Rado True Square Thinline Ultra-thin Watch Colorfully Unveiled, Fake Gold Watches

Need more than traditional round watches and want to create new aesthetics for your vision? Rado, the “material master” in the watchmaking industry, and Le Corbusier, the “material master” in the architecture industry, have joined forces to launch the True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch, the brand’s first ultra-thin square ceramic watch. Watches, with their outstanding “dopamine” color matching, show their charming style with both appearance and texture. Three new masterpieces will be launched in limited quantities at Rado Swiss radar watch direct stores and official e-commerce flagship stores starting November 1st!

“Material Masters” join forces across borders.

Le Corbusier is the most famous architect, urban planner, and writer of the 20th century. He is also the leading advocate of modernist architecture, an essential founder of machine aesthetics, and a leader of functionalist architecture. He is known as “the “Father of Functionalism” and can be said to be the main representative of modern architecture or the International School of Formal Architecture. As a pioneer in the watchmaking industry, Rado, also a “material master,” has once again joined hands with Les Couleurs, a Swiss color research institute under the Le Corbusier Foundation, to create the new True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch. The table, with colorful “dopamine” color combinations, fully demonstrates the spiritual power and emotional expression brought by color.

Play with “dopamine color aesthetics” on your wrist.

Research data shows that 60%-70% of consumers’ first impression of a product’s appearance comes from color. Rado Swiss radar watches are well aware of this and have always had a unique position in the research and development of colored high-tech ceramic technology. This time, they not only combined the timeless minimalist style with the comfortable and comfortable “dopamine” color but also integrated the bold vitality of architectural colors into the material of high-tech ceramics. This unique color art matches the watch. Enthusiasts create deep emotional connections. These unique and eye-catching colors will bring joy to the wearer, achieve a “color healing” spiritual effect, and subtly relieve the stress in life. This is not only a feast for the eyes but also an aesthetic experience that conveys happiness and relaxation through color. Fake gold watches.

Accurate Square Thinline ultra-thin watch “Cream White” hands-on pictures

The newly launched True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch comes in three colors, revealing different personality chapters. The fresh and uncomplicated “British Green” is eye-catching. As a timeless classic color, it highlights the luxury brand style; the elegant and noble “Cream White” has its charming brilliance and releases the timeless old-money temperament; the deep and low-key “Ivory Black” injects a touch of excellent texture into the wrist, highlighting the personality while revealing a cold and restrained aristocratic feel. The color combination spans gender and age. Through colorful watches, the joyful atmosphere and emotions are conveyed to every individual, continuously injecting happy energy into the wrist.

Accurate Square Thinline ultra-thin watch “Ivory Black” hands-on pictures

Seamless switching of “multiple wearing scenarios” As Rado’s first ultra-thin square one-piece high-tech ceramic watch, the True Square Thinline ultra-thin watch is made of lightweight and wear-resistant high-tech ceramic material, which is not easy to wear. Its characteristics make it not afraid of the challenges of time, and it is like wearing a brand new watch every day. With an ultra-thin case of only 5 mm and a dial of 37 mm, it is more than 30% lighter than a steel watch of the same size. With the support of modern minimalist style, it is easy to handle for those obsessed with appearance; its unique and fashionable square shape. The rounded corner design creates a round yet angular appearance, giving people a rational and romantic feeling. Artistic young people who pursue taste and style will love it. Compared with traditional round watches, square watches have a more recognizable appearance. This makes it versatile enough to be worn formally and casually, making it easily suitable for commuting and leisure occasions. Office workers can also wear it as they wish. In addition, all three watches are equipped with sapphire glass mirrors and PVD-coated titanium three-fold buckles for easy wear. The quartz movement adapts to colorful styles and is very popular among non-mechanical watch fans. Richard mille replica.

Three new True Square Thinline ultra-thin watches in three colors, each limited to 999 pieces. Starting November 1st, the three watches will be available in Rado Swiss radar-managed direct stores and official e-commerce flagship stores, waiting for everyone who loves them!