14k Gold Oyster Perpetual Ref.1002/7 From The 1960s, Knockoff Watches

You may have never seen the Oyster Perpetual Kinlao. Today, I am sharing the rare Oyster Perpetual Ref.1002/7, produced in 1964. It is a beautiful American commemorative watch with a 14K Gold watch. The gold Oyster Perpetual Ref. 1002/7 is a lovely gold watch. The 4-digit Oyster Perpetual model is exciting due to its rich types and many models. It has a casual style that DD and DJ still need to have. Although it is a gold watch, the color of 14K gold is just right. Whether you are a senior collector or a junior player who wants to choose a gold watch, this antique watch can be recommended.

The dial is silver-white. Although many small particles can be seen with the naked eye, it has a feature that makes friends who like antique watches put it down. This feature is the black underline at six o’clock on the dial. This underline is generally seen in lacquer. The sports version of the dial is a unique feature of this era. It is a small horizontal line on the dial, often appearing at 6 o’clock (sometimes also at 12 o’clock). There are various theories as to why this exists. Still, the most famous is that small horizontal lines were intentionally added to show the color of the base metal to indicate the high quality of the dial material. It has been confirmed that there are underlined styles on some mirror dials, such as Ref.1016 and Ref.1675. Simply having a mirror dial is rare, and an underlined one is even rarer. Occasionally seen on formal knockoff watches. If you are a cousin you like, this alone will make you want to buy it. Coupled with the combination of the toffee needle and the SWISS mark on the dial, as well as the angle on the hour markers, it can be seen that it has been carefully designed.

Although the case has some traces of polishing, it looks full in shape. Many bezels on the all-gold watch will be deformed, and the bezel has a sharp outline. If the outer bezel is excessively polished, its beauty will be significantly compromised.

The strap is a 14K gold American commemorative strap. Most American commemorative straps tend to become loose in artistry, and the watch I shared is no exception. Even the steel strap looks like this after years. In addition, since it is an American commemorative strap, there is no year stamped on the middle of the buckle. The stamp on it is a relatively rare large LOGO design that aligns with the date. There is ROW engraving on the movement, which once again shows that it is a watch sold in the United States and a perfect match with the American bracelet.

Most people may first think of DD or DJ when it comes to classic Rolex models. Nowadays, the compact 34mm dial is gradually attracting attention. In particular, the Oyster Perpetual series is a very collectible model, which is natural for watch enthusiasts. It goes without saying. Nowadays, many friends are looking for antique Oyster Perpetual rare models. The underline, dauphine needle, and single SWISS mark make the dial very attractive, and it is also paired with an American commemorative bracelet with a large LOGO and an American ROW engraving. Even if you look for it specially, it is estimated that it is difficult to find it. The above is a sharing of the Oyster Perpetual antique gold swiss replica watch. It will be helpful to friends who are considering buying an antique watch.