Bell & Ross Launches The New Br 05 Artline Steel&gold Watch, Best Fake Watches

Streamline design

The BR 05 Artline series will be launched in 2022. The design has a strong personality and is inspired by the Art Deco trend that was popular in the 1930s. Bruno Belamich, founder and creative director of Bell & Ross, explained: “The name Artline contains two levels of artistry (art) and design lines (line). Looking at its appearance, you will immediately think of the shadow of the American streamlined modern style.” Streamline “streamline” is an industrial design trend that emerged in the United States in the 1930s. It advocates the harmonious combination of form, materials, and technology, combines industrial design with aerodynamics, and enhances the status of functional aesthetics. At that time, a new generation of professional designers also emerged. They not only shouldered the role of engineers or drafters but also had to conceive how to combine lines and colors to give industrial products original charm and aesthetic characteristics. Pioneers such as Raymond Loewy incorporated the avant-garde lines of modern trains, airplanes, and cars into the design of daily necessities, which became a trend. Bell&Ross injects Streamline design features into the Artline series to pay tribute to the pioneering designers of the time.

Strong Aesthetics

Looking back at the 1970s and 1980s, gold and steel watches were both exquisite and individual, exuding luxurious and elegant temperaments, and were very popular in the United States. In recent years, a new generation of watch fans has been learning about the avant-garde design and creative freedom of the time, promoting the return of gold and steel watch designs. Bell&Ross closely grasps the trend and launches the new BR 05 Artline Steel&Gold watch. The design is not nostalgic and retro but a combination of solid temperament and gorgeous style, with a unique contemporary urban fashion style. Bruno Belamich added: “We want to conceive a decorative and elegant watch. Best fake watches.

Luxurious style, flight inspiration

The rose gold details of the BR 05 Artline Steel&Gold are one of the eye-catching elements: the grooved details of the bezel and the central link of the integrated bracelet are a symbol of high-end watchmaking and goldsmithing and also remind people of modern architectural design. The grooved decoration is less common in the design of technical watches, but it makes the BR 05 Artline show a unique character. Artline and other BR 05 models are interesting in their own way, and the distinctive personality is present in the unique characteristics of BR 05. The grooved decoration is believed to be recognized by aviation fans. Of course, the brand has always been inspired by the aviation country. The appearance of BR 05 Artline reminds people of the solid aluminum fuselage design of aircraft in the 1940s. Bruno Belamich pointed out: “When I designed this watch, several themes came to my mind. The first theme was aviation travel.” Injecting this new element into the BR 05 series, which is entirely of urban fashion temperament, the gorgeous and exquisite add a bit of strength. Swiss models replica watches.

Gorgeous dial, precise movement

The bar-shaped hour markers on the dial replace the numbers, and the hour markers, hour, and minute hands are treated with luminescent light. The second-hand gold matches the bright brown of the dial, the ray pattern is made by unique technology, and the metal plate of the dial is coated with brown paint to achieve the ideal light and shadow effect. The case diameter is 40 mm, and the water resistance depth is about 100 meters. The watch has a high-performance BR-CAL.321-1 automatic movement with a 54-hour power reserve. The sapphire glass back shows the movement and the winding rotor. Limited to 99 pieces. The new BR 05 Artline Steel&Gold brings together many symbolic details, architectural lines, urban fashion, and aviation aesthetic elements complement each other, and a contemporary elegant temperament emerges.