Rolex’s Plastic Watch Mirror, Best Replica Watches

This time, we will talk about Rolex’s plastic watch mirror. Most are equipped with plastic watch mirrors except for a few antique Rolex models. Many people think that plastic watch mirrors are very cheap. Plastic watch mirrors are much more affordable than sapphire glass, and their durability could be much better. However, they are often installed on some very popular antique Rolex and Patek Philippe watches worth millions of dollars and has many passionate followers. Even now, many brands use plastic watch mirrors for new watches, which shows their popularity. Unfortunately, Rolex does not match its current models with plastic watch mirrors, but some watch friends will deliberately replace or transform their watches into plastic watch mirrors. Plastic watch glasses have a long history. Rolex used plastic watch glasses from the 1920s to 1990 and began to use sapphire glass around 1975. Therefore, from 1975 to 1990, the era of utilizing both sapphire glass and plastic glass. The popular Explorer Ref.1016, Explorer II Ref.1655, Submariner Ref.1680, Greenwich Ref.1675, and Manual Roll Dior Ref.6263, Ref.6265, and even the unique Paul Newman, all popular antique watch models use plastic watch glasses. If there were no plastic watch glasses, the antique sports watches that are now very popular and have high asset value worldwide would not be as popular as they are today. Next, I will share with you the information compiled by the editor. Best replica watches.

First, the appearance has a weak gloss and looks very soft. Compared with sapphire, the reflection is less, making it more vivid on the dial. In addition, the plastic watch mirror with a magnifying glass has a flat surface with a specific thickness, while the arched plastic watch mirror has many supporters because of its cute round shape. At the same time, fingerprints, when touched, are not as evident as sapphires. Watch friends who have touched them must know that the fingerprints of plastic watch mirrors are not very obvious. However, since plastic watch mirrors are relatively soft, they are more likely to produce scratches than current sapphire watch mirrors. These naturally formed scratches reflect the charm of antique watches. The relatively soft material also allows you to polish it yourself. Swiss replica watches.

It is worth noting that plastic watch mirrors must be regularly maintained and replaced during daily use. The reason is that factors such as collisions and temperature differences will cause deformations that are difficult to see, making it difficult to maintain the sealing state of the watch. Therefore, treating plastic watch mirrors as frequently consumed parts is better. It can be replaced at only 1/3 of the price compared to sapphire glass. As mentioned above, the scratches naturally formed on the plastic watch mirror reflect the charm of the antique watch. Some watch friends will deliberately make scratches for this purpose. I do not recommend this. Although these frequently worn parts do not affect the watch’s value, some rare models, such as the original watch mirrors from the 1950s, are still scarce, so you still have to pay a little attention. In addition, compared with sapphire glass, plastic watch mirrors are much lighter. This is also a big reason antique watches are lighter than current models. A sapphire glass of the same size is about 5 grams, and plastic watch mirrors are about 1 gram. Plastic watch mirrors are also very suitable for matching with leather straps. Compared with sapphire glass, they are more charming and a popular matching method among watch enthusiasts.