overview the watch’s excellent internal movement design through the exquisite hollow dial, while the modern and refreshing “unparalleled white square” dial is eye-catching. “The innovative double-bridge dial design highlights the harmony of geometric patterns, and the vertical brushed back panel makes it visually more generous. Both watches embody the exquisite watchmaking skills of Rado in every detail. Stay transparent, be an undefined woman, have a positive and comfortable attitude towards life, go wherever you want, and follow “White Fang” and “Wushuang White” to find your unique, authentic self.

True Square series “unparalleled white” hollow mechanical watch

“Flowing gold” is white, gentle, and elegant.

Minimalist yet agile, the Centrix series “gold white” diamond-set mechanical watch displays feminine elegance with its simple appearance. The 12 diamonds inlaid on the hour markers bring a sense of luxury and beauty, combined with the fine “Jubilé” engraving on the bottom, emphasizing the low-key and gorgeous classic feel. The radial sunburst pattern on the dial is embossed and painted to present a smooth plane. The bracelet uses smooth and wear-resistant white high-tech ceramics as the middle link, complementing and contrasting the rose tone. Harmonious beauty. Whether sitting in an office building strategizing or in the restroom of an elegant concert, wearing the Centrix Crystal Collection “Golden White” can make your life calmer and help you enjoy your golden years. Rolex replica watches.

Centrix crystal series “gold white” diamond-set mechanical watch

“Core Luck” comes and goes every time.

Maintaining infinite vitality, the True Round hollow mechanical watch “Core White” brings spiritual image innovation to women, encourages women to keep moving forward, and brings infinite good luck to “Women’s Month.” “Xinyun White” uses a white high-tech ceramic one-piece case. The watch is light and elegant, set off by the sun pattern design and rose gold bevel. An “8” in the exquisite hollow mechanical dial symbolizes good luck in the future and has an unlimited and beautiful meaning, helping contemporary women have good fortune and make money with “8”. Joying oneself is not just about words; choose a “core luck white,” take off with meaning, and land in the wilderness of life.

Accurate Round True Series Skeleton Mechanical Watch “Core White”

Rado Swiss radar watches illustrate the fearless posture of women in different aspects, all displayed in “Women’s Month,” and sincerely praise their diverse beauty. With determination for the future and persistence in faith, Rado Swiss radar watches pay tribute to all women, wishing you more strength and living up to the time.