Parmigiani Fleurier’s New Tonda Pf Series 36mm Watch, Imitation Watches

“Since its establishment in 1996, Parmigiani Fleurier has won wide acclaim for its excellent watchmaking skills. The brand has always adhered to the pursuit of excellence and the highest standards of watchmaking, aiming to create noble and elegant women’s watches. Parmigiani Fleurier adheres to its unswerving philosophy and is always committed to serving female customers. These imitation watches are a model of ultimate perfection and exquisite craftsmanship, combining mechanical precision and elegant aesthetics – this is the essence of Parmigiani Fleurier’s superb mechanical art.”-Brand founder: Mr. Michel Parmigiani (MichelParmigiani)

In these three new works, rose gold and stainless steel are perfectly combined, and the inlay process is comparable to true art. This approach goes beyond the simple combination of materials to form a unique style signature. We adopt a refined minimalist design style to enhance the core concept of the brand, namely purism and elegant and smooth lines, an essential, pure and beautiful vision of high-end watchmaking.” – Mr. Guido Terreni, Global CEO of Parmigiani Fleurier.

TONDAPF Series 36mm Watch

Carefully designed for women who pursue the highest standards of watchmaking mechanical art.

Since its establishment in 1996, Parmigiani Fleurier has always adhered to unique values, namely watchmaking complexity, high-added value, extreme finishing technology, and high-end watchmaking movements, which have made it stand out. Nearly 30 years of extreme pursuit of excellence have created an enviable reputation among connoisseurs.

Since its inception, Parmigiani Fleurier has also developed and designed exquisite watch series specifically for women, actively responding to the expectations of female customers.

In 1996, Parmigiani Fleurier launched its classic women’s collection, breaking away from stereotypes. Each watch in the collection is equipped with mechanical movement and is hand-decorated to the company’s exacting standards. The cases are made of gold or platinum, each with a different set of exquisite diamonds, and the dials are decorated with baguette-cut diamond hour markers, demonstrating the ultimate pursuit of details. After 28 years, these standards of excellence have remained the same.

Exquisite minimalism

In response, the new TONDAPF series 36 mm watches launched in 2024 are dedicated to select female customers who seek the best watchmaking models. A new generation of women is keen on high-end watchmaking craftsmanship with modern minimalist aesthetics and loves exquisite watches with delicate lines and exquisite craftsmanship, pursuing a low-key and restrained taste.

The new watches in this series are made of 18K rose gold, with baguette-cut diamonds on the dial, or 18K rose gold and stainless steel. The delicate setting craftsmanship is dazzling and charming, comparable to actual works of art. All three swiss replica watches contain the exquisite aesthetic characteristics of Parmigiani Fleurier. The TONDAPF 36mm watch TONDA follows only one criterion: essence over complexity. Its unique qualities bring extraordinary wearing comfort to women and remain true to its exquisite and distinctive signature.

At the intersection of purism and sophisticated luxury, it shows the delicate balance between simplicity and magnificence. The new TONDAPF 36mm watch combines smooth line design with exquisite responsible machinery, presenting the beauty of the collision of art and craftsmanship. Each watch is elegantly suspended on the wrist, containing complex and fascinating high-end watchmaking craftsmanship. This inclusiveness adds a unique charm to each exquisite high-performance timepiece.

Responsible, ethical gold and diamonds

Parmigiani Fleurier follows the most stringent standards of the Swiss high-end watchmaking industry. These values ​​control the use of gold and diamonds, and the source and quality of these materials are certified according to the most stringent international standards. Every process, from mining to finished products, can be traced globally, meets the highest standards of transparency and control, and is certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).

TONDAPF 36mm watch rose gold diamond model sand gold dial

Pure and soft advanced watchmaking art

TONDAPF 36mm watch rose gold diamond model sand gold dial

Brilliant and harmonious diamond design

The 36mm TONDAPF series watch is gorgeous and exquisite. It is made of 18K rose gold and embellished with brilliant diamonds, cleverly showing the lightness and precious essence of Parmigiani Fleurier. The exquisite pattern created by inlaying precious gems from the crown to the sides of the bracelet gives the watch a complete visual feature and enhances the bracelet’s smoothness.

This watch has a unique design, with brilliant-cut diamonds of different sizes inlaid along the outside of the bracelet, which complements the finely crafted gold case. The bezel is also inlaid with brilliant-cut diamonds, and the buckle is also inlaid with gems, revealing only the 18K rose gold brand logo.

This hidden design is an exclusive aesthetic enjoyment in itself, showing the beauty of the watch as a touchable ornament. The complex internal mechanical structure gives the watch life and is full of precious qualities of sensuality.

This jewelry watch is unique among women’s watches and deserves in-depth appreciation. It focuses on exquisite craftsmanship and professional craftsmanship rather than just appearance. It uses many exquisite design details, such as double-spring automatic winding movement, a hand-engraved dial, and a beautiful and delicate bracelet, highlighting the brand’s passion for superb craftsmanship and mechanical art.

TONDAPF36mm watch rose gold diamond model sand gold dial


The new series unfolds in two chapters, one exuding a sporty style with a dynamic appearance and exquisiteness and the other a combination of power and elegance, reflecting the contemporary fashion spirit. Both chapters are united by the iconic interlocking double G pattern on the small second-hand display window and the cushion-shaped case, symbolizing modern elegance and sophisticated style. This design element, unique to the Gucci Interlocking series watches, adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, making a bold fashion statement. Buy replicas watch.

The sports watch includes two 41mm automatic winding watches and three 41mm timepieces designed for people who value precision and personality. The clock is available in black, blue, and green and is equipped with three subdials and two pushers to measure time accurately. The speed measurement function can convert the elapsed time into speed, combining functionality and elegant aesthetics. The 41mm automatic winding watch has two new blue brushed and black PVD material swiss models with sporty rubber straps. The iconic interlocking double G logo at 6 o’clock serves as the second hand, and its color matches the ring design around the crown, which is the epitome of the elegant style of the series. The design of the automatic watch and the timepiece is both sporty and sophisticated.

In addition, the two 29 mm watches, with diamond-set dials, exude elegant and charming femininity in every detail. One has a soft silver sunburst pattern as the dial design, and the other has a pink sunburst pattern dial design. Both watch dials are decorated with eight diamonds as hour markers, and the small second-hand display window has an interlocking double G pattern. The stainless steel bracelet and the brand’s iconic pillow-shaped case add a deep three-dimensional sense to the watch and icing on the cake to the overall design, perfectly interpreting the essence of modern Gucci aesthetics.

H.MOSER&CIE. Henry Moser: Playing The Symphony Of Time, Watches Replica

H.Moser&Cie. Henry Moser launches the new Streamliner Concept Minute Repeater Tourbillon Blue Enamel, which perfectly combines the minute repeater function with 50 meters (5 ATM) water resistance, which is rare! The watch focuses on the minute repeater and puts the essence of this function – the hour, quarter, and minute mechanism – on the dial. The harmonious operation of hammers and gongs and the one-minute flying tourbillon that rotates continuously at 6 o’clock perform a beautiful ballet together. The aqua blue dial is made of “grand feu” enamel with a hammered texture, abandoning the brand logo and time mark, creating a charming background for beautiful rhythms. The new watch not only brings a sensory experience but also praises aesthetic design, interpreting the passage of time with beautiful tones, and every second seems precious. Watches replica.

With the Speedster Minute Repeater Tourbillon Blue Enamel Concept, H. Moser & Cie. presents a traditional and romantic complication, complemented by a gorgeous flying tourbillon and a graceful waltz. The brand adopted a new design to highlight the minute repeater mechanism, moving the uniquely shaped gongs and hammers to the front of the dial. This design required overcoming many technical challenges: to ensure ergonomic design, the gongs on the same plane needed to be bent to avoid interfering with the flying tourbillon. While following the minimalist design, H. Moser & Cie. shows the Speedster series’s unique, balanced proportions and exquisite high-end watchmaking craftsmanship. The smooth case curve design extends to the integrated stainless steel bracelet, which fits the wrist line and shows elegant curves. Luxury replica watches.

To achieve a more pleasant time tone and a perfect balance of volume, resonance, and harmony, H. Moser & Cie. made a lot of design improvements to the pillow-shaped stainless steel case of the Speedster series: the middle case was enlarged to provide enough space for the movement and the resonance cavity. When the two hammers strike the gongs according to the different identification gears (hours, quarter hours, minutes), the resonance box can amplify the timekeeping sound, creating a more harmonious resonance effect. At the same time, the case is also water-resistant to 50 meters (5 ATM).

Through the hollow movement bridge, the one-minute flying tourbillon at the six o’clock position on the dial is visible, as if suspended above the “Grand Feu” enamel dial, showing an avant-garde and modern design sense. Four pigments on the solid gold base with a hammered texture are finely ground, diluted, and then colored to create a gradient effect. This requires the master enamel artisan to focus and carefully handle the different colors of pigments, which are colored step by step, so they can be fully oxidized and perfectly blended when fired at high temperatures in the furnace without any particles. The translucent “Grand Feu” enamel dial must be fired up to twelve times to achieve the iconic smoky gradient effect of H. Moser & Cie. Due to its complex production process, each dial is unique. The AquaBlue “Grand Feu” enamel dial has exquisite finishing, eye-catching textures, and rich tones and does not need brand logos and hour markers; everything is self-explanatory. The three-dimensional 3D hands indicate hours and minutes and are composed of two parts, and the minute hand is designed in an arc. Both hands are embedded with Globolight, an innovative ceramic base material containing Super-LumiNova luminous material.

The Speedster Series Minute Repeater Tourbillon Blue Enamel Concept Watch has a new hand-wound HMC 905 self-produced movement with a 90-hour power reserve. The movement adopts a modern carbon gray surface finish, presenting traditional aesthetics in a low-key minimalist style, giving this provocative and complex timepiece an elegant atmosphere. The movement has been partially hollowed out to show its complex and precise mechanical structure and the beauty of its details.

H. Moser & Cie. shows its unique insights into advanced watchmaking craftsmanship.

Bell & Ross Launches The New Br 05 Artline Steel&gold Watch, Best Fake Watches

Streamline design

The BR 05 Artline series will be launched in 2022. The design has a strong personality and is inspired by the Art Deco trend that was popular in the 1930s. Bruno Belamich, founder and creative director of Bell & Ross, explained: “The name Artline contains two levels of artistry (art) and design lines (line). Looking at its appearance, you will immediately think of the shadow of the American streamlined modern style.” Streamline “streamline” is an industrial design trend that emerged in the United States in the 1930s. It advocates the harmonious combination of form, materials, and technology, combines industrial design with aerodynamics, and enhances the status of functional aesthetics. At that time, a new generation of professional designers also emerged. They not only shouldered the role of engineers or drafters but also had to conceive how to combine lines and colors to give industrial products original charm and aesthetic characteristics. Pioneers such as Raymond Loewy incorporated the avant-garde lines of modern trains, airplanes, and cars into the design of daily necessities, which became a trend. Bell&Ross injects Streamline design features into the Artline series to pay tribute to the pioneering designers of the time.

Strong Aesthetics

Looking back at the 1970s and 1980s, gold and steel watches were both exquisite and individual, exuding luxurious and elegant temperaments, and were very popular in the United States. In recent years, a new generation of watch fans has been learning about the avant-garde design and creative freedom of the time, promoting the return of gold and steel watch designs. Bell&Ross closely grasps the trend and launches the new BR 05 Artline Steel&Gold watch. The design is not nostalgic and retro but a combination of solid temperament and gorgeous style, with a unique contemporary urban fashion style. Bruno Belamich added: “We want to conceive a decorative and elegant watch. Best fake watches.

Luxurious style, flight inspiration

The rose gold details of the BR 05 Artline Steel&Gold are one of the eye-catching elements: the grooved details of the bezel and the central link of the integrated bracelet are a symbol of high-end watchmaking and goldsmithing and also remind people of modern architectural design. The grooved decoration is less common in the design of technical watches, but it makes the BR 05 Artline show a unique character. Artline and other BR 05 models are interesting in their own way, and the distinctive personality is present in the unique characteristics of BR 05. The grooved decoration is believed to be recognized by aviation fans. Of course, the brand has always been inspired by the aviation country. The appearance of BR 05 Artline reminds people of the solid aluminum fuselage design of aircraft in the 1940s. Bruno Belamich pointed out: “When I designed this watch, several themes came to my mind. The first theme was aviation travel.” Injecting this new element into the BR 05 series, which is entirely of urban fashion temperament, the gorgeous and exquisite add a bit of strength. Swiss models replica watches.

Gorgeous dial, precise movement

The bar-shaped hour markers on the dial replace the numbers, and the hour markers, hour, and minute hands are treated with luminescent light. The second-hand gold matches the bright brown of the dial, the ray pattern is made by unique technology, and the metal plate of the dial is coated with brown paint to achieve the ideal light and shadow effect. The case diameter is 40 mm, and the water resistance depth is about 100 meters. The watch has a high-performance BR-CAL.321-1 automatic movement with a 54-hour power reserve. The sapphire glass back shows the movement and the winding rotor. Limited to 99 pieces. The new BR 05 Artline Steel&Gold brings together many symbolic details, architectural lines, urban fashion, and aviation aesthetic elements complement each other, and a contemporary elegant temperament emerges.

Rolex’s Plastic Watch Mirror, Best Replica Watches

This time, we will talk about Rolex’s plastic watch mirror. Most are equipped with plastic watch mirrors except for a few antique Rolex models. Many people think that plastic watch mirrors are very cheap. Plastic watch mirrors are much more affordable than sapphire glass, and their durability could be much better. However, they are often installed on some very popular antique Rolex and Patek Philippe watches worth millions of dollars and has many passionate followers. Even now, many brands use plastic watch mirrors for new watches, which shows their popularity. Unfortunately, Rolex does not match its current models with plastic watch mirrors, but some watch friends will deliberately replace or transform their watches into plastic watch mirrors. Plastic watch glasses have a long history. Rolex used plastic watch glasses from the 1920s to 1990 and began to use sapphire glass around 1975. Therefore, from 1975 to 1990, the era of utilizing both sapphire glass and plastic glass. The popular Explorer Ref.1016, Explorer II Ref.1655, Submariner Ref.1680, Greenwich Ref.1675, and Manual Roll Dior Ref.6263, Ref.6265, and even the unique Paul Newman, all popular antique watch models use plastic watch glasses. If there were no plastic watch glasses, the antique sports watches that are now very popular and have high asset value worldwide would not be as popular as they are today. Next, I will share with you the information compiled by the editor. Best replica watches.

First, the appearance has a weak gloss and looks very soft. Compared with sapphire, the reflection is less, making it more vivid on the dial. In addition, the plastic watch mirror with a magnifying glass has a flat surface with a specific thickness, while the arched plastic watch mirror has many supporters because of its cute round shape. At the same time, fingerprints, when touched, are not as evident as sapphires. Watch friends who have touched them must know that the fingerprints of plastic watch mirrors are not very obvious. However, since plastic watch mirrors are relatively soft, they are more likely to produce scratches than current sapphire watch mirrors. These naturally formed scratches reflect the charm of antique watches. The relatively soft material also allows you to polish it yourself. Swiss replica watches.

It is worth noting that plastic watch mirrors must be regularly maintained and replaced during daily use. The reason is that factors such as collisions and temperature differences will cause deformations that are difficult to see, making it difficult to maintain the sealing state of the watch. Therefore, treating plastic watch mirrors as frequently consumed parts is better. It can be replaced at only 1/3 of the price compared to sapphire glass. As mentioned above, the scratches naturally formed on the plastic watch mirror reflect the charm of the antique watch. Some watch friends will deliberately make scratches for this purpose. I do not recommend this. Although these frequently worn parts do not affect the watch’s value, some rare models, such as the original watch mirrors from the 1950s, are still scarce, so you still have to pay a little attention. In addition, compared with sapphire glass, plastic watch mirrors are much lighter. This is also a big reason antique watches are lighter than current models. A sapphire glass of the same size is about 5 grams, and plastic watch mirrors are about 1 gram. Plastic watch mirrors are also very suitable for matching with leather straps. Compared with sapphire glass, they are more charming and a popular matching method among watch enthusiasts.

A Union Of Precision Machinery And Style, Luxury Replica Watches

Breitling and Triumph have teamed up to combine the extraordinary craftsmanship of watchmaking with the free spirit of motorcycle sports.

Swiss luxury watch brand Breitling and British motorcycle brand Triumph have teamed up for the third time to launch the Chronomat B01 42 Triumph. This watch is made of titanium and 18K red gold with an anthracite dial. The brown perforated leather strap complements the new watch, showing the free spirit of riding on the open road. Luxury replica watches.

At the same time, Triumph has launched the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Breitling Limited Edition, which is equally exciting. Two hundred seventy motorcycles will be available, and all buyers will be eligible to purchase the Chronomat B01 Triumph Owners Exclusive. This watch features a carbon fiber dial that echoes the extreme beauty of the limited edition motorcycle, and the case back is engraved with the motorcycle’s number.

The mechanical chronograph series (Chronomat) was originally designed for the Italian Frecce Tricolori aerobatic team in 1983. It reversed the quartz watch craze and brought mechanical clocks back to their former glory. The new mechanical chronograph series B01 watch 42 Triumph is based on this bold and innovative spirit, perfectly matching Triumph’s pioneering concept in the motorcycle industry.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern said: “The mechanical chronograph and the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR reflect our shared pursuit of the highest standards of design and performance. We also share a rugged spirit that combines art and adventure.”

Triumph Motorcycles CEO Nick Bloor agrees: “Through our partnership with Breitling, we are connecting two worlds that share a common pursuit of precision, speed and impeccable style.”

One in One: The Owners Exclusive and the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR

For enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of both worlds, Triumph is launching the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Breitling Limited Edition motorcycle, limited to 270 units. Each owner will receive a unique QR code with the Limited Edition certificate to purchase the Chronomat B01 Triumph Owners Exclusive from The custom watch features a carbon fiber dial and a brown alligator leather strap, which complements the high-performance characteristics of the motorcycle. At the same time, the caseback is engraved with the same individual number as the motorcycle’s upper plate, creating a unique combination that complements each other. Swiss fake watches.

The Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR motorcycle is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. This modern sports motorcycle is painted in stunning metallic paint with hand-painted details, ultra-light carbon fiber parts, a unique high-specification Akrapovič titanium silencer, and a custom leather seat with exquisite French stitching. The collaboration with Breitling is reflected in every detail: the custom Breitling start screen, the Breitling logo laser-engraved on the machined rear wheel trim, and the unique gold Breitling badge on the fuel tank. Each motorcycle is individually numbered, enhancing the uniqueness of this Triumph Owner’s Edition watch.

The new mechanical chronograph series B01 42 Triumph (Chronomat B01 Triumph) is made of titanium and 18K red gold, echoing the deep tones of the motorcycle; the gold details pay tribute to the Öhlins fork of the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR.

The mechanical chronograph series occupies a special place in Breitling’s history. This cooperation intersects the brand’s development path and a journey of pioneering spirit and bold design concepts.

De Bethune Presents The Db28xs+purple+rain Replica Watch

As an alchemist in the watch industry, De Bethune continues to explore the titanium baking process to discover more color possibilities. In the broad spectrum, purple is more elegant than blue, providing a clever transition between warm and cool tones. Purple embodies mystery, imagination, and creativity, capturing the essence of darkness and depth while evoking dignity and grandeur.

In De Bethune’s workshop in L’Auberson, Switzerland, particles become bright, metals emit visible light, substances oxidize, properties change, and surfaces change, resulting in unprecedented natural colors. De Bethune’s founder, watchmaker Denis Flageollet, and his team initially conducted in-depth research on blue tones.

De Bethune presents the DB28xs Purple Rain watch.

The power of different colors

De Bethune introduces a new color with the newly released DB28xs Purple Rain replica watch, which is also a bold evolution. Purple has already shown its rich color before blue, blending the nuances of red and blue to form a harmonious rhythm. Purple is a color that has inspired artists, poets, and visionaries for centuries, often symbolizing passion, spirituality, and innovation. In the palette of heated titanium colors, purple pave the way for the appearance of blue, gradually introducing cool tones while retaining a hint of warmth and depth. This subtle transition creates a harmonious connection between the different tones and provides coherence in visual perception.


Put innovation at the heart of the entire process, integrate creativity, and push the boundaries of innovation. Break the inherent thinking mode. Not to repeat but to create, cleverly considering precision, reliability, readability, and comfort.

DB28xs is not just a watch with a smaller size in aesthetics but a new chapter for De Bethune. This watch marks a milestone in the brand’s history, as it is another step in a journey that has been immersing Denis Flageolet for almost 20 years. If the DB28 is De Bethune’s flagship collection, this new version is even more significant, as it has a unique inner meaning. The DB28xs 39mm diameter is significantly smaller than the previous model while retaining De Bethune’s unique and distinctive design, which is no small feat. Not only has it achieved vital technical innovations, but most importantly, it has used its superb skills to inject the watchmaking spirit of the Enlightenment era into a 21st-century watch, rethinking the excellence of craftsmanship to create an unprecedented aesthetic creation. The creation process of a new watch is by no means a complete reproduction of history but rather the pursuit of evoking a new emotional experience when people are faced with something extraordinary. The original intention of De Bethune founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageolet is pure: he looks at the watchmaking tradition from an innovative perspective. He is committed to making the contemporary mechanical watch a cultural carrier of measuring time on the wrist. Swiss replica website.

DB28xs Purple Rain reveals its fascinating micro-mechanics

A masterpiece of technical prowess

The DB28xs Purple Rain is a feat of technical prowess that combines the dignity of an Enlightenment watch with the precision of a scientific instrument. Its fascinating micro-mechanics and aesthetic design are a testament to the creativity behind it. Despite its seemingly simple smaller size, the uniqueness of this watch and its design goes far beyond its size reduction and operation.

A passionate collision of art and science

For the geniuses of the Enlightenment, the goal was to create scientific instruments that were aesthetically pleasing through their functionality, simple mechanisms, and minimalist design. The rich and powerful called on skilled artisans, including woodworkers, bronzesmiths, and enamelsmiths such as Boulle, Caffieri, and Coteau, to transform these instruments into true works of art. The success of the DB28xs Purple Rain and DB28xs Starry Seas shows that Denis Flageollet’s team fully understands and implements the De Bethune spirit from this culture. De Bethune always adheres to this philosophy of continuous progress because it is the cornerstone of the brand’s development. Denis Flageolet said: “Work is meaningless unless you want to make progress, and the only way to make progress is to constantly question your assumptions. We need to constantly go back to the starting point, rethink the current Work, and optimize it by changing an element, process, and skill, and the result is sometimes just a small improvement that is difficult to detect.”

Lighter and more shock-resistant DB28 watch

For centuries, watchmakers have eliminated external influences on timekeeping accuracy by placing timekeeping mechanisms on towers, tables, and universal joints. As timekeeping accuracy has improved, people have begun to want to wear these timepieces. To ensure that these timepieces maintain excellent timekeeping accuracy in various extreme wearing environments, they must be able to resist the influence of shocks, accelerations, and magnetic fields. However, these are very modern problems that require particular research and are closely related to the smaller size of watches. The DB2005 movement has been fine-tuned to meet the demands of this trend towards miniaturization without sacrificing its exceptional chronometric accuracy. Even better, its lighter weight makes it more efficient in the face of acceleration shocks.

DB28xs Purple Rain

Regarding aesthetics, choosing blue is not simply a matter of visual beauty. Blue has tremendous technical value in De Bethune’s mechanical watches. In fact, during the development of the new De Bethune balance, Denis Flageollet’s initial attempts to solve technical problems of stability and precision led him to create a groundbreaking new oscillator whose color combined the white metallic color of palladium with the bright blue of titanium. Since then, this blue, born of technical innovation, has become a signature element of the brand. The color shines brightly on different materials and finishes through reflections and refractions of light, creating an endless variety of subtle tones.

DB28xs Purple Rain watch with a unique and distinctive design.

De Bethune has boldly unveiled a fascinating new look, exploring the full spectrum of color: purple. De Bethune uses the most modern science and technology to continue the unremitting pursuit of impeccable precision and stunning aesthetic design by the great watchmakers of the 18th century. The brand’s teams are committed to finding unique, innovative, efficient solutions. For over 20 years, De Bethune has always adhered to this principle: to create outstanding timepieces that inherit the watchmaking tradition while integrating modern mechanical, technical, and aesthetic innovations.

Unique brilliance and fascinating existence

Through the superb control of the natural oxidation of purple and titanium, De Bethune creates watches and timeless works of art. Each piece perfectly combines traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and modern innovation, which fascinates watch lovers. De Bethune, an actual color alchemist, invites every watch lover to explore the world of beauty and refinement, where purple and blue together compose the brand’s exquisiteness and excellence.

DB28xs Purple Rain watch breaks the boundaries of innovation.

Bell & Ross Launches New Br 03 White Steel&gold, Quality Replica Watch

Gold and steel combination, luxurious and elegant

Bell & Ross launched the BR 03 self-winding watch in 2006 and redesigned it in 2023 with a 41 mm case. It has now become one of the brand’s flagship timepieces. The new BR 03 White Steel & Gold unveiled this year is more elegant and gorgeous. The professional timepiece exudes urban fashion and elegance. It feels even more luxurious and bold when replaced with fine steel and 18K rose gold outerwear that symbolizes wealth and rarity. In the 1970s, gold-steel watches combined masculine steel and warm gold. They were bright and exquisite. They were popular in the United States and favored by fashionable men and women who pursued originality, novelty, and style. Quality replica watch.

Milky white dial, exquisite

The dial is like the face of the watch. The concept of BR 03 White Steel&Gold is obvious. The milky white dial exudes a bright temperament. The simple appearance hides the complex technology used by the dial artisans. The polished dial is coated with a layer of matte silver through an electrolysis process, resulting in the milky white color of opal. The effect is then polished with pumice and tartar, adding a slight illusion of light to the silver-white surface, highlighting the neoclassical and elegant style of the watch.

Straightforward and easy-to-read

This new BR 03 model exudes a sense of exquisite urban fashion while also being a functional timepiece. Bell & Ross has always adhered to the principles of practical watchmaking and continues the tradition of capturing inspiration for timepieces from aircraft cabin dashboards. The simple milky white dial shows the precise advancement of hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. The rose gold-plated hour markers and numbers are filled with off-white Super-LumiNova, harmoniously matching the style of the watch. The hollow 18K rose gold hour and minute hands are also filled with off-white Super-LumiNova, which can still be displayed in the dark. The anti-glare sapphire glass is as clear as water, and the dial dynamics can be seen at a glance. Franck muller replica.

Classic design, precise movement

The BR 03 represents the essence of Bell&Ross style, with its pure and eye-catching lines. The design details of the 41mm case are “round within a square and fixed with four screws,” continuing the unique geometric beauty of Bell & Ross. This new work adds more gorgeous and exquisite details but retains the complex sandwich case structure, and the beautiful combination of materials adds a touch of personality. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and is equipped with the proven Caliber BR-CAL.302-1 self-winding movement with a 54-hour power reserve to ensure accurate operation and easy operation. BR 03 White Steel&Gold uses a milky white dial with a brown leather strap with white stitching. Three materials and four colors create a unique style. It is undoubtedly an attractive price to buy an all-steel and all-gold watch. Choose.

H.MOSER&CIE: Return Of The Green Dragon, Best Replica Websites

Known as the “Green Dragon” by watch collectors, the Streamliner Center Seconds Matrix Green watch has made its much-anticipated return, and a new model with a dazzling mist purple dial has also debuted simultaneously. In 2020, the Speedster series three-hand watch won widespread praise upon its launch. It quickly became the iconic work of H. Moser & Cie. Despite the huge demand, the brand decided to suspend taking orders and use this time to refine the aesthetic design and watchmaking features of the watch. This update and upgrade includes the transparent paint-colored Henry Moser & Cie. brand logo and the new HMC 201 self-winding, self-produced movement, which exceeds everyone’s expectations and makes watch enthusiasts chase. Best replica websites.

The hour hand, minute hand, central seconds hand: the classic three-hand watch requires extremely exquisite professional skills and balanced and precise proportions to achieve a harmonious design to create a delicate and beautiful masterpiece. The Speedster series of three-hand watches fully embodies this design concept. This watch uses a 40.0 mm stainless steel pillow-shaped case with a waterproof depth of 120 meters (12 ATM), a lug-less design, and an integrated stainless steel bracelet, showing excellent ergonomic design. The recesses on both sides of the case are satin-finished, with alternating frosted and polished surfaces, and are covered with a slightly curved sapphire crystal mirror, which complements the transparent bottom cover and pays homage to H. Moser & Cie. ‘s unusual and classic appearance. The smooth curve extends to the integrated stainless steel chain strap along the wrist. The chain strap has been polished and vertically brushed. The structure is very complex. All links are connected in a hinged manner and have a soft, wavy shape just to fit the wrist better. It also has elegant curves and is convenient and flexible to wear. This bracelet is also a technical achievement, demonstrating exquisite and complex watchmaking skills. Swiss replica watches.

The Speedster series three-hand watch perfectly integrates harmonious proportions, smooth lines, and advanced watchmaking technology. The watch uses the brand’s classic color – Aurora Green (Matrix Green) smoked dial, which watch lovers can recognize at a glance. Full of power, vivid colors and gradient tones from olive green to red gold add a touch of timeless elegance to the watch. At the same time, H. Moser & Cie also launched another new color-matching Speedster series watch with a blue reflective dark purple dial named Purple Haze. Whether Aurora Green or Misty Purple, the dial presents the Henry Moser & Cie. brand logo in transparent lacquer color, like a mysterious identity mark. The 3D hour and minute hands pointing to the time scale are composed of two parts embedded with Globolight, an innovative ceramic base material containing Super-LumiNova.

The Speedster series three-hand watch is powered by our 100% Swiss-made mechanical movement: the HMC 201 self-winding movement. This movement, a successor to the HMC 200 movement, features innovative elements such as a hollowed-out bridge for a wider opening. This opening beautifully showcases the gear train, central second hand, and two-way automatic winding system, giving the watch a modern feel. The carbon gray surface modification enhances the watch’s high-end appeal. The oscillating weight, also hollowed out and chamfered, ensures a power reserve of at least 72 hours while maintaining a clear view of the movement.

H. Moser & Cie. demonstrates its unique insights into fine watchmaking.

Watch the number and picture.

Speedster series three-hand Aurora Green watch No. 6201-1200, stainless steel model, Aurora green smoked dial, integrated stainless steel bracelet.

Speedster Series Second Hand Misty Purple Watch, No. 6201-1201, Stainless Steel Model, Misty Purple Smoked Dial, Integrated Stainless Steel Bracelet

2024 Celebrity Watch Pairing Gift 520 Confession Moment, Replicas Watch China

Traveling through the stars and dawns, searching for dusk and dawn, I finally met my love in a roundabout way. When parallel times intersect, the hearts collide every second, turning into bright love. When the 520 confession moment comes, the Swiss watchmaking family Baume & Mercier selects two pairs of Riviera series timepieces to put the “core” in motion on the wrist, telling the most vivid and vivid love of “name.”

“Core” moves, blue love song

Borrow a touch of blue and place it in your lover’s palm, letting the throbbing moment leave eternal footprints. As time passes, build a warm habitat. Deep love expresses attachment with long-lasting colors, a surprise buried by time.

In the blue-woven dream, love grows freely. Baume & Mercier Riviera series Baumatic calendar automatic winding titanium watch 10769 blue dial is like the infinite possibilities in love, which is fascinating. The riveted gold-plated Roman numerals and engravings arranged on the disk are the same as the moment when a lover holds hands and makes a promise, which is solemn and precious. The sandblasted gray PVD-coated titanium bezel is like a bond between lovers, connecting heartbeats simultaneously and expressing their unwavering friendship. The Baume & Mercier Riviera series diamond-set English movement watch 10765 has a lacquered midnight blue dial polished by sun satin. It is decorated with transparent mountain and sea patterns, embellishing the entire dial with exquisiteness. The stainless steel bezel has 44 brilliant-cut diamonds (top Weselton, VS clarity grade, 0.47 carats), shining like eternal love. Replicas watch china.

(Left) Baume & Mercier Riviera series Baumatic calendar automatic winding titanium watch 10769_42mm

(Right) Baume & Mercier Riviera series diamond-set English movement watch 10765_33mm

The “core” moves, thousands of miles of mountains and seas

If we have the heart to meet each other, mountains and seas are not far away. Looking across the hills, the sea, and the sky meet, the determination to love each other is endless. The wind-swept hills and the shore with roaring waves add rich and colorful descriptions to the story of lovers persistently searching for love.

Between the mountains and the sea, make a wish to the howling wind, and fall in love in the name of love in endless time. Baume & Mercier Riviera Series Baumatic Calendar Self-winding Watch 10616 is equipped with the brand’s Baumatic movement, which provides a power reserve of up to five days, just like lovers relying on each other. The blue sapphire dial is decorated with mountain and sea patterns, like the perseverance and courage of not being afraid of mountains and seas on the voyage of love. The Baume & Mercier Riviera Calendar Automatic Watch 10764 “Pink Peach Blossom” timepiece releases warm energy, carries the expectation of happy things, and exquisitely interprets delicate love with unique intention. The lacquer dial polished by sunray satin is like sweet companionship and pleasant times between lovers. The riveted rhodium-plated Roman numerals and scales are covered with a white luminous coating (blue light), visible every minute and second, giving comfort and warmth to lovers in the long night. Richard mille replica.

(Left) Baume & Mercier Riviera Series Baumatic Calendar Automatic Watch 10616_42mm

(Right) Baume & Mercier Riviera calendar automatic watch 10764_36mm

Love is like the long wind, passing through the sea and around the mountains before finally falling into lovers’ hands. The 520 sweet confession season is coming. Baume & Mercier watches will burn love on the wrist and treasure every minute and second’s “core” movements.

Tag Heuer Carrera Series Date Watch, Replica Luxury Watches

She is a steadfast watcher in the long river of time and a gentle comment on the way to pursue dreams.

She is like a towering tree in life’s journey, witnessing every extraordinary challenge with her unyielding tenacity.

Swiss pioneer watchmaking brand TAG Heuer presents three new Carrera series (Carrera) calendar watches on Mother’s Day. These watches represent TAG Heuer’s unremitting pursuit of excellent design and comfort and interpret the combination of strength and softness with timeless and elegant design and precious and luxurious materials, paying profound tribute to every mother. Replica luxury watches.

The TAG Heuer Carrera series, which carries Jack Heuer’s watchmaking vision, has been a classic since its birth in 1963. The three new Carrera series calendar watches launched by TAG Heuer this year are based on last year’s highly successful 36mm watch. Each model exudes exquisite beauty and gentle charm, paying tribute to the timeless elegance of the watch. Aesthetic style. These new watches are made of precious materials such as 18K5N rose gold, mother-of-pearl, and diamonds. They use excellent craftsmanship to show the exquisite fusion of luxury and sophistication, showing the power of women without losing their gentle temperament. Tag Heuer replica watches.

The Carrera series watches with a diameter of 36 mm are easy to match and integrate classic design elements. They remain charming after years of baptism, just like women who are unafraid of the passage of time and always shine. The diameter of the case highlights its unique advantages. Whether high-speed racing on the track or an elegant dinner, the TAG Heuer Carrera series calendar watch is ideal for quickly switching between multiple roles. With the continuous deepening of research on ergonomics, the thickness of the new watch is controlled between 10.20 mm and 10.60 mm, ensuring that while presenting an elegant style, it provides a comfortable wearing experience and is suitable for women in various scenarios. Demand, it is an excellent choice for gifting to mothers.

The new TAG Heuer Carrera series calendar watch is a witness of time and the best interpretation of mother’s elegance and tenacity. The three distinctive watches exude subtle and precious charm. Every detail has been carefully polished, fully demonstrating this Swiss high-end watchmaker’s exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and unique design concept.

The first timepiece features a charming copper dial decorated with a snail-shaped frosted process; it presents a nude tone that transitions from light brown to beige, interpreting the watch’s sense of harmony and balance. The stainless steel case adopts alternating finishing technology, and every detail is refined. The bezel and crown are made of 18K 5N rose gold, giving the watch an elegant style for daily wear and paying tribute to the mother’s endless tenderness and strength.

The second watch uses a white mother-of-pearl dial with a nude gradient ring that gradually transitions from light brown to beige, showing elegance and ethereal beauty. The stainless steel case adopts an alternating finishing process, against which the 18K 5N rose gold hour markers, hands, and brand logo stand out. The outer edge of the iconic diamond dial is inlaid with 76 diamonds, with a total weight of 0.288 carats, adding dazzling charm to daily wear and making it a dazzling heroine on any occasion.

The third watch also uses a mother-of-pearl dial with a nude gradient ring that transitions from light brown to beige. It is like a mother who silently guards every moment. It is eternal and precious. The hour markers are set with 11 brilliant diamonds in a diamond prong setting, with a total weight of 0.22 carats, adding to the luxurious style of the watch. The 18K 5N rose gold crown and bezel complements the gold-plated hands and TAG Heuer logo, creating a harmonious and unified luxury style. The iconic diamond outer edge is inlaid with 76 diamonds, with a total weight of 0.288 carats, making the overall styling the icing on the cake, showing off the brilliance.

All three watches have an optimized new iconic Carrera series H-shaped bracelet. The bracelet adopts a tapered structure design and is carefully made of stainless steel or stainless steel and 18K 5N rose gold, giving the watch a long-lasting look and gentle qualities.

Every precise beat of the TAG Heuer Carrera series calendar watch demonstrates its excellent performance. At the same time, it pours the mother’s praise into precious materials, which can flow every second, no matter when and where. Admiration and gratitude are conveyed occasionally, and the passage of time remains the same.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·creator Series 31mm, Best Replica Watch Site

With the spirit of pioneering and creating history, Shanghai Watch has created elegant timepieces for women of different generations. Shanghai Watch has newly launched the 31 mm diameter Tribute·Creator Series, with its exquisite and compact size, diverse dial colors, and rich strap options. It highlights women’s elegance and taste and perfectly adapts to various daily wear. It has become the Watch of choice for modern women.

Shanghai Watch Pays Tribute to the Creator Series 31mm Elegantly Arrives.

Drawing on the design essence of the brand’s first mass-produced mechanical Watch, the A581, the Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series follows the representative design of the A581 watch: the combination of Arabic numerals and three-dimensional arrow nails and the red dots of the first trial production. The second hand and the three-dimensional building brand logo that reproduced the Shanghai Watch when it was founded all pay Tribute to that vibrant era. In addition, it is paired with an arched sapphire glass mirror and a case back decorated with a calligraphy brand logo and retro crabapple window design, which jointly demonstrate the sophistication and style of Shanghai. Best replica watch site.

Modern golden rhyme imprint of time

The night falls, and the lanterns come on. Shanghai shines brightly against the lights as if it has been plated with a layer of gorgeous and dreamy gilding, showing the prosperity and modernity of the city. In 1958, Shanghai Watch injected a unique urban charm into the brand’s first mass-produced mechanical Watch, the A581, with its modern building logo and shining gold. The building’s brand identity was designed by engineer Mr. Chen Jiachang when the brand was founded. The majestic Shanghai Tower inspired it. This building, located on the banks of the Suzhou River, is an early representative of the modernist style and not only witnesses the century-old legend of Shanghai. , which highlights the fashionable and avant-garde charm of this city. Today, the Tribute to the Creators series once again presents this modern gold, which inherits the brand’s classic aesthetics and shines with the shining light of the times, like the neon lights of Shanghai.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

Modern gold is sprinkled on the dial, just like the epitome of the bustling city of Shanghai, condensed in the square inches of the wrist. The iconic building logo is visible on the dial, revealing the accumulated beauty over time. The characteristic digital time scales at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock complement other arrow nail design time scales, and the 48 round nail-shaped minute scales scattered around like pearls add a unique and exquisite style to the entire dial. The golden toffee hour hand jumps lightly, and the red lacquer on the top of the second hand is like a finishing touch, injecting vitality into the entire dial. The second-hand red dot lights up the dial instantly and pays Tribute to the history of the first trial production of Shanghai watches before National Day in 1955.

31 mm, elegant and round

Shanghai Watch Tribute·Creator Series 31mm, elegant and rounded

Following the retro design of the 1950s, the Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series uses an arched sapphire glass mirror. Its slightly convex mirror design cleverly magnifies the disk’s vision and adds a bit of elegance and roundness. The 31 mm stainless steel case complements the smooth curves of the lugs, exuding a charming metallic luster. The crown is decorated with the “Building Body” logo, supplemented by exquisite anti-slip texture, demonstrating the brand’s ultimate pursuit of details and ingenuity.

The Watch’s back cover is decorated with a retro crabapple window and the “Shanghai” calligraphy logo.

Gently turn the Watch over, and the begonia flower window design and the “Shanghai” calligraphy logo on the stainless steel watch back cover come into view, recreating the oriental aesthetics of the last century. The exquisite gravel texture gives the Watch a rich visual layering and a badge engraved with time marks.

The 31mm Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series has a date display function, provides a power reserve of up to 38 hours, and is waterproof to 50 meters to meet the needs of daily life. It is internally equipped with the excellent ST4200 self-winding movement, which swings at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour. It is equipped with 29 synthetic ruby bearings to reduce wear and tear effectively and is also loaded with a shock absorber to ensure its durability and stability.

Expressing affection to each other and spending time together

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·The Creator Series 39mm and 31mm express their love for each other and spend time together.

The Shanghai Watch Tribute·Chronicle series uses modern watchmaking technology and inherited ingenuity to re-engrave classics. It is available in 31 mm and 39 mm sizes and has three unique and timeless dials, showing the morning and dusk in Shanghai, respectively, and night, highlighting the city’s diverse charm. In addition, this series is also equipped with black, camel, and brown leather straps with quick-release systems and classic steel straps to meet the personalized needs of different watch enthusiasts. Replica Rolex watches.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1603.011.09)

“Sunset Gold” is like the afterglow, and the gradually changing golden glow of the disk is like the Shanghai Bund at dusk. The sunset reflects the Huangpu River, reflecting time’s quiet and beautiful charm. When paired with a black strap, it is even more intoxicating.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1800.011.09/S5000.1800.011.19/S5000.1800.014.09)

“Skylight Silver” is like dawn, showing Shanghai in the morning light with light sun patterns, carrying the elegant charm of the city. Paired with a brown or camel strap, it shows a more tasteful style, while paired with a steel strap, it reveals the beauty of competence.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1802.011.09)

“Yoye Black” is like a starry night sky, with black sun patterns reflecting the urban scene. Paired with a brown strap, it adds a sense of mystery and depth, showing an international metropolis’s charming charm and infinite vitality.

A classic that has been tempered by time, awakening the Shanghai years in modern memories. Today, the Tribute to the Creator series conveys deep affection in the form of a pair of watches and spending time together. The 31mm is exquisite and delicate, suitable for women to wear, showing elegance; the 39mm is majestic, showing the stability and style of men. The 31 mm and 39 mm models go hand in hand, symbolizing love and the vow of staying together with their shining golden light, witnessing every precious moment together.

Glashütte Original New Senator Excellence Outsize Date Watch, Replica Watch China

Glashütte’s original high-end watchmaking craftsmanship is well-known and has fans worldwide. They appreciate the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship from Germany and its strict watch requirements. Glashütte Original is now launching a limited edition timepiece as a gift to the brand’s old and new friends in China, which is only available online in the WeChat boutique. The newly launched Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase watch cleverly combines traditional elements and modern design and is equipped with a dark green dial, which is brilliant. Replica watch china.

Harmonious color matching, unique design

Green always has a remarkable impact on people. Green is the color of nature, a symbol of freshness, vitality, and life, synonymous with hope, peace, and harmony – these values we cherish most in the busy lives of the 21st century. For this reason, “summer green” has become the best color for Glashütte Original’s newly launched WeChat boutique limited edition watch.

The new Senator Excellent Outsize Date and Moon Phase watch is limited to 100 pieces and is a masterpiece of precision and practicality. Not only that, but this watch is also a solid testament to the brand’s diligent pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship, long-standing heritage, and balanced design. The green dial has a gradient effect, which complements the elegant and unique stainless steel case and two carefully selected dark blue straps, ultimately creating an outstanding timepiece with extraordinary taste. A casual glance makes people feel standing still in time and space. Freeze is highly precious.

Exquisite dial, extraordinary elegance

The Senator Excellent Outsize Date and Moon Phase watch combines two original classic functions of Glashütte: a silver moon traces its path in the arched moon phase disk at 10 o’clock. Beautiful curves are hand-crafted through meticulous diamond milling technology, sparkling and shining. The brand’s representative large calendar display is located at 4 o’clock, with an ivory background as background and no dividing line in the middle, making it clear and easy to distinguish. The “midsummer green” color dial is decorated with exquisite sunburst decoration, showing a gradient effect, which is beautiful.

Excellent timepieces, achieving perfection

The 40mm case of the unique timepiece launched this time is satin-finished and polished and is equipped with a slim bezel, showing its elegance. The hand-embossed Roman numerals are diamond-polished and made of white 18K gold. They are paired with stylish and beautiful rhodium-plated hands, strikingly contrasting with the green dial. The new timepiece is paired with a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap with a folding buckle. It also comes with a blue nylon braided strap. You can choose between elegant or dynamic.

Original movement, ingenious artistry

The new watch is equipped with the brand’s Caliber 36-24 self-winding movement, highly regarded for its excellent craftsmanship and performance. This movement has a power reserve of at least 100 hours and is equipped with an antimagnetic silicon hairspring. In addition, this self-made movement is also equipped with the brand’s iconic double G logo and a hollow automatic rotor with a 21K gold pendulum. Luxury replica watches.

Members are outstanding and unique.

Since its debut in 2016, Glashütte’s original Senator Excellence watch has always lived up to its reputation. At the beginning of the design of these timepieces, the engineers and designers of the German high-end watchmaking brand Glashütte Original adhered to strict standards, whether in terms of stability, accuracy, running time, or aesthetics. Every timepiece is subject to a 24-day internal quality inspection. Currently, the Senator Excellence family has four watch models, and each model has different models to choose from: in addition to the significant calendar moon phase watch, there are also perpetual calendar watches, large calendar watches, and large three-hand watches. Watch.

De Bethune Launches Db Kind Of Grande Complication Swiss Replica Watch

The independent watchmaking brand De Bethune launches its dazzling work in 2024 – the reversible double-sided large complex DB Kind of Grande Complication watch. As the essence of De Bethune’s style of high-end watchmaking, the DB Kind of Grande Complication watch is the culmination of the core technology and aesthetic characteristics accumulated by De Bethune in 22 years of innovation, research, and creation. De Bethune’s memory and culture are condensed in this exceptional timepiece, showcasing the technical and artistic abilities cultivated in its workshops in L’Auberson, which Denis Flageollet and his highly skilled team have embraced over the years. Challenge.

The DB Kind of Grande Complication watch was once the pinnacle of a young watchmaker’s dream. When he marveled at the double-sided large complex watch, he had already foreseen the production of such a timepiece. After years of design and development work at De Bethune, Denis Flageolet finally used the resources and concepts accumulated by the brand over the years to realize it, continuing the innovative spirit of the great classic watchmaking in the Enlightenment era.

DBKind of Grande Complication watch

DBKind of Grande Complication is the master of technology and innovation.

The reversible double-sided case is a natural choice because it integrates many complex functions and provides a space for unrestrained aesthetic expression by displaying various tasks on both sides. Another exciting thing about this case is that it uses a rotatable system that debuted in 2021 and is mounted on the lugs. The watch case can rotate smoothly and accurately around its central axis through an ingenious micro-mechanical device. Over 60 components fix the two dials, 50 of which are waterproof and, therefore, perfectly rust-proof. A cam-driven system ensures perfect alignment of the case with floating lugs, which provide an excellent fit on the wrist.

The classic round case is paired with a modern noon crown and hides the technical challenge of a double-sided case. The multiple displays of multiple functions and the combination of 8 different swiss replica watch complications in a single movement significantly increase the difficulty of production. The eight functions include:

  • A perpetual calendar.
  • Spherical moon phase indicator.
  • Retrograde moon age and leap year indicators.
  • Blue titanium ultra-light tourbillon.
  • Jumping seconds.
  • Dynamic reserve.
  • A dual indication of hours and minutes.

The DBKind of Grande Complication watch has a reversible double-sided case.

The exterior and movement use a total of 751 components, and their integration requires more thought than assembling various complex functions individually. Remarkably, the movement functions as a whole, and each function interacts in perfect harmony. This would be unimaginable without an ideal grasp of the technological innovations and patents in the past 32 movements. Swiss models replica watches.

DBKind of Grande Complication establishes a robust modern aesthetic.

A modern dial shows the exquisite structure of the Caliber DB2529 movement, including a power reserve indicator and a moon age indicator, showing the update of the month and day through a retrograde silver-white indicator. It highlights the busy 36,000 vibrations per hour of the De Bethune 30 Seconds Tourbillon – one of the fastest and lightest tourbillons on the market – with the slow, steady movement of the slender, mirror-polished seconds hand. Contrast between beats. This comparison is achieved through the tourbillon at 6 o’clock, made of 63 components – composed mainly of titanium and with a total weight of approximately 0.18 grams (the lightest of which is less than 0.0001 grams and the heaviest of which is only 0.0276 grams) – It is coordinated with a jumping seconds device composed of two pure gold gears in the center. The jumping seconds mechanism is driven by a double pawl lever, with four pawls plus two solid gold gears, setting a noble rhythm for the passage of time.

Mirror-polished triangular bridges support the asymmetry of the transmission train as an aesthetic symbol of the brand. The gears are subtly decorated, taking polished decoration to the extreme, even on the most minor components. Each element contributes to the movement’s understated aesthetic and technical silence through its function and finish.

DBKind of Grande Complication watch displays extraordinary movement aesthetics and watchmaking skills.

The other side is a classic-style dial, blessed by a perpetual calendar, a three-dimensional moon phase indicator, and the brand’s iconic starry sky disk. Light has always been at the heart of the manufacturer’s creative process, reflected in the mirror-polished blue titanium dial. The various shimmering effects reveal the shades that give De Bethune blue its unique character. The hand-decorated starry sky comprises tiny white gold needles installed by hand and a galaxy pattern made by a laser micro-milling machine. The little white needles and plated 24K gold foil depict an incredible starry sky.

Just as we look up at the stars, the moon phases can be read through the sphere located at 3 o’clock. The sphere rotates around its central axis and consists of two perfectly balanced hemispheres of blued steel and mirror-polished palladium. To reproduce the different motions of this celestial body, a high-precision mechanism must be supported, and this mechanism takes a full 122 years to accumulate a deviation of one day.

Faced with limited space and volume, the solution introduced in 2004 was to bend the hands slightly downward to ensure that the hands could smoothly pass over the moon phase, and this downward bend has become one of the brand’s characteristics over the years. Like the leap year indicator aligned at 3 o’clock, the blue superimposed on the small ring and window and the golden fonts of the day, month, and date create a subtle feeling. It blends seamlessly into the starry sky and the Milky Way without losing its readability.

The other side of the DBKind of Grande Complication watch presents a classic dial.

The silver-white fine finish of the hour and minute rings, the soft lines borrowed from the hunter-style case, the beautiful font of the numbers, the style of the hands, and the unique starry sky are all cultural references to the high-end watchmaking craftsmanship of the 18th century, which is about greatness. The age of regulators and marine chronometers.

The production of such a large and complex watch is fraught with formidable technical challenges, as each stage is crucial to the monumental test of final assembly. In addition to solid technical knowledge and extensive experience in the field of high-end timepieces, this task also requires values that go beyond ordinary work attitudes. According to master watchmaker Denis Flageollet, founder of De Bethune, “My watchmakers are like top athletes. To ensure that they do not fail in the final sprint and do not take risks that affect the timepiece. Integrity, they demonstrated extraordinary and unshakeable mental strength, as well as extreme concentration and outstanding stability.”

Like a masterful sculpture or a classical music concerto, the DB Kind of Grande Complication watch is an actual work of art. Its unique presence captures the brand’s essence and conveys a universal energy and emotion. This stems from its multiple qualities: innovative purpose, the continuation of traditional expertise, and the depth of watchmaking and artistic culture expressed through a strong modern aesthetic. It is the ultimate expression of the spirit of De Bethune.

DBKind of Grande Complication Watch is the culmination of technology and innovation.

Speedster Series Tourbillon Wyoming Jade Limited Edition Watch Replica

Pure elegance, subtle tones, and soft light complement each other: H.Moser & Cie interpret the natural jade dial differently. The Streamliner Tourbillon Wyoming Jade limited edition watch made of 5N red gold uses a unique method to highlight the beauty of gemstones, becoming the embodiment of exquisite sophistication, low-key modernity, and timeless elegance. The dial omits the brand logo and only reveals the one-minute flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, fully revealing the brilliance of jade. This new work, limited to 100 pieces, blends natural materials and watchmaking technology into an artistic canvas, making an extraordinary watch that transcends time.

The jade used in the Speedster Series Tourbillon Wyoming Jade Limited Edition Watch is taken from the ground in Wyoming, USA. It is a 100% natural stone with pure source and protection. Jade has not been treated, but its characteristics are retained and present an original and natural texture. Each dial is a unique work of art, containing subtle natural textures and distinctive tones. The processing process strictly adheres to the original structure of jade, and its excellent quality ranges from nearly the pure and homogeneous composition, which is evident.

The dial manufacturing process of the Speedmaster Tourbillon Wyoming Jade Limited Edition watch perfectly combines traditional handcraftsmanship with modern technology. It all starts with the careful selection of raw materials. Each piece of jade selected has its unique characteristics and beauty. Once the material is selected, the jade is precision-cut using CNC technology in a liquid environment, resulting in jade flakes that are only 1.0 to 1.2 millimeters thick. The jade thin slices are soaked in water, and the best position is determined under a light to cut the dial. The cut dial needs to be carefully bonded to the metal dial, CNC milled to obtain the perfect shape and then finished to the required thickness. This process requires extreme precision to maintain the uniform structure of the jade. Finally, it is polished by hand to carefully remove chips or scratches while highlighting the jade’s natural luster.

At this stage, the dial maker takes over the work of the jade craftsman, first applying a layer of varnish to the back of the dial and then fixing the jade dial to the brass base plate to prevent the transparency of the jade dial from showing through the brass base plate and Maintain the complete beauty of jade. The Wyoming jade selected by H. Moser & Cie. has an extremely rare color concentration, showing a rich olive tone and adding a deep texture to the watch replica. There is no brand logo on the dial, and only the one-minute flying tourbillon is displayed at 6 o’clock, highlighting the gemstone’s beauty.

The Speedster Series Tourbillon Wyoming Jade Limited Edition watch has the HMC 804 self-winding, self-produced movement. It is fitted with a double hairspring independently designed and produced by the sister company Precision Engineering AG, showing fantastic ingenuity. This paired double hairspring allows each hairspring to correct the displacement of the gravity point when stretching while reducing the impact of friction. In the process of continuous pursuit of perfection, it dramatically improves the accuracy and stability of travel time. Franck muller replica.

The Speedster Series Tourbillon Wyoming Jade Limited Edition watch is a truly exclusive piece, with only 100 units available. It represents the perfect fusion of natural materials and masterful watchmaking, showcasing the unique charm and exceptional quality that H. Moser & Cie. is renowned for.

H. Moser & Cie. demonstrates its unique insights into fine watchmaking.

Patek Philippe’s “Rare Craftsmanship Timepieces 2024” Series Exhibition, Fake Watch

In April this year, Patek Philippe will display the largest-ever series of “Rare Crafts Timepieces” at the Geneva Salon.

From April 13 to 27, 2024, in the famous historical building on rue du Rhône, the public will have the opportunity to explore Patek Philippe’s new “Rare Crafts Timepieces 2024” series and appreciate 82 pieces up close. A beautiful timepiece that combines superb craftsmanship and unlimited creativity. Master carvers and enamel artisans will also be on hand to perform this rare craftsmanship, adding vitality to the event.

Every year, to perpetuate all the fine arts and crafts associated with decorating timepieces, Patek Philippe presents a series of unique limited-edition pieces highlighting these precious skills. Adhering to the “innovative tradition” of the watchmaking workshop, Patek Philippe is also committed to promoting the continuous progress of these outstanding skills, constantly pushing the limits to create new possibilities while drawing on an increasingly broad source of inspiration – which is presented in the decorative theme of the timepiece The abundant creativity is evident.

This year’s “Rare Craft Timepieces 2024” series (a total of 82 pieces, including 27 dome clocks and small dome clocks, 3 table clocks, nine pocket replica watches, and 43 wristwatches) once again attracts the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide. The focus is on Patek Philippe’s massive decorative craftsmanship system, which includes many ancient techniques (grand feu filigree enamel, micro-painted enamel, gray tone enamel, flinqué transparent enamel, gold leaf enamel, filled enamel, hand-carved, hand-carved patterns, gemstones marquetry) and relatively new horological techniques such as marquetry and Longuevi enamel. These works are displayed in three elegant areas to showcase their increasingly unique and stunning decorative craftsmanship.

Visitors will see an exceptional collection of twelve Calatrava watches with dials in Limoges white gray-tone enamel, cloisonné enamel, and gold leaf enamel, showing the signs associated with the zodiac. Zodiac theme.

The salon overlooking Lake Geneva displays timepieces that highlight the beauty of nature – plants, animals, gardens of the world, and spa cities – all decorated with beautiful details, such as the Ref .995/143G-001 “Portrait of an Egret” pocket fake watch, The marquetry detailing depicts the egret.

The salon facing rue du Rhône aims to pay tribute to the legends of human history (art, tradition, and sports), especially a series of works related to the sport of surfing, including Ref. 5089G-129 “Morning Beach” Calatrava A watch whose dial features fine wood marquetry depicting a brave surfer.

The exhibition “Rare Craftsmanship Timepieces 2024” will be held from April 13 to 27, 2024, at the Patek Philippe Salon in Geneva, 41 rue Rhône, open every day (except Sunday), from 11 am to 6 pm ( Last entry is at five pm5 pm). Visitors can register online in advance through the website starting on March 28, 2024.

From June 7 to 16, 2024, the “Rare Craft Timepieces 2024” exhibition will move to the newly renovated Patek Philippe Salon in London’s Bond Street.

5089G-129 “Morning on the Beach”/Calatrava watch with fine wood inlay dial

Waiting for the waves

This watch, limited to 10 pieces, uses fine wood inlay technology and shows a surfer waiting for the waves on a California beach in the center of the dial.

To express this miniature painting with delicate brushstrokes, from the play of light and shadow on the young man to the outline of the ripples on the coastline, the cabinetmaker needed to cut and assemble 100 micro-veneer components and 75 micro-inlays, covering 23 types of wood with different colors, textures, and veins.

The dial is decorated with white gold sword-shaped hands and has a hollow center piping.

The white gold case uses a shoulder-hinged dust cover to protect the sapphire crystal transparent cover, allowing you to appreciate the rhythmic beauty of the 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement.

This sporty style continues on the calfskin strap, with a blue Cordura embossed pattern paired with contrasting cream hand-stitching and a white gold pin buckle.

995/143G-001 “Portrait of an Egret”/pocket watch with fine wood marquetry

This unique timepiece, with an exemplary wood inlay case back, shows an egret and its delicate feathers in the center of the dial, revealing every detail.

The cabinetmakers were required to cut and assemble 53 micro-veneer components and 400 inlays, using 18 types of wood with different colors, textures, and veins.

The gold dial is hand-engraved with a sunburst pattern and coated with blue enamel using the traditional flinqué transparent enamel process. White gold three-dimensional Breguet numerals and leaf-shaped hands indicate the time. The crown is set with an orange opal cabochon (0.29 ct) that complements the golden details of the bird’s beak.

This pocket watch features a handcrafted white gold frame embellished with a reed pattern and an oval base in silver obsidian.

This watch has a 17-ligne LEP PS manual winding movement with a small seconds hand.

Rado Pays Tribute To Female Power, Who Sells The Best Replica Watches

As a “material master” in the Swiss watch industry, Rado Swiss radar watches insist on craftsmanship in the material presentation of high-tech ceramics. When combined with innovative designs, they are eye-catching and unique. As the representative color, white seems to be a warm and straightforward “white,” but it has gone through many complex processes and tempering of high-tech ceramics to show its warm and jade-like texture and touch, which is as warm as ever. Tension of female power.

“True Self” Bai Fang combines strength and softness.

Women have always been present on the road to self-pursuit. The True Square series “White Square” open-core mechanical watch and “Unparalleled White” hollow mechanical watch are clever interpretations of “Women’s Month.” They adopt” the brand’s iconic one-piece high-tech ceramic case, which is light, wear-resistant, and comfortable. Its appearance shows the harmonious posture of square with roundness, rigidity with softness, just like modern women constantly exploring inner balance in multi-facetedness. Who sells the best replica watches.

True Square series “White Square” open-core mechanical watch

The majestic and gorgeous “white square” dial has 12 Wesselton diamond hour markers, which are always eye-catching. You can overview the watch’s excellent internal movement design through the exquisite hollow dial, while the modern and refreshing “unparalleled white square” dial is eye-catching. “The innovative double-bridge dial design highlights the harmony of geometric patterns, and the vertical brushed back panel makes it visually more generous. Both watches embody the exquisite watchmaking skills of Rado in every detail. Stay transparent, be an undefined woman, have a positive and comfortable attitude towards life, go wherever you want, and follow “White Fang” and “Wushuang White” to find your unique, authentic self.

True Square series “unparalleled white” hollow mechanical watch

“Flowing gold” is white, gentle, and elegant.

Minimalist yet agile, the Centrix series “gold white” diamond-set mechanical watch displays feminine elegance with its simple appearance. The 12 diamonds inlaid on the hour markers bring a sense of luxury and beauty, combined with the fine “Jubilé” engraving on the bottom, emphasizing the low-key and gorgeous classic feel. The radial sunburst pattern on the dial is embossed and painted to present a smooth plane. The bracelet uses smooth and wear-resistant white high-tech ceramics as the middle link, complementing and contrasting the rose tone. Harmonious beauty. Whether sitting in an office building strategizing or in the restroom of an elegant concert, wearing the Centrix Crystal Collection “Golden White” can make your life calmer and help you enjoy your golden years. Rolex replica watches.

Centrix crystal series “gold white” diamond-set mechanical watch

“Core Luck” comes and goes every time.

Maintaining infinite vitality, the True Round hollow mechanical watch “Core White” brings spiritual image innovation to women, encourages women to keep moving forward, and brings infinite good luck to “Women’s Month.” “Xinyun White” uses a white high-tech ceramic one-piece case. The watch is light and elegant, set off by the sun pattern design and rose gold bevel. An “8” in the exquisite hollow mechanical dial symbolizes good luck in the future and has an unlimited and beautiful meaning, helping contemporary women have good fortune and make money with “8”. Joying oneself is not just about words; choose a “core luck white,” take off with meaning, and land in the wilderness of life.

Accurate Round True Series Skeleton Mechanical Watch “Core White”

Rado Swiss radar watches illustrate the fearless posture of women in different aspects, all displayed in “Women’s Month,” and sincerely praise their diverse beauty. With determination for the future and persistence in faith, Rado Swiss radar watches pay tribute to all women, wishing you more strength and living up to the time.

The Unique Skills Of Calendar Master Blancpain, Reddit Replica Watches

From ancient times to the present, humans have never stopped being fascinated by and exploring the mystery of “time.”

BLANCPAIN, a Swiss high-end watchmaking brand, was founded in 1735. Over the past 289 years, it has produced countless timepieces to help humanity record time and witness the ups and downs of history and social changes. Throughout the brand’s development history, as a true “calendar master” in fine watchmaking, Blancpain uses encyclopedia-style calendar functions, combines various calendar displays, and makes innovative calendar adjustments to create another timepiece for the world of calendar functions—a landmark masterpiece.

Calendar master Blancpain’s grand complication “Calendar Gemini.”
Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6656 (left) and Chinese Almanac Watch 0888 (right)

Blancpain’s calendar functions are complete and rich: from simple single and double calendars to complex full calendars, weekly calendars, annual calendars, perpetual calendars, one of the representatives of large complex functions, and the brand’s original Chinese calendar. Different calendar functions are combined with other materials, sizes, designs, colors, and straps. With the window type, large calendar double window type, pointer type, retrograde type… and various presentation methods, the calendar display is in full bloom. Bo now has more than 100 calendar watches in different styles for collectors.

Blancpain single calendar: showing everyone’s style

Blancpain implements a simple and elegant design style, giving each piece of work unique ingenuity. Taking the most basic single-calendar watch as an example, on the large calendar window watch 6669, Blancpain uses a perfect sense of proportion to display the practical calendar display function in large numerals through two side-by-side expansive windows. The readings are precise at a glance. Blancpain breaks the stereotype of “one minute more, more” for the famously pure three-hand watches. It retains the essence of classical and straightforward aesthetics and meets the functional requirements of daily life, which vividly reflects the brand’s ability to deal with complex problems. Regarding mechanical skills, the clouds and the wind are light, but the universe is hidden deep in the master’s style.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Large Date Window Watch 6669
Right: Blancpain classic V series three-hand ultra-thin date watch 6630

Blancpain Double Calendar: brilliant display methods

The dual-calendar watch indicates the date and day of the week. Blancpain uses advanced watchmaking skills to provide the dual-calendar watch with various display methods. Each display achieves a pleasing visual balance. The fan-shaped day window on the dial of the Big Date Day Retrograde Watch 6668 is located between 7 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the large date window is located between 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Blancpain also uses a series of new designs to highlight the appeal. Proud of the complex craftsmanship – the date display can be switched instantaneously at midnight; the day of the week indicator will switch from Sunday to Monday, cleverly starting the new week as a retrograde display.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Large Date Day Retrograde Watch 6668
Right: Blancpain Classic V Series Dual Calendar Display Watch 6652

Blancpain Full Calendar: The Master’s Special Skills

1983, when the quartz storm severely impacted the Swiss watchmaking industry, Blancpain used a watch that combined full calendar (date, day of the week, and month) and moon phase functions to demonstrate a complete and classic concept of time. It has revealed the value and significance of advanced watchmaking and led the traditional watchmaking industry to stand out. Blancpain’s full-calendar moon phase has become an iconic brand feature and is significant to the Swiss fine watchmaking industry. After the “moon phase revival,” vivid and unforgettable moon phase faces are regarded as the brand’s second logo. Blancpain’s whole calendar watch will have a superimposed moon phase function. The complete calendar moon phase function and The classic dial layout have since become a specialty of Blancpain. Blancpain not only owns the classic V series complete calendar moon phase watch 6654, which is known as the “most beautiful formal watch,” but also gives this function to the Fifty Fathoms series, the originator of mechanical diving watches, bringing the complete calendar moon phase into the deep sea, achieving great success. The “star piece” among sports-style watches.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Gentleman Blue Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6654
Right: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms full calendar moon phase mechanical diving watch 5054

Blancpain Weekly Calendar: a time assistant for business people

Blancpain Weekly Calendar watch, on the warm Grand Feu enamel dial, a blue steel snake-shaped pointer indicates the dial’s outer ring from 1 to 53 weeks, showing the current week number. Every moment the switch from Sunday to Monday occurs, the weekly calendar pointer and the day of the week pointer jump simultaneously. The two mechanisms are complexly linked to fully meet the needs of modern business people. It facilitates the wearer in arranging work and life and allows the wearer always to appreciate the mechanical calendar. The beauty of simplicity.

Blancpain Classic V Series Weekly Calendar Double Window Large Date Watch 6637

Blancpain Annual Calendar: pioneering the reverse adjustment of annual calendars

The annual calendar function is also called a “quasi-perpetual calendar.” It can identify the big and small months except February and automatically jump on the last day of the month. It is no different from the perpetual calendar except that it needs to be adjusted once every February. Blancpain also combined the two complex functions of the annual calendar and dual time, creating the classic V series watch 6670 with a yearly calendar and dual time. This watch pioneered the reverse adjustment of annual calendar watches, allowing the yearly calendar display to be adjusted forward or backward at any time, demonstrating the brand’s highly convenient and user-friendly design. 6670 also reflects the brand’s proficiency in dial layout design. Blancpain tried a subversive dial arrangement. Calendar information is displayed on the right side of the dial and is arranged in the order people are accustomed to, with 4, 3, and 2 o’clock from bottom to top. The upper part is the month, date, and week, respectively, and the large calendar window makes the information read more clearly and at a glance. There is also a 24-hour small hand at 8 o’clock as a second-time zone display. Reddit replica watches.

Blancpain Classic V Series Dual Time Annual Calendar Watch 6670

Blancpain Perpetual Calendar: Adding security and convenience to the most brilliant calendar function

Quantième Perpétuel means eternal calendar, carrying the human imagination of “time” and “eternity.” The perpetual calendar function can automatically identify leap months and years without adjusting before 2100. It is regarded as one of the three most representative grand complications at the top of the fine watchmaking industry. Blancpain not only superimposes the brand’s iconic moon phase function on the perpetual calendar model but also integrates the brand’s two innovative design concepts, “hidden adjustment button” and “movement adjustment protection device,” to solve the two major pain points of the perpetual calendar and make it more practical. The wearer’s use process is more convenient and worry-free. In addition, Blancpain also created large and complex watches with perpetual calendars and equation of time functions in the early 21st century, demonstrating the brand’s sophisticated advanced watchmaking skills. Replica watches for sale.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6656
Right: Blancpain Classic V Series Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6659

Blancpain Chinese Almanac: A landmark grand complication contributed by the calendar master to the modern watchmaking industry

In 2012, after five and a half years of research and development by the Swiss national treasure-level watchmakers at Blancpain’s Advanced Watchmaking Workshop, they broke the Gregorian calendar’s (i.e., Gregorian calendar) dominance of the watch industry and, for the first time, allowed the two sets of time rules, Chinese and Western, to be combined. The same core operation brings fundamental changes to the gameplay of luxury watches: unlocking the “unique Chinese time rules” – presenting the chronology of the stems and branches, the lunar calendar, the twelve hours, and the five elements of the zodiac that have been used for thousands of years, providing global oriental Culture enthusiasts provide a pure way to watch Chinese time and truly “let the world watch Chinese time.”

The Chinese Almanac watch, initially created by calendar master Blancpain, is a landmark star work in fine watchmaking. It is another genuinely new and original grand complication function in fine watchmaking for a century. Since its inception, Blancpain has launched a limited edition with the zodiac of the current year engraved on the pendulum every year. By 2023, it has collected twelve zodiac versions. In 2024, Blancpain opens a new era of the Chinese calendar with a new limited edition watch, “Noble Green Golden Dragon.”

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Chinese Calendar “Xianglong” Limited Edition Watch 0888
Right: Blancpain Classic V Series Chinese Almanac Watch 0888

With “Innovation as Tradition” as its brand DNA, Blancpain solves the practical problems of calendar functions through innovative technologies, such as patented hidden adjustment, movement adjustment safety protection devices, and extended power reserves… Every Blancpain calendar watch has reliable movement and a friendly wearing experience.

Safety: Movement adjustment safety protection device

Blancpain’s patented movement adjustment safety protection device can be used in the adjustment restricted area during the operation of the mechanical mechanism, effectively avoiding damage to the movement caused by misoperation and ensuring the safety of movement adjustment.

Blancpain movement adjustment safety protection device

Convenience: Hidden adjustment

Blancpain hidden adjustment button

Convenience: long power reserve

Blancpain equips every perpetual and Chinese calendar watch with a long power reserve of over three days, providing the wearer with the most convenient and worry-free experience.

The calendar is a way for humans to deduce time and plan activities based on the movement of celestial bodies.

The calendar function is fascinating because it is a mirror that can reflect the development of human civilization. It looks like a straightforward pointer or window, but behind it, it contains the complex logic of human understanding of the calendar.

Blancpain, the calendar master, uses its innovative purpose of following traditional watchmaking and innovating to realize the wearer’s convenience. It deduces these complex logics through mechanical forms, develops a variety of calendar functions, and uses different style combinations, as well as the continuous development and innovation in technology, form its technical characteristics, thereby achieving the brand’s complete and wealthy calendar family and setting a benchmark for calendar watches in the advanced watchmaking industry.

Omega Speedmaster Series Moon Dial Model Newly Launched, Swiss Watch Replicas

The Speedmaster Moonwatch is not only the iconic watch of the famous Swiss professional watchmaking brand OMEGA, but it is also renowned as a model of chronograph watches. In 2024, Omega launched a new Speedmaster series moon watch with a white lacquer dial inspired by the legend of human space exploration and the glorious historical heritage of the Speedmaster series.

In November 2023, Omega celebrity ambassador Daniel Craig wore this watch for the first time at the “Omega Planet Show” in New York. At that time, many Speedmaster Moonwatch enthusiasts were fascinated by it and eagerly anticipated its release. Today, this new Speedmaster series moon watch has been officially released and is available to the public. Swiss watch replicas.

The most unique design highlight of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch is its rare white dial. The Speedmaster was first launched in 1957. The primary purpose of its innovative design was to create an easy-to-read watch to ensure the time display was clear and legible. Therefore, the first-generation Speedmaster watch had a black dial with white hands and hour markers. The new watch’s opposite color design shows the same tremendous visual effect. The white dial is paired with black hands and hour markers, and the word “Speedmaster” on the dial is bright red. The entire dial presents a glossy lacquer effect. This process is also the first time that Omega has applied it to a moon watch’s “stepped” dial. Above.

Why does the new Speedmaster Moonwatch have a white dial? Its primary inspiration comes from the white and black color scheme of astronauts’ spacesuits, especially those worn during extravehicular activities (EVA) such as spacewalks. Omega has always had an actual historical origin in human space exploration and continues to this day. Since 1965, the Speedmaster Moonwatch has been approved by NASA as the designated equipment for all manned space missions and became the first watch to land on the moon.

There is another unique reason the new Speedmaster Moonwatch uses a white dial. Omega has worked with NASA to complete the top-secret Alaska Project project to create an ideal watch suitable for space missions. In 1969, the Speedmaster Alaska Project I Watch was launched. After months of experimentation, Omega used a white dial because of its very effective heat-reflective properties.

In addition, the new watch’s red element is also derived from the design of NASA’s space suit. Since the Apollo 13 mission in 1970, the space suit has been decorated with red lines to display the commander’s title. The red “Speedmaster” lettering on the dial is also a tribute to the Alaska Project I prototype watch, echoing its red heat-insulating cover.

More design details of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch show Omega’s exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship. The watch case is 42 mm and is made of stainless steel. It is paired with a comfortable retro-style stainless steel bracelet with five side-by-side arched links. The new watch inherits the classic design and uses a composite polishing and brushing process to make the watch more refined. The new watch also has two other models: a black micro-perforated leather strap decorated with red and white stitching and an antibacterial rubber strap with a three-dimensional moon inside. The surface pattern combines comfort and beauty. Luxury replica watches.

The new watch has a black anodized aluminum bezel and the iconic “Dot over 90” on its tachymeter scale (the dot of 90 is located above the number). It is specially designed for Speedmaster moon watch enthusiasts. The watch is equipped with Omega’s 3861 Master Chronometer movement, an upgraded version of the legendary 321 movement trusted by astronauts who landed on the moon. It has accurate travel time and reliable performance.

Swiss Mido Watch Recommendations For International Women’s Day, Replica Watch China

Some are brave enough to pursue their dreams, some are comfortable and calm, and some are sharp-edged. In this vast world, women are like blooming flowers, showing their fertility in gorgeous blooms, with diverse beauty in their various postures. Swiss Mido Watch has selected a variety of unique watches to record the growth trajectory with the ticks on the wrist and witness the charming moments with the rotation of inches. Pay tribute to every woman, bloom with flowers, and be inspired.

Full of infinite expectations and enthusiasm for the future, pursuing the myriad colors of all things, even if encountering difficulties, bravely accepting challenges, letting inspiration bloom everywhere in ordinary life, and gradually radiating light.

Women who accumulate energy and work hard to progress are like a silver moon emitting low-key light, completing their yin and yang between the moon’s rising and setting. To pay tribute to this most poetic celestial body in the night sky, Swiss Mido Watch launched the Huaxi series moon phase watch specially designed for women for the first time to express the praise of women’s rich emotions and sincere enthusiasm. The Huaxi series moon phase watches use different materials to convey a variety of styles and adapt to women’s diverse wearing needs. The red leather strap version echoes the deep red strap with a precious ruby embellished at noon, and the warm color highlights fashion vitality. The rose gold stainless steel version carries soft and sensual expression throughout, with eight natural diamond hour markers and twinkling stars in every gesture. Replica watch china.

After going through thousands of sails, I know how valuable it is to be indifferent, to see all the flowers, and to return to my original intention. A gentle and low-key appearance can also be an extension of an inspired and determined heart. A humble and calm attitude is more based on self-confidence and self-consistency. Soft, firm, mature, and plump, you can stretch and bloom with this attitude, no matter the external challenges.

The elegant appearance does not hide the vital core; the treasures surround it to help you shine. The Swiss Mido Huaxi series watch uses white mother-of-pearl to present the Huaxi series’ exclusive pattern and pattern engraving. Under the classic and soft appearance, it is equipped with Mido Caliber80 movement, which provides up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, fulfilling modern women’s work. Life is escorted, showing a stable core like a mature woman. The red-toned Huaxi series watch uses a vintage red calfskin rolled crocodile pattern strap with eight rubies as scale decorations, adding luster to the wearer’s dazzling charm with a warm and pure appearance. The rose gold-tone Huaxi series watch selects 11 natural diamonds of different sizes arranged in order as scale marks, complementing the soft luster that shines all over the body and showing an intellectual woman’s indifferent demeanor. Fake rolex watches.

Her inspiration and creativity are her constant sources of nourishment, and her jumping thoughts and bold attempts are her distinctive features. For her, inspiration can be found in small things in daily life or mountains and rivers. It is her unrestrained imagination that gives her vitality, and it is her unconstrained and cutting-edge ideas that make her unique.

The Swiss Mido Huaxi series bloom watch has a novel and bold design, featuring an exquisite lotus-shaped hollow dial, reinterpreting the classic lotus-shaped dial decoration of the Huaxi series, showing a bold and confident style. The dial is decorated with a hollow pattern made of mother-of-pearl. Under the charming dial, the Mido Caliber80’s fully automatic mechanical movement is displayed. The main plate of the movement has been specially hollowed out and decorated. The Huaxi series bloom watch consists of two exquisite timepieces with different materials and styles: one uses a dark black calfskin rolled crocodile pattern strap with a rose gold case, showing elegance and intellectual charm; the other is made of fine steel, paired with a rice-grain strap, makes it even more bold and sparkly. The Huaxi series’s blooming watch embodies women’s femininity and creativity, blooming in the wrist of every creative woman.