BVLGARI Releases New Divas’dream Peacock Marquetry Watch, Buy Replicas Watch

BVLGARI Divas’ Dream Peacock watch opens a new chapter, using fine inlay technology to launch three unique masterpieces. The peacock is one of Bvlgari’s classic, bright, charming, and enchanting animal images. Bulgari’s new Divas’ Dream Peacock watch pays tribute to the innate nobility and elegance of the peacock. The three new works inherit the brand’s ingenious skills in jewelry, craftsmanship, and complex function watches and demonstrate the innovative blend of elegant style and exquisite craftsmanship.

In 2017, the Divas’ Dream Peacock watch was officially launched. In this regard, Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, mentioned in the book “Beyond Time” that it traces the creative journey of the brand: “It marks the beginning of Bulgari’s creative journey.” Li takes the craftsmanship of Swiss masters to a whole new level.” This series draws design inspiration from Bulgari’s deep heritage, colorful creativity, and craftsmanship and writes a new chapter in the watch through the beauty of the peacock, capturing the beauty and magnificence of this beautiful creature. Buy replicas watch.

The peacock image used in the Divas’ Dream Peacock watch is one of Bulgari’s classic animal images. In Bvlgari’s animal imagery, the snake (“Serpenti” in Italian) is mysterious and charming, winding around the wrist and winding; the peacock (“Pavone” in Italian) has silky and delicate feathers. Open your wings and spread your wings with a graceful posture, showing your confidence and brilliance. The peacock opens its tail, outlining exquisite arabesques and elegant curves, reminiscent of Bulgari’s iconic design element – the mosaic pattern of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. Swiss models replica watches.

Bulgari has mastered the exquisite setting technology since the 1970s and then applied it to watch manufacturing: the classic Divas’ Dream Peacock Dischi watch has no hour markers and is equipped with an automatic movement with a peacock. The feather-inlaid dial cleverly combines mechanical watchmaking techniques and inlay craftsmanship. The dial of the Divas’ Dream Peacock Diamonds watch is decorated with Bulgari’s iconic fan-shaped pattern, which is also inspired by the mosaic decorative pattern of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. Peacocks are a common sight in glorious history. In ancient Egypt, the peacock was a powerful symbol. In Roman mythology, Juno, the wife of the god Jupiter, was also closely related to it.

Today, the Divas’Dream Peacock watch welcomes three new masterpieces: the Divas’Dream Peacock bird feather fine setting watch, the Divas’Dream Peacock mother-of-pearl fine setting watch, and the Divas which provides instantaneous jumping hours and retrograde minute displays. ‘Dream Peacock Retrograde Fine Bezel Watch. The new work focuses on the beauty of Bulgari’s marquetry craftsmanship, echoing the rare mosaic patterns from ancient Rome. Among them is the Divas’ Dream Peacock retrograde fine-set watch, which is gorgeous and intelligent. Its dial is 18K rose gold, inlaid with brilliant diamonds, and embellished with Aventurine and malachite.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Peacock Bird Feather watch

The Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Peacock Feather Fine Inlay Watch is designed to celebrate the gorgeous feathers with which the blue peacock is born. The 12 feathers on the dial bloom brilliantly, and the “eye-shaped pattern” on the peacock feathers symbolizes wisdom. These feathers are obtained from the naturally fallen feathers of peacocks. Artisans carefully collect them, select the ones with unusual colors and textures, and use fine inlay technology to set them on the dial. Marquetry is an ancient technique used in Italy during the Renaissance and ushered in a new life under the promotion of Bulgari in the 1970s. Although marquetry only requires simple tools such as magnifying glasses, tweezers, knives, and scissors, the process is highly delicate and takes several days. Each feather is treated with an ancient brass steam engine to restore its original natural luster. Artisans then cut, assembled, glued, and recut the feathers to create a mosaic pattern that shimmers like silk.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Peacock mother-of-pearl watch

The Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Peacock fine-set mother-of-pearl watch outlines the noble outline of a peacock in 18K rose gold and mother-of-pearl. The peacock’s fan-shaped feathers sweep across the lower half of the dial, its head is decorated with a cluster of crest feathers, and its beak is made of 18K rose gold. Set against it is a delicate white mother-of-pearl background engraved with several radial decorative lines to highlight the multiple symbolic meanings of the gorgeous peacock, namely wealth, protection, and wisdom. The peacock’s tail feathers are designed to be lively and dynamic, like a night sky full of stars. Mother-of-pearl is a fragile material, so its marquetry requires exceptionally high skill. First, Bulgari artisans will paint different shades of blue pigment on the back of the mother-of-pearl, then finely cut it, and finally embed it into the grooves engraved on the dial. Mother-of-pearl is a gift from the sea. After the artisans outlined it with 18K rose gold, it formed an exquisite flush inlay layout, revealing the natural luminescence from the deep ocean.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Peacock Retrograde Fine Bezel Watch

The Bulgari Divas’ Dream Peacock retrograde fine-set watch cleverly combines watchmaking skills and jewelry craftsmanship to present a magnificent peacock on the dial vividly. The dome-shaped sapphire crystal suspended above the peacock is inspired by the iconic convex cabochon cut used by Bulgari since the 1950s. Thanks to the 3D fine inlay technology, the peacock’s fan-shaped tail feathers stretch naturally, and the complex and exquisite feather design highlights the classical beauty of the peacock’s posture. The details of the components have been exquisitely bent to form a seamless and flush inlay layout and are embellished with 18K rose gold, snowflake pavé diamonds, Aventurine, and malachite to present the gorgeous posture of the peacock further. The rich green color of malachite is deep, showing the nobility and elegance of the peacock. In ancient Rome, malachite was regarded as a protective stone to avoid bad luck. The origin of the name Aventurine is related to the word “accident” because it was invented “by chance” (“per adventure” in Italian) on the island of Murano in the 14th century. The invention of Aventurine also once again confirmed the many rare handicrafts in Italy.

The production process of the Divas’ Dream Peacock retrograde fine-set watch is highly complex, and it took a year of research and development and repeated iterations. The new watch adopts a unique watchmaking mechanism based on Bulgari’s self-made movement BVL 262, which fully demonstrates Bulgari’s superb watchmaking skills. The window at noon on the dial displays the jumping hours. The minutes are indicated by a retrograde hand located in the upper half of the dial. To avoid covering the time display, the handles of the hands are made of transparent sapphire, while the tips of the hands are made of metal. Finally, the crown is sparkling with cabochon-cut tsavorite and complements the emerald peacock eyes, adding luster to this elegant timepiece.

The peacock is one of Bvlgari’s classic animal images. The three new Divas’ Dream Peacock watches praise the beauty of the peacock and brilliantly present the long jewelry origins of the Italian family Bvlgari. As Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin said in the book “Beyond Time,” “Our brand business originated from jewelry creation, which is the exquisite combination of gold materials and precious gemstones. Together, we achieve the art of beautiful work.”

ZENITH And TIME+TIDE Present The Second Collaboration Series, Cheap Replica Watches

ZENITH joins hands with TIME+TIDE to present the second collaborative series, DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero Skeleton Sky Watch Limited Edition Dubai, November 15, 2023: Just before the biennial Dubai Watch Week is about to kick off On the occasion, Mr. Julien Tornare, global CEO of ZENITH, and Andrew McCutchen, founder of Time+Tide, jointly unveiled the second masterpiece of the highly sought-after collaborative watch series. Its predecessor, the DEFY series Classic Night Surfer skeleton watch, was launched in 2021 and is limited to 100 pieces. This watch features a micro-sandblasted titanium case with a liquid blue gradient dial, cleverly capturing the sea’s and sky’s charming scenery at sunset. Following the release of this ingenious masterpiece, Zenith and the Australian watch appreciation platform Time+Tide have once again joined hands to launch a limited edition of the DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero skeleton sky watch, limited to 200 pieces.

(from left to right)

ZENITH DEFY series Classic Night Surfer watch model: 97.9000.670/26.M9000

ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero Skeleton Sky Watch Limited Edition Model: 97.9300.3620/79.I001

As the sequel to the ZENITH DEFY series Classic Night Surfer skeleton watch, the limited edition of the DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero skeleton watch elevates design and performance to a new level. The shape of this watch is bolder and eye-catching, using a richer night sky blue as the color, and its lines and outlines are also more geometrically beautiful. The watch is equipped with a new generation of El Primero high-frequency automatic winding movement, inheriting the While the previous watch has outstanding charm, it has also been further refined and evolved. In addition, Time+Tide is committed to retaining the exceptional design elements of the last Night Surfer watch while integrating all the technical upgrades of the DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton watch. Cheap replica watches.

Made of fully sandblasted titanium, the ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero Limited Edition is water-resistant to 100 meters.

ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero limited edition is the first DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton watch made of fully sandblasted titanium. Including its angular 41 mm diameter case, dodecagonal bezel, and integrated bracelet, this material minimizes light reflection, giving the entire watch a uniform and soft gray tone. The newly added screw-in crown ensures that the timepiece is waterproof to 10 ATM (100 meters), making this watch more suitable for wearing when engaging in water sports. The new strap quick-release system is also ideal for sports scenes. It also comes with a textured night sky blue rubber strap that can easily be replaced without tools. Franck muller replica.

ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero skeleton sky watch limited edition with its excellent performance to accompany the wearer in and out of various scenes

“Thanks to the key upgrades mentioned above, the ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero Limited Edition is completely different from the first watch of the previous generation and all other models such as the DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero. “, said Time+Tide founder Andrew McUtchen, “The most exciting new feature of this watch is undoubtedly the El Primero movement that powers it. The 1/10-second counter on the dial of this watch keeps time. Silky and smooth, it proves that it is a precision mechanical device with excellent performance and can be carried on the wearer’s wrist, accompanying him in various scenes such as going out for a party or playing in the sea.”

The metallic blue dial of this limited edition watch has a gradient effect from bottom to top and outlines the shining luminous lines on the iconic four-pointed star of the Zenith brand.

The gradient night sky blue dial returns with a new design concept and more eye-catching production technology, presented on this limited edition ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero skeleton sky watch. The center of its hollow dial is decorated with a sizeable four-pointed star element, integrated with the open blue bridge and main plate of the El Primero 3620 SK self-winding movement. The metallic blue color of the dial changes from light to dark from bottom to top, reminding people of the twilight faintly visible on the horizon after sunset. The iconic four-pointed star element of the Zenith brand is coated with SuperLumiNova luminous material to outline the glowing lines and shine in the dark, making the four-pointed star even brighter and more dazzling. It is dedicated to the Night Surfer prototype watch with the Applied luminous Zenith star logo. There is a continuously rotating 1/10-second indicator at 6 o’clock on the dial of this watch. This design is unique among skeletonized watch timepieces.

ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero skeleton sky watch limited edition is equipped with El Primero 3620 SK high vibration frequency self-winding movement

The 1/10 second dial of the limited edition ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero watch is constantly rotating. This dynamic feature is powered by the factory-made El Primero 3620 SK high-end. This movement has a blue star-shaped rotor, a two-way automatic winding mechanism with outstanding performance, and a power reserve of approximately 60 hours.

The ZENITH DEFY SKYLINE Skeleton Night Surfer El Primero limited edition is limited to 200 pieces and only available in Time+Tide and Zenith global online boutiques.

Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar And Panorama Date Moon Phase Watches Replica

A watch worth cherishing for a lifetime—Glashütte Original has always adhered to German aesthetics and high-quality standards in designing and producing the Senator Excellence watch. Each Senator Excellence timepiece must undergo a series of tests lasting several weeks to meet the requirements of excellence. Now, the German high-end watchmaking brand Glashütte’s original elegant timepiece family has added new members: the perpetual calendar and the significant calendar moon phase watch have each launched two new products, vividly demonstrating the immortal charm of the classic.

Original product

The Senator Excellence watch was first launched in 2016. It is a new generation of classic timepieces originally produced by Glashütte. Equipped with a self-made Caliber 36 movement, it meets stringent requirements while ensuring it is suitable for daily use. The Senator Excellence family has been highly sought after since its release and is regarded as a modern classic masterpiece. All of this is inseparable from the powerful function of the Caliber 36 movement. Today, Glashütte Original has launched two new Senator Excellent Perpetual Calendar watches replica and two new Senator Excellent Large Calendar Moon Phase watches with red gold or stainless steel cases, which are even more brilliant.

Exquisite craftsmanship under a magnifying glass: Complications

The perpetual calendar is considered one of the most desirable yet challenging watch complications and for good reason. The endless calendar function considers both large and small months and leap years.

Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch

The Senator Excellent Perpetual Calendar watch uses a modern design full of humanity to fully utilize this complex function of high-end watches: it uses a display window instead of hands. It achieves superior legibility with a simple and elegant design. Users can easily adjust the day of the week, month, and moon phase through hidden buttons on the watch case. In addition, users can also achieve synchronized settings for the day of the week, date, and month through the universal adjuster.

The Senator Excellence Outsize Date Moon Phase watch combines two classic functions of Glashütte Original: a hand-crafted silver or gold full moon traces its path in the arched moon phase disk. The meticulous diamond milling process creates sharp and distinct silhouettes that sparkle against the electroplated blue night sky. Glashütte’s original and representative large calendar display is located at 4 o’clock. It consists of two date display disks set on the same horizontal plane. There is no dividing line in the middle, which is straightforward to distinguish. Fake rolex watches.

Senator Excellence Outsize Date Moon Phase Watch

Exquisite craftsmanship under a magnifying glass: classic design. The four new timepieces launched this time all use satin-finished and polished round cases with diameters of 42 mm (perpetual calendar model) and 40 mm (large calendar moon phase model). ), with a slim bezel, showing its elegance. The red gold case harmoniously complements the electroplated silver dial, and the dark black numerals complement the large ivory date display. The hour and minute hands, as well as the hand-mounted Roman numerals, are made of fine red 18K gold. The stainless steel case complements the electroplated gray dial. The large date display is set off with white numerals on a matte blue background, making it clear to the eye. Correspondingly, the solid gold applied hour markers are decorated with a blue coating, complementing traditional blue steel hour and minute hands. All dials feature a fine-grained texture. The Roman numeral time scales form a striking contrast with the velvet-like smooth and soft surface texture, further enhancing the watch’s visual layering and revealing its elegant and timeless charm.

Exquisite craftsmanship under a magnifying glass: exquisite movement

The new Senator Excellence watches are equipped with recent achievements developed by the brand’s watchmaking factory based on the Caliber 36 movement. The new perpetual calendar model is equipped with Caliber 36-12 movement, while the large calendar moon phase model is equipped with Caliber 36-24 movement. Both movements are exquisitely finished and fitted with a hand-engraved two-tone electroplated balance cock. The hollow automatic rotor is equipped with the brand’s iconic double G logo and a 21K gold pendulum, allowing a clear view of the inner scenery of the movement. In addition, the typical features of Glashütte’s advanced watchmaking craftsmanship are also available, such as three-quarter plywood, classic columnar grain, pearl grain, blue steel screws, as well as finely polished gears and knurled patterns on the automatic rotor track. Gorgeous.

Caliber 36-12 movement

The winning secret of Senator’s excellent watches

Following the tradition of the Senator’s distinguished family, the new timepieces are designed with the highest requirements in terms of ease of use, durability, and aesthetics. In developing its movements, Glashütte Original always adheres to four basic principles: high levels of stability, precision, running time, and aesthetics.

Optimized design to achieve reliable stability with wear-resistant parts. The self-winding movement inside the case is snap-on, significantly improving its shock resistance. The extremely antimagnetic silicon hairspring dramatically improves the accuracy of the automatic winding movement, just like the card-free adjustment device. At the same time, the two-way automated winding system ensures that the watch is always in the optimal serpentine range.

Adhering to the concept of cherishing time like gold, Glashütte Original designers are particularly concerned about the power storage capacity of the Senator’s excellent watch. The Caliber 36 movement beats at a frequency of 4 Hz (equivalent to 28,800 vibrations per hour) and has a running time of at least 100 hours. This is thanks to the creative combination of an optimized large-diameter barrel and a small-diameter barrel, which extends the length of the mainspring and dramatically increases the number of winding turns. For all Glashütte Original watch products, aesthetics has always been one of its leading design principles, from the whole to the details.

Strict quality inspection

All Senator Excellence watches are subject to a 24-day quality inspection at the brand’s watch factory in Saxony, Germany – which is even more stringent than the German chronometer test. All watches in the Senator Excellence family must meet the exact high requirements, regardless of the type or number of complications. Every watch that passes the inspection is engraved with the “Q” mark on the case back, proving its excellent quality. Also, the precise measurement results during the testing process are recorded, and watch owners can check them by accessing Glashütte Original’s exclusive online platform.

The new Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch and Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase Watch again confirm Glashütte Original’s solemn commitment to creating mechanical timepieces suitable for modern life. The new Senator Excellence watch will be on sale in Glashütte Original global stores and authorized dealer boutiques starting in October 2023.

Rado True Square Thinline Ultra-thin Watch Colorfully Unveiled, Fake Gold Watches

Need more than traditional round watches and want to create new aesthetics for your vision? Rado, the “material master” in the watchmaking industry, and Le Corbusier, the “material master” in the architecture industry, have joined forces to launch the True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch, the brand’s first ultra-thin square ceramic watch. Watches, with their outstanding “dopamine” color matching, show their charming style with both appearance and texture. Three new masterpieces will be launched in limited quantities at Rado Swiss radar watch direct stores and official e-commerce flagship stores starting November 1st!

“Material Masters” join forces across borders.

Le Corbusier is the most famous architect, urban planner, and writer of the 20th century. He is also the leading advocate of modernist architecture, an essential founder of machine aesthetics, and a leader of functionalist architecture. He is known as “the “Father of Functionalism” and can be said to be the main representative of modern architecture or the International School of Formal Architecture. As a pioneer in the watchmaking industry, Rado, also a “material master,” has once again joined hands with Les Couleurs, a Swiss color research institute under the Le Corbusier Foundation, to create the new True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch. The table, with colorful “dopamine” color combinations, fully demonstrates the spiritual power and emotional expression brought by color.

Play with “dopamine color aesthetics” on your wrist.

Research data shows that 60%-70% of consumers’ first impression of a product’s appearance comes from color. Rado Swiss radar watches are well aware of this and have always had a unique position in the research and development of colored high-tech ceramic technology. This time, they not only combined the timeless minimalist style with the comfortable and comfortable “dopamine” color but also integrated the bold vitality of architectural colors into the material of high-tech ceramics. This unique color art matches the watch. Enthusiasts create deep emotional connections. These unique and eye-catching colors will bring joy to the wearer, achieve a “color healing” spiritual effect, and subtly relieve the stress in life. This is not only a feast for the eyes but also an aesthetic experience that conveys happiness and relaxation through color. Fake gold watches.

Accurate Square Thinline ultra-thin watch “Cream White” hands-on pictures

The newly launched True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch comes in three colors, revealing different personality chapters. The fresh and uncomplicated “British Green” is eye-catching. As a timeless classic color, it highlights the luxury brand style; the elegant and noble “Cream White” has its charming brilliance and releases the timeless old-money temperament; the deep and low-key “Ivory Black” injects a touch of excellent texture into the wrist, highlighting the personality while revealing a cold and restrained aristocratic feel. The color combination spans gender and age. Through colorful watches, the joyful atmosphere and emotions are conveyed to every individual, continuously injecting happy energy into the wrist.

Accurate Square Thinline ultra-thin watch “Ivory Black” hands-on pictures

Seamless switching of “multiple wearing scenarios” As Rado’s first ultra-thin square one-piece high-tech ceramic watch, the True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch is made of lightweight and wear-resistant high-tech ceramic material, which is not easy to wear. Its characteristics make it not afraid of the challenges of time, and it is like wearing a brand new watch every day. With an ultra-thin case of only 5 mm and a dial of 37 mm, it is more than 30% lighter than a steel watch of the same size. With the support of modern minimalist style, it is easy to handle for those obsessed with appearance; its unique and fashionable square shape. The rounded corner design creates a round yet angular appearance, giving people a rational and romantic feeling. Artistic young people who pursue taste and style will love it. Compared with traditional round watches, square watches have a more recognizable appearance. This makes it versatile enough to be worn formally and casually, making it easily suitable for commuting and leisure occasions. Office workers can also wear it as they wish. In addition, all three watches are equipped with sapphire glass mirrors and PVD-coated titanium three-fold buckles for easy wear. The quartz movement adapts to colorful styles and is very popular among non-mechanical watch fans. Richard mille replica.

Three new True Square Thinline ultra-thin watches in three colors, each limited to 999 pieces. Starting November 1st, the three watches will be available in Rado Swiss radar-managed direct stores and official e-commerce flagship stores, waiting for everyone who loves them!