The Unique Skills Of Calendar Master Blancpain, Reddit Replica Watches

From ancient times to the present, humans have never stopped being fascinated by and exploring the mystery of “time.”

BLANCPAIN, a Swiss high-end watchmaking brand, was founded in 1735. Over the past 289 years, it has produced countless timepieces to help humanity record time and witness the ups and downs of history and social changes. Throughout the brand’s development history, as a true “calendar master” in fine watchmaking, Blancpain uses encyclopedia-style calendar functions, combines various calendar displays, and makes innovative calendar adjustments to create another timepiece for the world of calendar functions—a landmark masterpiece.

Calendar master Blancpain’s grand complication “Calendar Gemini.”
Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6656 (left) and Chinese Almanac Watch 0888 (right)

Blancpain’s calendar functions are complete and rich: from simple single and double calendars to complex full calendars, weekly calendars, annual calendars, perpetual calendars, one of the representatives of large complex functions, and the brand’s original Chinese calendar. Different calendar functions are combined with other materials, sizes, designs, colors, and straps. With the window type, large calendar double window type, pointer type, retrograde type… and various presentation methods, the calendar display is in full bloom. Bo now has more than 100 calendar watches in different styles for collectors.

Blancpain single calendar: showing everyone’s style

Blancpain implements a simple and elegant design style, giving each piece of work unique ingenuity. Taking the most basic single-calendar watch as an example, on the large calendar window watch 6669, Blancpain uses a perfect sense of proportion to display the practical calendar display function in large numerals through two side-by-side expansive windows. The readings are precise at a glance. Blancpain breaks the stereotype of “one minute more, more” for the famously pure three-hand watches. It retains the essence of classical and straightforward aesthetics and meets the functional requirements of daily life, which vividly reflects the brand’s ability to deal with complex problems. Regarding mechanical skills, the clouds and the wind are light, but the universe is hidden deep in the master’s style.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Large Date Window Watch 6669
Right: Blancpain classic V series three-hand ultra-thin date watch 6630

Blancpain Double Calendar: brilliant display methods

The dual-calendar watch indicates the date and day of the week. Blancpain uses advanced watchmaking skills to provide the dual-calendar watch with various display methods. Each display achieves a pleasing visual balance. The fan-shaped day window on the dial of the Big Date Day Retrograde Watch 6668 is located between 7 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the large date window is located between 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Blancpain also uses a series of new designs to highlight the appeal. Proud of the complex craftsmanship – the date display can be switched instantaneously at midnight; the day of the week indicator will switch from Sunday to Monday, cleverly starting the new week as a retrograde display.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Large Date Day Retrograde Watch 6668
Right: Blancpain Classic V Series Dual Calendar Display Watch 6652

Blancpain Full Calendar: The Master’s Special Skills

1983, when the quartz storm severely impacted the Swiss watchmaking industry, Blancpain used a watch that combined full calendar (date, day of the week, and month) and moon phase functions to demonstrate a complete and classic concept of time. It has revealed the value and significance of advanced watchmaking and led the traditional watchmaking industry to stand out. Blancpain’s full-calendar moon phase has become an iconic brand feature and is significant to the Swiss fine watchmaking industry. After the “moon phase revival,” vivid and unforgettable moon phase faces are regarded as the brand’s second logo. Blancpain’s whole calendar watch will have a superimposed moon phase function. The complete calendar moon phase function and The classic dial layout have since become a specialty of Blancpain. Blancpain not only owns the classic V series complete calendar moon phase watch 6654, which is known as the “most beautiful formal watch,” but also gives this function to the Fifty Fathoms series, the originator of mechanical diving watches, bringing the complete calendar moon phase into the deep sea, achieving great success. The “star piece” among sports-style watches.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Gentleman Blue Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6654
Right: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms full calendar moon phase mechanical diving watch 5054

Blancpain Weekly Calendar: a time assistant for business people

Blancpain Weekly Calendar watch, on the warm Grand Feu enamel dial, a blue steel snake-shaped pointer indicates the dial’s outer ring from 1 to 53 weeks, showing the current week number. Every moment the switch from Sunday to Monday occurs, the weekly calendar pointer and the day of the week pointer jump simultaneously. The two mechanisms are complexly linked to fully meet the needs of modern business people. It facilitates the wearer in arranging work and life and allows the wearer always to appreciate the mechanical calendar. The beauty of simplicity.

Blancpain Classic V Series Weekly Calendar Double Window Large Date Watch 6637

Blancpain Annual Calendar: pioneering the reverse adjustment of annual calendars

The annual calendar function is also called a “quasi-perpetual calendar.” It can identify the big and small months except February and automatically jump on the last day of the month. It is no different from the perpetual calendar except that it needs to be adjusted once every February. Blancpain also combined the two complex functions of the annual calendar and dual time, creating the classic V series watch 6670 with a yearly calendar and dual time. This watch pioneered the reverse adjustment of annual calendar watches, allowing the yearly calendar display to be adjusted forward or backward at any time, demonstrating the brand’s highly convenient and user-friendly design. 6670 also reflects the brand’s proficiency in dial layout design. Blancpain tried a subversive dial arrangement. Calendar information is displayed on the right side of the dial and is arranged in the order people are accustomed to, with 4, 3, and 2 o’clock from bottom to top. The upper part is the month, date, and week, respectively, and the large calendar window makes the information read more clearly and at a glance. There is also a 24-hour small hand at 8 o’clock as a second-time zone display. Reddit replica watches.

Blancpain Classic V Series Dual Time Annual Calendar Watch 6670

Blancpain Perpetual Calendar: Adding security and convenience to the most brilliant calendar function

Quantième Perpétuel means eternal calendar, carrying the human imagination of “time” and “eternity.” The perpetual calendar function can automatically identify leap months and years without adjusting before 2100. It is regarded as one of the three most representative grand complications at the top of the fine watchmaking industry. Blancpain not only superimposes the brand’s iconic moon phase function on the perpetual calendar model but also integrates the brand’s two innovative design concepts, “hidden adjustment button” and “movement adjustment protection device,” to solve the two major pain points of the perpetual calendar and make it more practical. The wearer’s use process is more convenient and worry-free. In addition, Blancpain also created large and complex watches with perpetual calendars and equation of time functions in the early 21st century, demonstrating the brand’s sophisticated advanced watchmaking skills. Replica watches for sale.

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6656
Right: Blancpain Classic V Series Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch 6659

Blancpain Chinese Almanac: A landmark grand complication contributed by the calendar master to the modern watchmaking industry

In 2012, after five and a half years of research and development by the Swiss national treasure-level watchmakers at Blancpain’s Advanced Watchmaking Workshop, they broke the Gregorian calendar’s (i.e., Gregorian calendar) dominance of the watch industry and, for the first time, allowed the two sets of time rules, Chinese and Western, to be combined. The same core operation brings fundamental changes to the gameplay of luxury watches: unlocking the “unique Chinese time rules” – presenting the chronology of the stems and branches, the lunar calendar, the twelve hours, and the five elements of the zodiac that have been used for thousands of years, providing global oriental Culture enthusiasts provide a pure way to watch Chinese time and truly “let the world watch Chinese time.”

The Chinese Almanac watch, initially created by calendar master Blancpain, is a landmark star work in fine watchmaking. It is another genuinely new and original grand complication function in fine watchmaking for a century. Since its inception, Blancpain has launched a limited edition with the zodiac of the current year engraved on the pendulum every year. By 2023, it has collected twelve zodiac versions. In 2024, Blancpain opens a new era of the Chinese calendar with a new limited edition watch, “Noble Green Golden Dragon.”

Left: Blancpain Classic V Series Chinese Calendar “Xianglong” Limited Edition Watch 0888
Right: Blancpain Classic V Series Chinese Almanac Watch 0888

With “Innovation as Tradition” as its brand DNA, Blancpain solves the practical problems of calendar functions through innovative technologies, such as patented hidden adjustment, movement adjustment safety protection devices, and extended power reserves… Every Blancpain calendar watch has reliable movement and a friendly wearing experience.

Safety: Movement adjustment safety protection device

Blancpain’s patented movement adjustment safety protection device can be used in the adjustment restricted area during the operation of the mechanical mechanism, effectively avoiding damage to the movement caused by misoperation and ensuring the safety of movement adjustment.

Blancpain movement adjustment safety protection device

Convenience: Hidden adjustment

Blancpain hidden adjustment button

Convenience: long power reserve

Blancpain equips every perpetual and Chinese calendar watch with a long power reserve of over three days, providing the wearer with the most convenient and worry-free experience.

The calendar is a way for humans to deduce time and plan activities based on the movement of celestial bodies.

The calendar function is fascinating because it is a mirror that can reflect the development of human civilization. It looks like a straightforward pointer or window, but behind it, it contains the complex logic of human understanding of the calendar.

Blancpain, the calendar master, uses its innovative purpose of following traditional watchmaking and innovating to realize the wearer’s convenience. It deduces these complex logics through mechanical forms, develops a variety of calendar functions, and uses different style combinations, as well as the continuous development and innovation in technology, form its technical characteristics, thereby achieving the brand’s complete and wealthy calendar family and setting a benchmark for calendar watches in the advanced watchmaking industry.