Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Deep Sea Gray” Watch, Swiss Watches Replicas

For a long time, the famous Swiss professional watchmaking brand OMEGA’s Seamaster series watches have been constantly innovating with groundbreaking watchmaking technology and innovative materials. In 2023, Omega grandly released the new Seamaster Series Planet Ocean “Deep Sea Grey” watch, which is made of advanced silicon nitride ceramic (Si3N4) with a bold and eye-catching style, once again continuing the inheritance of innovative technology of the Seamaster Series watches.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean “Deep Sea Gray” watch is the first time that Omega has used silicon nitride ceramics in a large area of ​​a watch. Thanks to this advanced ceramic, the “Deep Sea Gray” watch is not only solid and durable but also lightweight, making it the ideal wrist device for adventure and exploration. Swiss watches replicas.

The case, bezel ring, and case back of the new watch are all made of dark gray silicon nitride ceramic. The lightweight silicon nitride ceramic makes the wearing experience of the watch more comfortable while also ensuring that the watch is solid and durable and maintains stable performance in extreme environments.

The watch’s sandblasted dial, bezel base, and folding clasp are grade 5 titanium, contrasting to silicon nitride ceramic. This material can effectively improve the durability of the watch without increasing the weight of the watch. Replica watches review.

The watch case size is 45.5 mm, with carbon black hands and hour markers. The back of the watch uses the brand’s patented NAIAD LOCK technology to ensure that the words on the back of the watch are always in the correct position. The watch is equipped with the Omega 8906 Coaxial Master Chronometer movement made of grade 5 titanium, which creates an ultra-light movement with precise and excellent performance and has a GMT function. The movement design also adopts a dark aesthetic, which is consistent with the watch’s appearance. The sapphire glass case back is treated with anti-reflective treatment both inside and outside, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the movement. The Seamaster Planet Ocean “Deep Sea Grey” watch is waterproof to a depth of up to 600 meters, demonstrating Omega’s excellent watchmaking technology in deep-sea diving watches.

Tag Heuer Launches New Carrera Series Chronograph, Reddit Replica Watches

Swiss pioneer watchmaking brand TAG Heuer draws inspiration from the close connection with cars, drivers, and motorsports that has remained strong over time to launch the new TAG Heuer Carrera series (TAG Heuer Carrera) chronograph. This extraordinary timepiece embodies the spirit of legendary drivers, symbolizes their relentless pursuit of excellence on the track, and inspires the wearer to face exciting challenges with the same passion that interprets the history of motorsport. Reddit replica watches.

Golden age

This TAG Heuer Carrera series chronograph shows extraordinary and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship. It goes beyond the meaning of a watch itself and is a testimony of TAG Heuer’s commitment to creating timepieces that resonate with people who pursue excellence.

The story of this watch can be traced back to a provocative idea proposed by the visionary Jack Heuer: giving timepieces made of gold to racing drivers. This ingenious move established an unbreakable bond between TAG Heuer and the field of motorsports. These watches are rewards for racing drivers and become their loyal partners in their unremitting pursuit of victory. Amid the roar of engines and the thrill of high-speed racing, these timepieces shine on the wrists of drivers such as Ronnie Peterson and Niki Lauda, encouraging them to surpass themselves constantly. Limit. Tag Heuer replica watches.

Jack Heuer’s audacity forever reshaped the marketing of luxury watches. These golden timepieces are no longer just tools for keeping time; they embody the essence of achievement, courage, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Every tick of the clock echoes the courageous pulse of the riders, reminding them to keep moving towards glory.

This 39mm TAG Heuer Carrera series chronograph is a tribute to this long and classic era, exuding retro charm and timeless beauty, witnessing the unstoppable spirit of the brand.

Continuously advancing toward success in 2023

This TAG Heuer Carrera series chronograph with an 18K 3N gold case brings a successful conclusion to the 60th-anniversary legend of the Carrera series. This timepiece inherits the timeless essence of the TAG Heuer Carrera series. It adopts a classic round case, a seamless, integrated lug design, and user-friendly dials at 2 and 4 o’clock. Chronograph these buttons elegantly combine the traditional charm of the watch with modern style.

The luxurious and harmonious 18K 3N gold-plated dial of the new watch echoes the design spirit of the original Carrera in the 1960s. To enhance the dial’s legibility, the dial features contrasting black “azuré” subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock, reminiscent of the iconic reverse panda dial layout.

This TAG Heuer Carrera series clock with an exquisite gold case can be called the pinnacle of Carrera’s 60th-anniversary celebration. Its groundbreaking glass box mirror design encompasses the overall aesthetic concept of the watch. Viewed in cross-section, the silhouette of the watch is smooth thanks to the seamless curved border of the dome-shaped sapphire crystal, but the tight sides and robustness of the case, as well as the avant-garde lugs, make the watch At the same time, it is also sharp-edged. This innovation breathes new life into the 2023 Carrera collection, enhancing its visual elegance and making it an extraordinary centerpiece. The beautifully curved outer edge of the dial improves the watch’s readability and simplifies reading of the 60-second/minute scale on the edge of the dial.

To ensure optimal legibility, this watch features black lacquered central hands that contrast sharply with the luxurious gold dial, whose vertical frosted finish is reminiscent of the track markings on a racing circuit.

The elegant 39 mm diameter case of this new TAG Heuer Carrera series watch is equipped with a TAG Heuer brand-made chronograph movement model TH20-00. This movement uses a two-way winding design with an impressive 80-hour power reserve.

This watch is paired with a black perforated calfskin strap fixed with an 18K 3N gold pin buckle, which strengthens the watch’s connection with the racing style tradition while adding a unique and luxurious atmosphere.

As the 60th-anniversary celebrations of the Carrera series end, this TAG Heuer Carrera series clock has become a beacon of achievement, inspiring wearers to embrace their path to success like the legendary drivers in history. The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph is a watch and a source of strength that embodies challenge and determination.

Alpine Eagle Snow Mountain Proud Wing Series Oversized Chronograph Swiss Watch Replicas

The fashionable and sporty Alpine Eagle series of watches has added two new 41 mm diameter models, equipped with a refreshing “pine green” dial. The two new watches are made of Chopard Lucent Steel, sturdy, durable, and shiny, or rose-colored 18K gold that complies with Chopard’s sustainable development and social responsibility concepts. They are equipped with Swiss official chronometer certification (COSC). ) of the Chopard 01.01-C movement. Part of the proceeds from the sales of these two timepieces will be donated to the Fondation Alpine Eagle to fulfill further the brand’s solemn commitment to protecting the unique flora and fauna of the Alps. Previously, the foundation has completed several projects and returned the white-tailed sea eagle to the Lake Leman basin.

Simple, stylish, straightforward, and easy-to-read green dial

The Alpine Eagle series of watches adds a new dial color: like Aletsch Glacier Blue, Bernina Gray, and Black, “Pine Green” also draws inspiration from the beautiful scenery of the Alps. In midsummer, the ice and snow melt, and the mountains are covered with green forests. The foothills seem covered with a gray-green coat of various vegetation, and the “pine green” reminds people of this lush scene.

The textured dial presents a radial pattern like the iris of an eagle’s eye. The dial is decorated with contrasting colors, which is elegant and easy to read. The rhodium-plated or gold-plated hour markers and hands are covered with Super-LumiNova GradeX1 fluorescent coating, which is legible in the dark and is clear at a glance. Swiss watch replicas.

Sustainable materials

The case of the new Alpine Eagle watch is 41 mm in diameter and is made entirely of Lucent Steel for the first time. Lucent Steel is Chopard’s unique, innovative alloy. It follows Chopard’s sustainable development and social responsibility concepts and 80% of its raw materials come from recycled materials. Thanks to its hypoallergenic ingredients, Lucent Steel has properties comparable to surgical steel and has excellent skin compatibility. Also, this alloy has a Vickers hardness of 223, and its wear resistance is 1.5 times that of traditional fine steel, making it extremely hard. At the same time, Lucent Steel has excellent clarity thanks to its uniform crystal structure, which reflects light uniquely.

The second model of the new timepiece is a rose-colored 18K gold model that aligns with Chopard’s concept of sustainable development and social responsibility. Like all watches and jewelry launched by the brand since July 2018, the Alpine Eagle series of watches are also made of 100% gold raw materials that comply with Chopard’s sustainable development and social responsibility concepts. For decades, as one of the few watchmaking workshops with its precious metal casting workshop, Chopard has fully controlled the upstream and downstream of the value chain, contributing to a brighter and better world with exquisite masterpieces.

Precision machinery

Adhering to the pursuit of precise performance in advanced watchmaking, the Alpine Eagle series of watches is equipped with the Chopard 01.01-C self-winding mechanical movement, clearly visible through the transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover. This movement was independently developed by the master artisans of the Chopard watchmaking workshop and has been awarded the Swiss Official Chronometer Certification (COSC). This honor is further certified by the word “Chronometer” printed on the dial. Swiss models replica watches.

The Chopard 01.01-C movement has a 60-hour power reserve and is carefully designed by watchmakers who pursue excellence in functionality. It is equipped with a stop-second function to ensure precise adjustment and timing functions, allowing the wearer to achieve a watch accurate to the second—time adjustment.

Alpine Eagle Snow Mountain Proud Wing series

The Alpine Eagle series carries the ingenuity of the Scheufele family for three generations and is the first collection created by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the current co-president of Chopard, in the late 1970s—a modern interpretation of the St. Moritz watch.

The Alpine Eagle series adopts a simple and elegant appearance design, drawing inspiration from the magical power of nature. The round case has aesthetically designed bulges on the side; the crown is engraved with a compass rose; the bezel is decorated with eight functional positioning screws; the textured deep dial has a fluorescent display, and it is equipped with an integrated metal bracelet. Among all the details, the Alpine Eagle series of watches exudes modern fashion and exquisite elegance.

Thanks to the independence of the watchmaking workshop and the exquisite craftsmanship covering all processes, Chopard can complete all production and assembly processes, from movement to bracelet, from parts to case, in its watchmaking workshop.

Provide direct support to the Eagle Wings Foundation.

Throughout its development history, Chopard has constantly fed back the achievements of its exquisite masterpieces to public welfare undertakings, and the Alpine Eagle series is no exception. The series has always been closely linked to its namesake foundation, the Fondation Alpine Eagle. In 2020, the Alpine Eagle series of watches was launched. In the same year, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Jacques-Olivier Travers, and Luo This non-profit organization, co-founded by Ronald Menzel, aims to encourage public awareness and understanding of the importance, beauty and fragility of Alpine biomes through several innovative interdisciplinary environmental projects.

On the occasion of the unveiling of these two new Alpine Eagle series timepieces with designs inspired by the natural charm of the Alps, Karl-Friedrich Schaefer, co-president of Chopard and co-founder of the Eagle Wing Foundation (Karl-Friedrich Scheufele), I promised to use part of the profits from the sales of these two watches to fund the foundation’s projects. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele explains: “I enjoy hiking and alpine skiing very much, as well as the tranquility and tranquility of the mountains, which make people think. , thought-provoking, and can also bring people a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. Therefore, Chopard is concerned about the important responsibility of environmental protection. It can pay tribute to the beautiful and endless inspiration for us with the exquisitely designed Alpine Eagle series of timepieces. Nature and I am proud to fund action to protect our fragile ecological environment.”

Movado Launches Museum Series Year Of The Dragon Limited Edition Knockoff Watches

The famous Swiss watch brand Movado continues its tradition. To welcome the Year of the Dragon coming in a few months, it has launched a new limited edition Museum Series Year of the Dragon watch, paying tribute to traditional Chinese culture and exquisitely integrating Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Watch the flow of time with Movado, perform the art of dragon swimming on the wrist, and welcome the renewal of all things.

Museum series, refining modern aesthetics.

In 1947, the famous American designer Nathan George Howitt designed an iconic watch for Movado. He introduced the concept of time into dial design for the first time. The minimalist dial with a single origin is still considered a modernist design. Model. In 1960, the original design of the Museum Series dial was selected for the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, becoming the first dial in history to receive this honor.

Since then, extraordinary works in the museum series have followed. In recent years, limited edition watches for the Year of the Tiger and the Year of the Rabbit have also been launched.

Two dragons leap out and fly into the clouds.

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, Movado launches the Museum Series Year of the Dragon limited edition “Hidden Dragon” and limited edition “Jade Dragon” knockoff watches. The hidden dragon leaps into the sky, and the jade dragon dances around the clouds, imbuing the dragon charm in the museum series, and a time journey entire of oriental poetry begins.

The auspicious beasts of the east, twin dragons soaring into the clouds, come from the sky. In the endless passage of time, the symbol of the “dragon” carries the observation and understanding of oriental aesthetics in traditional Chinese culture, implying the inheritance of fortune from generation to generation. Taking this as inspiration, Movado combines traditional culture with modern aesthetics. The dragon coils around the wrist, inheriting exquisite craftsmanship and implicitly reinterpreting time. Best replica watches.

Both watches cleverly inherit the classics, are presented with a diameter of 40mm and are equipped with Swiss automatic mechanical movements, providing excellent winding efficiency and power reserve capacity.

“Dragon, the clouds are coming.” When the dragon rises, the clouds grow. The dials of the two watches are dotted with auspicious cloud patterns, symbolizing luck and prosperity; the exquisite dragon pattern sets off the movement of the hands; the flowing clouds are agile, and the bright dragon dances, making everything possible. “Qianlong” is taken from the black inkstone and uses the classic gray and black combination of the same color to present the state of a dragon. The “Jade Dragon” is made of turquoise jade, with a green gradient and a spiritual and soaring posture. The watch cleverly follows Movado’s “artistic watchmaking” concept and vividly presents the dragon image painted by the master of art on the dial. The traditional aesthetics and modern design style collide, and the dragon winds up, highlighting the artistic edge.

[Museum Series Year of the Dragon Limited Edition “Qianlong” Watch]

  • SKU: 0607804
  • Dial size: 40mm
  • Case: black PVD coating
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement
  • Waterproof: 3ATM
  • Strap: cross-embossed cowhide
  • Retail price: 7,000 yuan
  • Time to market: Officially released on October 20

[Museum Series Year of the Dragon Limited Edition “Jade Dragon” Watch]

  • SKU: 0607811
  • Dial size: 40mm
  • Case: black PVD coating
  • Dial Color: green
  • Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement
  • Waterproof: 3ATM
  • Strap: cross-embossed cowhide
  • Retail price: 7,000 yuan
  • Time to market: December

Dejun series, reappearing timeless classics

After over 140 years of watchmaking craftsmanship and drawing inspiration from the historical context, Movado again performed a modern aesthetic interpretation of classic designs. It launched the first generation Dejun series in 1970. Movado will also present two new watches in the Dejun series this time.

This time, the two new Dejun series dual-calendar mechanical watches are unveiled with the same barrel-shaped case shape, threaded crown, and details that retain the iconic elements of the first-generation Dejun—a classic interpretation of timeless elegance and charm with a rich taste of time.

The guilloche wavy dial design is inspired by the waves rippling under the sun. It is embellished with wavy lines that have a contemporary feel, outlining the exquisite art on the wrist. The classic Movado logo is retained at noon on the dial to pay tribute to history. The hands and hour markers are covered with a unique Super-LumiNova luminous coating, making the details even more sophisticated.

[Dejun Series Dual Calendar Automatic Mechanical Watch]

  • SKU: 3650177
  • Dial size: 40mm
  • Case: stainless steel
  • Dial Color: navy blue
  • Movement: Caliber 118A
  • Waterproof: 5ATM
  • Strap: stainless steel
  • Buckle: butterfly buckle
  • Function: Dual calendar window
  • Hour markers and hands: Super-LumiNova luminous coating technology
  • Retail price: 11,700 yuan
  • Time to market: November

[Dejun Series Dual Calendar Automatic Mechanical Watch]

  • SKU: 3650178
  • Dial size: 40mm
  • Case: stainless steel
  • Dial Color: vintage green
  • Movement: Caliber 118A
  • Waterproof: 5ATM
  • Strap: stainless steel
  • Buckle: butterfly buckle
  • Function: Dual calendar window
  • Hour markers and hands: Super-LumiNova luminous coating technology
  • Retail price: 11,700 yuan
  • Time to market: November

2023 Baume & Mercier Selection Fake Watches For The Mid-Autumn Festival

“My eyes are so poor that the Huaihai Sea is as full as silver, and thousands of rainbows are nurturing pearls. If there is no moon door in the sky, the osmanthus branches will damage the westward wheel.”

The moonlight moves the clouds, sharing the beauty of the moon thousands of miles apart. Make an appointment with the bright moon and reunite on your wrist. Baume & Mercier has selected four unique and stylish Baumatic moon phase fake watches with perfect meanings and uses the brand’s self-made stable movement to accompany you. Bring romance on your wrist and share the full moon moment with you.

Embrace the moonlight and continue the “golden” autumn perfection.

The waxing moon brings youth, and this is a beautiful time. The nebula is eternal, and the bright moon arrives as promised. The quiet moonlight is like broken silver, a dazzling beauty that shines on the earth and a lasting romance. The exquisiteness of time is blended into the color of the watch, highlighting the preciousness and charm of time as seconds pass by. Hold a ray of moonlight on your wrist and continue to write golden perfection.

Turning into gold on the wrist, it shines on people’s reunion. Baume & Mercier Riviera Series Baumatic Perpetual Calendar Watch 10742 uses a 40 mm dodecagonal stainless steel case to outline the simplicity and purity of lines. The gold-plated vertical sun-brushed main dial combines retro art and modern taste, allowing time to temper eternity and reveal the tenderness of time. The perpetual calendar display function has gone through the changes of years, engraving the lingering autumn mood. The polished gold-plated moon phase display panel is paired with a blue lacquer background to show deep romance in the night sky in the moon’s name. Equipped with a Baumatic movement that runs steadily and is super anti-magnetic, it can provide a five-day power reserve and engrave perfection on the wrist. Franck muller replica.

The “full” moon is in the sky, and all your wishes come true.

The autumn wind holds the moon, the morning and evening are reunited, the mist disperses, and the flowing clouds hide. The moonlight parted the clouds, and the man and the moon reunited. Even if we travel to vast mountains and rivers, we still want to enjoy the bright moon in the sky together. When the moonlight is just right, take off the reunion watch and decorate it on your wrist; give time a shape and treasure the romance of watchmaking. The fragrance of cinnamon curls up, and the moon fills the world, spinning endlessly with endless perfection.

Like a full moon, it welcomes the reunion of all things. Baume & Mercier Clifton series Baumatic date and moon phase watch M0A10736 carries the world’s perfection with a 39 mm round case. The grained off-white dial and snail-shaped gold-plated ring reproduce the charm of time under the unique date arrangement. The 18K rose gold case, and crown embellish the reunion time with shining golden light. The polished gold-plated moon phase disc, with a black lacquer finish as the background, embellishes the bright night. The dates are scattered on a gold-plated ring decorated with exquisite snailed patterns and polished with diamonds, counting time and thoughts. The square-scaled brown crocodile leather quick-release strap highlights the elegance of purity.

Watch the shadows of the clouds and enjoy the quiet moon.

The quiet gray is smeared with moonlight in the sky, embellishing the romance of the stars in the world. Pushing aside the flowing clouds, I caught a glimpse of the hazy moonlight. In complete silence, enjoy the tranquility at night and admire the shadows of the clouds and the moonlight. The flow of light and shade is filled with the clear light of the world, replicating the mottled years and the coldness of time, exploring the softness of light and shadow, and interpreting the scale of time.

Look through the clouds to see the moon and explore the silver moonlight. Baume & Mercier Riviera Baumatic Moon Phase Watch 10681 interprets excellent aesthetics on the wrist, highlighting its elegant style. The 43 mm sun satin-finished lacquered sand-colored dial is lined with a dark gray flange, which combines elegance and depth, like a desert shimmering with silver under the moonlight. Equipped with a polished rhodium-plated moon phase disk at 6 o’clock, with a gray lacquer background, you can listen to the autumn night in the deep sky and watch the moon and stars. The Roman numeral and time scales at 3 and 9 o’clock are covered with a luminous coating like a ray of light capturing the boundless starry sky and embellishing the mystery. The gray rubber strap is painted with canvas, blending grit, freedom, elegance, and leisure.

Baume & Mercier Riviera Baumatic Moon Phase Watch_10681_43mm

Imagine the clear autumn night to dream of the stars and moon.

The autumn night is slightly fantastic, accompanied by the stars in the sky. The galaxy is full of romance; embrace the moonlight in your arms and listen to the whisper of the autumn wind. Take advantage of the clear autumn night, take a touch of night light, and embrace the stars in your dreams. In the day and night cycle, the change of seasons is depicted with a timepiece on the wrist. As time ticks, quietly wait for you to fall asleep under the moonlight. A touch of the night sky on your wrist can protect tranquility and bring you a moment of stability.

Listen to the whisper of the evening breeze and fall asleep looking at the night sky. Baume & Mercier Clifton BAUMATIC day date and moon phase watch 10725 reflects the peaceful night sky on the 42mm dial with blue gradient paint. Under the transparent smoked gray sapphire crystal mirror, the polished rhodium-plated moon phase disk at six o’clock shows the stars, reflecting the profit and loss of the moon, shining brightly. The Baumatic movement operates stably, with a power reserve of up to 5 days (120 hours) and anti-magnetic protection, keeping it company like a starry night.

Mercier Clifton BAUMATIC day date and moon phase watch_10725_42mm

“The dusk clouds are all gone and overflowing with coldness, and the silver man turns the jade plate silently.” The Mid-Autumn Festival is here, as promised. When the flowers bloom and the moon is full, enjoy the beautiful moonlight and send your thoughts to your wrist. A passionate Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you all your wishes come true and enjoy the full moon “Shi” moment.