Shanghai Watch Revival·danqing Series Thousands Of Li Rivers And Mountains Fake Watches

Looking for creative inspiration in oriental aesthetics and integrating traditional intangible cultural heritage techniques, the Shanghai Watch Revival·Danqing series is inspired by traditional calligraphy and painting. It uses time as a beautiful pen to interpret the oriental artistic conception on the wrist. The pen and ink Danqing has a long charm, condensed in the square inch of heaven and earth between the wrists, and is immortal with the years.

Fuxing·Danqing series thousands of miles of rivers and mountains

This time, Shanghai Watch launched the revival Danqing series, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. The exquisite timepiece conveys the charm of vast ink and wash. Two bright pearls in the long river of time meet. Timeless and new, it interprets the fun of thousands of miles away on the wrist.

Embroidery and painting are integrated, meaning stretches.

The turquoise micro-embroidered silk dial is embroidered with nearly 80 kinds of turquoise embroidery threads of different shades.

Shanghai Watch has newly released the Fuxing·Danqing series Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains. The disk surface is based on the most ancient and modern blue and green landscape masterpiece, “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains.”

One thorn and one embroidery are like a painting on the silk cloth. The revival · Danqing series pays homage to the Gu embroidery tradition of integrating artwork into embroidery since the Ming Dynasty in Shanghai and combines the painting on the dial with the intangible cultural heritage of Su embroidery (delicate embroidery). Above, Qiyun vividly reproduces the fun of a thousand miles away.

The embroiderer meticulously depicts the rich layering of the mountains and rivers in the painting through fine splitting lines of different scales. Nearby, solid embroidery threads present a sense of mountain-shaped volume, while in the distance, thinner embroidery threads are used to depict light ink and distant mountains—the realm of water without a trace. The turquoise of “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” comes from rich and pleasing mineral pigments, and the color is still green and eye-catching after thousands of years. To make the dial present the same vivid interest, the embroiderer selected nearly 80 kinds of green embroidery thread of different shades, using the thread as a pen, applying color in batches and layer by layer. After 30 hours of detailed embroidery, the silky technique is used to achieve delicate coloring techniques, and it can switch freely between bright and full and elegant and simple, just like the green colors of “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” that have gone through thousands of years.

The green mountains and rivers are within easy reach.

Fuxing·Danqing series thousands of miles of rivers and mountains men’s watch

The Fuxing·Danqing series has launched two new fake watches for men and women. The men’s watch comes with a 41mm case, with two options of 316L stainless steel and PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel. Decorated with a black or brown alligator leather strap, it highlights men’s timeless and profound demeanor. The disk picture selects the magnificent, majestic scene of heavy rocks and peaks in “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains,” and the momentum of the high mountains shows the glorious and magnificent temperament.

Fuxing·Danqing series Qianli Jiangshan ladies replica watches, with diamond bezel and exquisite sapphire.

The 36mm case of the women’s watch is more delicate and delicate. The bezel is inlaid with 62 diamonds, which echoes the five exquisite sapphires on the lugs and crown, adding vitality. 316L stainless steel case with black crocodile leather strap or PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case with brown crocodile leather strap, suitable for many occasions.

Surrounded by mountains and mist, misty waves, and thousands of miles of charm, the intangible cultural heritage embroidery art and Danqing masterpieces have been in the torrent of time without losing their color. Shanghai watch is full of respect and enthusiasm for oriental aesthetics. It creates sincere works with exquisite watchmaking technology, condenses artistic works on the wrist, and shows the majestic trend of the time.

Baume & Mercier Zhenxuan Present 520 Confession Moments To The Replica Watch

“Through the vicissitudes of life, love will never change, and it will stand forever until the end of the end. If someone can prove that I have spoken too much, then it will be considered that I have never written poetry, and the world has never loved.”

Love is endless, and love is hidden in time. Love is the shock at first sight and the thumping after a long time; it is the throbbing of the moment, the lingering of every second, and the eternal immortality in the years. When the moment of 520 confessions comes, the Swiss watchmaking family Baume&Mercier has selected four pairs of imitation watches with diverse styles to write the most moving love letter with time.

“Scholar” love each other

The mountains and rivers are vast, and the sea water is lukewarm. I wish to hold my son’s hand and travel mountains and seas. The so-called pledge of eternal love means that no matter whether it is warm in three winters or cold in June, we hope the sky will last forever. Write this love in time, and collect the journey of mountains and seas in memory; even when you are faltering, you can still feel this heart, which will last forever.

The Baume & Mercier Rivera series Baumatic calendar self-winding replica watch 10714 has a smoked sapphire dial with transparent mountain and sea patterns, implying the encounter between mountains and oceans. The new 39mm diameter with a unique dodecagonal bezel tells the eternal oath of love with an innovative design. The Baumatic movement equipped with the timepiece travels accurately and lasts long. Just like his love, it will never fade. The Baume & Mercier Riviera Calendar Quartz Watch_10727 is designed in an exquisite 33mm size, which fits her slender wrist cleverly. The transparent mountain and sea pattern dances like sparkling waves on the blue sun satin dial, just like the endless love like the tide; the riveted Roman numerals and engravings are covered with Superluminova luminous coating (C1 blue fluorescent), even if the world is dark, her oath of love is always bright.

(Left) Baume & Mercier Rivera Series Baumatic Calendar Automatic Winding Watch_10714_39mm
(Right) Baume & Mercier Riviera Series Riviera Calendar Quartz Watch 10727 33mm

“Scholar” love, the two places do not move.

With all sincerity, gold and stone are open, and love is the courage to move forward firmly in difficulties and the firmness to not give up an inch in adversity. Even if the world changes and the distance is thousands of miles, we will remain determined. Time and space cannot separate the lingering friendship between lovers. Even if the mountains are long and the rivers are wide, my home is still you, just like shining silver light meeting bright golden light, falling in love at a glance.

The Baume & Mercier Rivera series GMT dual time zone watch 10658 has a silver sun satin dial with a high-profile and eye-catching stainless steel bracelet. The exquisite and delicate hour-scale circle mark matches the fourth red central pointer, accurately indicating the second zone’s time. Like his love, even if the two places are separated, her time zone will always be marked in red in capital letters and will never shift. Baume & Mercier Riviera series Riviera calendar self-winding diamond watch 10730 with gold-plated sun satin polished dial, decorated with transparent mountain and sea patterns, showing her shining charm on the wrist, four brilliant-cut diamonds (top Wessel Dayton diamond, VS clarity grade, 0.05 carats) is inlaid on the unique dodecagonal case, setting off her love as bright as the moon and stars, traveling thousands of miles and always accompanying her.

(Left) Baume & Mercier Rivera Series GMT Dual Time Zone Watch_10658_42mm
(Right) Baume \u0026 Mercier Riviera series Riviera calendar self-winding diamond watch_10730_33mm

“Scholar” love, love is more vital than gold.

The water flows for a long time, and the years are fragrant. The golden and jade love begins with black hair and ends with white hair. Even as the years go by, the company is the most extended confession of love in the world. The lingering affection flows in the sun and the moon day and night; no matter how the sun and the moon pass, they still walk with each other firmly, revealing the firm friendship that has accumulated in time.

Baume \u0026 Mercier watches match the watches with gray and gold colors, boldly interpreting the tacit understanding, difference, interdependence, and independence between him and her. Baume \u0026 Mercier Rivera series Baumatic calendar self-winding watch 10720 adopts a new 39mm size, and the sandblasted titanium bezel stands out. The middle layer of the case is equipped with a 5N PVD gold-plated stainless steel bezel, just like a “golden belt,” strong in low-key dark gray, Showing his unwavering love. Baume \u0026 Mercier Riviera series Riviera calendar self-winding watch 10661 cleverly interprets the various styles of women in a size of 36mm. The titanium bezel and PVD gold-plated ring that echoes between the models show her restrained and deep love with the same design elements.

(Left) Baume & Mercier Rivera Series Baumatic Calendar Automatic Winding Watch_10720_39mm
(Right) Baume & Mercier Riviera Series Riviera Calendar Automatic Winding Watch_10661_36mm

“Scholar” loves stars, and Han is bright.

The mountains and the sea are romantic, the galaxy is bright, love is poetry, and the distance meets; daily life and romance are intertwined. The universe is vast, and the unintentional look back made the story of him and her; the stars and the moon are shining, and the encounter between him and she is a miracle. The traces of affection are turned into bits and pieces of daily life, condensed in the snuggle under the shining stars.

Baume \u0026 Mercier Hampton series self-winding watch medium model 10732 with sun satin polished opalescent blue dial, the blue light scattered from the center of the dial is like a vast universe, and the smooth and delicate rectangular case captures romantic poetry within a square inch In the name of the stars, he witnessed his deep love for her. Baume & Mercier Hampton quartz watch, small size 10709, is paired with an iconic rectangular case made of polished stainless steel, and 28 brilliant-cut diamonds (top Wesselton diamonds, VS clarity grade, 0.35 carats) are elegantly embellished on two sides. On the side, to set off her shining and charming, the deep midnight blue is like the quiet night sky, just like her love; no matter how the stars and rivers flow or the vicissitudes of life, they will stay with him forever.

(Left) Baume \u0026 Mercier Hampton series Hampton self-winding watch medium model 10732 medium model
(Right) Baume \u0026 Mercier Hampton Series Hampton Quartz Watch Small Model 10709 Small Model

Love comes from the heartbeat when we first met, and it is aged and long in the long company. On this occasion, Baume \u0026 Mercier Watch interprets “love” with time and displays its exquisite skills in the square-inch dial to cherish the moment and turn it into a “love letter” dedicated to the life of the loved one.

HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO Summer Sky Blue Replica Designer Watches

Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT has ingeniously integrated the three classic elements of the brand into the new Big Bang Unico summer sky blue watch – the design aesthetics of the iconic Big Bang watch, the self-made movement of the Unico watch factory, and the brand The popular ceramic material creates a new wrist timepiece with clear color and attractive color.

Vibrant summer has arrived! As one of the most popular colors in the world, blue symbolizes the alternation of seasons, arouses people’s desire to get away from the hustle and bustle, and encourages people to embark on a new journey of exploration and enjoy the leisurely time of summer. HUBLOT’s new Big Bang Unico summer sky blue watch adopts a 42 mm case, which condenses the pure and vibrant sky blue into the size of the wrist, endows the ceramic case with a direct and quick visual effect, and interprets the natural aesthetic charm. Ceramic material is undoubtedly one of the high-profile watchmaking materials of Hublot. In 2018, Hublot successfully developed bright-colored ceramic materials and obtained a patent for this world’s first technology in one fell swoop. Since then, the brand has devoted itself to research and development, constantly breaking through the boundaries of ceramic materials through technological innovation and successfully creating various Pantone color ceramic materials, bringing rich and gorgeous colors to watchmaking materials. The new Big Bang Unico summer sky blue swiss fake watches vividly interprets the brand’s innovative spirit and pioneering position in the field of material application, and ceramic materials have thus become a watchmaking material that attracts everyone’s attention.

The dial of the new watch is as clear and transparent as the sky, clearly showing the column wheel of the self-winding chronograph movement made by the HUB1280 watch factory, providing a power reserve of up to 72 hours. With the brisk operation of the self-made Unico movement of the watch factory, the direction of time flow comes from this, and the new Big Bang Unico summer sky blue replica designer watches conveys the mystery of time. The luminous white hands and hour markers create a visual effect suspended above the dial, recording every moment of happiness and excitement. The blue bezel is also made of polished and satin-finished ceramic materials. The brand uses six iconic H-shaped screws to gather visual highlights, which are more avant-garde aesthetics. Hublot independently develops this high-tech ceramic material. The brand has successfully created distinctive colors while endowing the watch with outstanding wearing comfort. In addition, the ceramic material is also hypoallergenic and excellent skin-friendly. This material is relatively light and rich in oxidation resistance and scratch resistance. It is undoubtedly a high-quality choice for participating in various activities in the summer. The new Big Bang Unico summer sky blue watch adopts a Velcro nylon strap with a sports buckle. Also, it provides a lined natural rubber strap with a titanium folding buckle, which can quickly meet the wearing needs of various occasions.

“Everyone longs to have their own sky! Hublot’s new Big Bang Unico summer sky blue watch is undoubtedly the ideal choice to make the wearer’s dream come true. The new watch is limited to 200 pieces and will be available in each specialty store And WeChat mini-program boutiques.”

“For Hublot, summer is like a beautiful festival! In this season, we embrace the blue sea, breathe fresh air, enjoy sports, freedom, happiness, and time spent with relatives and friends. Looking up to the clarity of the summer Sky, these small and simple joys are enough to rejuvenate and embrace life positively. You need plenty of energy to get ready to enjoy the wonderful season ahead and relive those cherished summer memories. New Big Bang Unico A sky-blue watch for summer will energize you! Hublot loves summer!” – Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

HUBLOT Hublot BIG BANG UNICO Summer Sky Blue Watch

Why Does The “Panda Disk” That Everyone Loves To Dominate The Aesthetics Of The Bezel? Knockoff Watches

Before the 60th anniversary of Daytona, other brands are already ready to move. Not long after the beginning of the year, efforts were made in the clocks field, and the launch of various “panda disks” once again set off the popularity of this classic design, which is foreseeable to be the highlight of 2023.

Famous for its highly recognizable dial design, the appearance of the “Panda Dial” is inseparable from the popular motorsports in the 1960s.

The iconic black and white dial design is adopted on the clock. The “Panda Dial” has won the love of many watch players for its legibility and gradually extended various deformation designs.

To this day, the “Panda Plate” is still popular with its unique design and style.

Especially with the return of the retro trend in the watch circle in recent years, the “panda plate” has swept in again and has become a classic design feature of various chronograph knockoff watches. Today, we will take stock of those “Panda Disk” watches worth seeing.

No one would have thought that the first new work launched by Vacheron Constantin in 2023 would be the “Panda Disk” worldwide.

Although as early as 2018, Vacheron Constantin tried black and white color matching and launched the “reversed panda dial” vertical and horizontal series chronograph 5500V/110A-B481, with a pure black dial and an elegant white sub-dial. A wave of watch fans loves it.

Continuing this classic, just this year, Vacheron Constantin launched a new stainless steel vertical and horizontal chronograph watch, and it has more “panda” characteristics in appearance.

The silver sunburst satin-brushed dial is used, with a black snail-shaped small dial and a black velvet-textured minute scale ring, which fully complements the classic design of the “panda dial” to Vacheron Constantin’s representative sports replica watches.

Retaining the classic design of the hexagonal bezel, it is equipped with the brand’s self-made 5200 self-winding movements inside, designed with double barrels, and the column wheel is decorated with Maltese cross-shaped screws.

The public price is 248,000. Whether in terms of appearance or performance, it can be regarded as a surprise work in 2023.

Regarding motorsports, TAG Heuer Carrera has to be mentioned in addition to Rolex Daytona.

As the first clock designed for professional racing drivers, the Carrera can guarantee accurate and precise time reading even in extreme speed environments. Because of its beauty and practicality, since its launch in 1963, it has quickly gained recognition worldwide and has become one of TAG Heuer’s most popular watch series today.

In 2023, the TAG Heuer Carrera series officially celebrates its 60th anniversary. And the Calera 60th anniversary commemorative watch was grandly launched at the beginning of the year.

Based on the 2447 SN, which is quite collectible in the original Carrera watch and incorporates contemporary design elements, this 60th-anniversary edition of Carrera adopts a newly upgraded retro color scheme in appearance.

The silver sun pattern matte dial, with a black sub-dial, differs from the color matching of the panda dial in our conventional perception. Many classic elements have been retained in the 39 mm stainless steel case, the iconic inner lugs, the sleek case profile, and the narrow polished bezel.

With a black calfskin strap, you can see the TAG Heuer Caliber Heuer02 automatic chronograph movement built into the watch through the sapphire case back with a limited edition serial number. Including hours, minutes, stopwatch, and chronograph functions, it can provide about 80 hours of power reserve and 100 meters of water resistance.

The Tissot PRX series has been top-rated recently, especially this “panda face” timepiece launched in 2022, a prevalent model.

With a diameter of 42 mm, the dial has a large area of vertical brushing, which is very retro. It also uses a silver dial design, which echoes the stainless steel case. The overall design looks more advanced with rose gold hour markers and hands.

Small black dials at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock undertake the timing function; there is a calendar window between 4 and 5 o’clock, and the practicality is also fully considered.

The built-in VALJOUX A05.H31 self-winding movement has a power reserve of 60 hours. Compared with the general-purpose movement that Tissot has always used, details such as fish scale polishing have been added. The hollowed-out automatic rotor also adopts techniques such as brushing and polishing, significantly improving aesthetics.

Combined with the one-piece stainless steel strap, which is ingeniously integrated with the barrel-shaped case, the sporty style is strong while maintaining a specific retro look. With such a design and quality at the price of 10,000 yuan, it can be said that it is a cost-effective choice to start with the “Panda Disk.”

Previously, Seiko had launched a “Panda Disk” watch, SSC813P1, not only known as Seiko’s “Panda Di” but also considered the most robust replacement for Rolex Bai Gangdi.

As an extension of the large wrist diameter, the SSC911P1 has a diameter of 41.4 mm. It continues the classic black-and-white color scheme in appearance. It adopts a three-eye chronograph layout. The contrasting color bezel and the iconic red second hand significantly improve the watch’s readability. Combined with the comprehensive design of the hour markers, it is visually more open and atmospheric.

Equipped with V192 solar power movement, it has excellent antimagnetic, travel time, and battery life performance. Coupled with the price of about 5,000, it is very suitable for the positioning needs of the workers. It saves money, time, effort, and worry. The size is also ideal for most men to wear.

Unlike the previous ones, at the end of 2022, the German watch brand Yulian launched a silver-yellow “Panda Disk.” It is striking at first glance and very unique.

You may need to learn more about Yulian, mainly because it came to China much later than other brands and officially entered China in 2018. Focusing on the mid-end market, this watch brand from Glashütte, a famous watchmaking town in Germany, also inherits a strong “German flavor” in design.

This “yellow panda” is the representative. Inspired by retro sports cars, bright yellow and dynamic silver distinguish the dials. The overall color ratio is consistent with the body design of the antique Porsche 911.

It adopts pump buttons, a slightly arched sapphire glass mirror, and an eye-catching orbital scale ring with an asymmetrical dial design full of retro style.

Coupled with the UNG-27.S1 movement, it has a silicon hairspring and a power reserve of 65 hours. The characteristic Glashütte columnar pattern is added to the polished decoration, which forms a harmonious aesthetic feeling with the blue steel screws, exuding a robust German watchmaking charm from the inside to the outside.

There is a saying in the fashion industry: “No matter who has been in the fashion industry for more than 5 years, they will feel that the cycle of fashion is repeated.” Regarding this, we can also feel it in the watch circle.

Just like the design of “Panda Noodles” lasts for a long time, its popularity, on the one hand, is, of course, linked to the outstanding results in the auction market – Ref.6239 Paul Newman Edition set a shocking transaction price of 120 million, Even now it is enough to deter.

On the other hand, the follow-up effect caused by wearing celebrities and stars is also constantly pushing it to a famous climax.

But the popularity of retro fashion, in a sense, also represents the failure of modern inspiration. Returning to the classics and sticking to the tradition is good. Still, the awakening of creativity is the best weapon if you want to always be at the forefront of fashion and maintain long-term consumption motivation.

Summarize This Year’s Geneva Watch Exhibition Replica Swiss Watches

After experiencing 100,000 steps to run away countless times, WWG ended in 2023.

In just one week, nearly 50 mainstream watch brands gathered together and concentratedly presented new masterpieces and great technologies in 2023. As the largest and most important exhibition event in the bezel of today’s bezel, WWG provides not only the visual feast of the high-end watchmaking process but also implies the future trend of the bezel.

In the era of blue-green dials, the salmon disk emerged and quickly became a new focus on 2023wwg. Many watch brands have launched new replica swiss watches with salmon plate noodles this year.

The more representative Chopin L.U.C 1860 series, the use of salmon red colors and pure gold dials;

The favorite Tudor Royal Series also ushered in the new salmon pink dish, which brings a more robust choice with warm color tones.

The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Jiang Shiconton, on the launch of the inheritance series of Sunday Calendar, uses the exclusive design of the platinum case with the salmon color dial, which integrates several reverse jump display complex functions into one. The top craftsmanship is beautiful and talented.

In addition, the younger color dial is one of the highlights of this table exhibition. For example, Rolex’s colorful bubble plate oyster constant movement, weekly calendar 36 with puzzle patterns;

It is also the co-branded watch of the Herhei PPX 400 KERMIT watches that applies the green color of Komi frogs.

To work hard on the color of the plate, whether it is a salmon plate or the appearance of bright colors, represents the brand’s pursuit of design innovation.

On the one hand, respect and inherit the beauty of traditional watchmaking technology; on the other hand, actively embrace the development trend of youthful luxury aesthetics. The increasingly rich color of the disk also shows the strong tolerance for diversified aesthetics in the clock ring.

Unisex, no gender wind. Under the gender and equality appeal of today’s society, the production of neutral-style fake watches has become a new bezel fashion. The most significant change is the eye’s size change, that is, the popularity of the small dial design.

In 2023, Tiger Haoya brought 36 mm Calela daily calendar watches on the 60th anniversary of its iconic watch Calela series.

Moderate sizes, both men and women, can be worn. Coupled with the distinctive new dial color scheme, it is one of the typical representatives of contemporary neutral wind watches to give the watch with no gender attractiveness.

In addition, the new pilot series automatically –chain watch brought by Zhenli also reflects the concept of being gender-free.

The strict pilot watch is defined as a men’s exclusive. When the power is confirmed with a grid, the new pilot is paired with a 40 mm diameter stainless steel or black ceramic case.

The appearance of the oversized crown is clear and corners, full of a modern fashion atmosphere, and at the same time, retains the characteristics of convenient operation. The lady was worn by it, and the feeling of coolness was revealed.

In the past, the jewelry watch was only considered a fashion accessory. Most people are more focused on pursuing watch function, and expensive jewelry decoration does not eat incentives.

However, with social and aesthetic concepts opening, people have begun to value the relationship between high-end watchmaking and advanced jewelry. The polishing and inlaid jewelry process is gradually regarded as a significant embodiment of the brand’s superb watchmaking technology.

Especially in recent years, the fusion trend of high-end watchmaking and advanced jewelry has been more apparent.

Last year, the Square Bang Unico watch released by Hublot officially entered the new era of diamonds. This year, this series has added eight new platinum, titanium, and Wang gold works. At the same time, they are combined with four different levels of dimensions to show the fusion charm of high-end watchmaking and advanced jewelry again.

The watch King Patek Philippe directly released a big move. At the scene of 2023WWG, it brought an ultra-complex functional timepiece with high-grade jewelry—the master strings 6300, with a valuation of over 100 million.

One hundred eighteen long-shaped emeralds are inlaid with a time-sided bezel and folding buckle, and the calendar bezel and case are inlaid with 291 long diamonds. The guy will put it in the pocket.

In 2023, the famous sports table design is still popular, occupying an important position in this year’s Geneva watch exhibition. But the most discussed among the formal table, the most significant contributor, is Rolex.

Thirty-nine millimeters diameter, Breguet pointer, tiny three needles, back-through design, and crocodile leather strap, no one would think that Rolex in 2023 would open a new form of formal dress 1908 to replace Chelini directly. Essence

In addition to the narrow triangle pit pattern on the outer circle, you can hardly see the familiar Rolex style except for the little triangle pit pattern on the outer ring, but this is the design of the classical format.

At the risk of risks not recognized by the market, the 1908 type formal format that is not “Rolex” is not “Rolex,” bringing everyone’s attention back to the design of the classical format table. Rolex is re-driving the classical formal form to become popular in a stubborn way.

At the Geneva watch exhibition in 2023, there is another phenomenon worthy of our attention: Many watch brands have chosen to upgrade the user watch purchase experience.

Two typical examples are Nations and Tudor.

In 2023, IWC launched a personalized customization service for users of Portuguese chronograph.

Personalized customization services are not unusual in the bezel. Jiang Shicon and Earl implemented this service a few years ago. But most customized objects are expensive.

In contrast, the choice of personalized customization concepts in Portuguese is more universal and widespread.

Customers can choose 18K red gold and stainless steel cases according to their preferences. The dials include 16 unique color options: pine stone green, blue, purple-red, and turmeric.

In addition, there is a personalized choice of pheasant or gold-plated inlays and pointers on the dial; the strap provides colored calf leather or crocodile leather strap, Timbertex paper base strap, rubber strap, and high-grade stainless steel strap, etc. A variety of options to meet the matching needs of different scenes of customers.

Generally speaking, customized Portuguese must wait for about three weeks to complete the production and delivery. The finished product at 6 o’clock is also engraved with the “i” logo at the time of the scoop of the product to highlight its unique identity.

However, it should be noted that this personalized customization service is still in the trial period and is only provided in the IWC Wan Guo Table concept store in Dubai and Shanghai.

In addition, to better display the style of the new product engineer watch, the Wan Guo Watch has also created a new 3D virtual space to provide the opportunity to explore the legendary watch development process and optimize the user scene experience.

It is also upgraded in the consumer experience, and Tudor used this year to open a limited-time boutique method.

According to the previous routine, the new products released at the exhibition will often be fully listed for sale after a while. This year, Tudor was abnormal and moved the store directly to Geneva and made the slogan “Not only can you see, but also buy it.”

All model watches, and the latest new products released at the high-end watch exhibition can be bought in Tudor’s limited-time boutique store.

The limited edition of Bitong Bronze in Biwan 1958 will also usher in the first appearance.

No need to book or line up; you can start seeing the new product at first glance. It is fragrant!

At this point, the “watch and miracle” in 2023 will end for the time being, but the development of the watch circle will not stop.

Under the trend of the youthfulness of luxury goods and the upgrading of consumption, how to make classics keep pace with the times and absorb more young consumption main force has become a vital growth direction for the future of significant clock brands.

Including thinking about these issues and starting every new popularity. These rising trends generally contain people’s expectations for a diverse future. What will be like in the future and the right to speak is still in the hands of each consumer.