Shanghai Watch Chengzhang Mother’s Day Watch Recommendation Replicas Watch China

She pays love and cherishes in the name of her life. From the beginning of joy, she encountered each other and thoughts. Another year of Mother’s Day, the Shanghai Table Selection Metropolitan Series and the Revitalization Series are exquisite times.

Modern and intelligent -Metropolis · Mirror Yao

Metropolis Mirror

The Shanghai Table Metropolis · Mirror Yao is based on the beauty of Art Deco’s geometric building, showing a long-lasting charm. In the dial, the twelve-star inspiration source of the Jiang Customs and the “top of light” of the Jiang Customs and the Guangming Building condensed the sea school’s romance and outlined the simple geometric beauty. The pearl-colored meter dial is shining, and the twelve petals are transparent and rich, reflecting the dawn of the times. The colorful interpretation of the wrist is more beautiful, just like her elegant Fenghua Modang. The unique rectangular case is sharp and straightforward, showing calm feminine power. It is capable, chic, and courageous. As a mother with multiple identities, it is galloping between work and life and always waiting for us.

Oriental Charm -Metropolis · Chanran

Metropolis · Chanran

(From left to right, it is: curly grass models, parallel peony models, and cluster chrysanthemums)

Shanghai Watch Metropolis · Chanran uses cheongsam as inspiration muses. The pioneering and avant-garde design in the old time was beyond the time to interpret the oriental charm. Both ends of the replica watch are designed by the turbine of the convex circularly polishing treatment, echoing the design of the axis and painting in traditional calligraphy and calligraphy. The dial uses three -dimensional nano -painted technology to outline conventional Chinese flower and leaf patterns. The parallel peony hidden in the blue dial showed its confidence gracefully; the green dial portrayed the birthing vines and rolled grass and narrated introverted and brutal; Philosophy. Oriental style is hidden in traditional patterns, inherited so far, as motherly love continues in time, and is resident.

Wen Run Silent -Fuxing Jiuqu Yingyue

Fuxing · Jiuqu Yingyue

The Shanghai Table Fuxing · Jiuqu Yingyue engraved the wolf of the Yuyuan Garden. The black articard’s watch disk is attached to the 18K gold sculpture. The light-colored figure dial is paired with PT950 platinum carvings to reflect the day and night. The watchmakers give the replicas watch china vigorously with the enthusiasm of their eyes and have a long time, and the squares extend the boundaries between the time. At noon in the dial, it turned into a bright moon. She gently turned into a fusion moonlight, and the night became the only light. The water waves are shining and elegant, and the maternal love of the gentle and silent from the wrist flows into our beautiful dreams.

Ai Ruo Xingchen -Metropolis · Stars

Metropolis · Star Ms. Watch

Shanghai Table Metropolis · Stars project their thoughts into the vast sky and draw inspiration from where they can’t see. The designed vortex-shaped frame “Nebula Tusso Flying Wheel” is like the galaxy cantilever holding the stars. When time is flying like a mother’s stretch, open her arms to protect their love. The Nebula Tusso Flying Wheel is 6 points conspicuous, accompanied by the brand with its own F12-1 manual on-chain movement, and feel the “core” jump of the wrist. The dial-like sand gold and stones were born in the occasional accident. The smoke -like black copper powder shone the light of the stars. From this, it contained infinite possibilities, just as the mother love accompanied us to explore the broader margin.