Summarize This Year’s Geneva Watch Exhibition Replica Swiss Watches

After experiencing 100,000 steps to run away countless times, WWG ended in 2023.

In just one week, nearly 50 mainstream watch brands gathered together and concentratedly presented new masterpieces and great technologies in 2023. As the largest and most important exhibition event in the bezel of today’s bezel, WWG provides not only the visual feast of the high-end watchmaking process but also implies the future trend of the bezel.

In the era of blue-green dials, the salmon disk emerged and quickly became a new focus on 2023wwg. Many watch brands have launched new replica swiss watches with salmon plate noodles this year.

The more representative Chopin L.U.C 1860 series, the use of salmon red colors and pure gold dials;

The favorite Tudor Royal Series also ushered in the new salmon pink dish, which brings a more robust choice with warm color tones.

The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Jiang Shiconton, on the launch of the inheritance series of Sunday Calendar, uses the exclusive design of the platinum case with the salmon color dial, which integrates several reverse jump display complex functions into one. The top craftsmanship is beautiful and talented.

In addition, the younger color dial is one of the highlights of this table exhibition. For example, Rolex’s colorful bubble plate oyster constant movement, weekly calendar 36 with puzzle patterns;

It is also the co-branded watch of the Herhei PPX 400 KERMIT watches that applies the green color of Komi frogs.

To work hard on the color of the plate, whether it is a salmon plate or the appearance of bright colors, represents the brand’s pursuit of design innovation.

On the one hand, respect and inherit the beauty of traditional watchmaking technology; on the other hand, actively embrace the development trend of youthful luxury aesthetics. The increasingly rich color of the disk also shows the strong tolerance for diversified aesthetics in the clock ring.

Unisex, no gender wind. Under the gender and equality appeal of today’s society, the production of neutral-style fake watches has become a new bezel fashion. The most significant change is the eye’s size change, that is, the popularity of the small dial design.

In 2023, Tiger Haoya brought 36 mm Calela daily calendar watches on the 60th anniversary of its iconic watch Calela series.

Moderate sizes, both men and women, can be worn. Coupled with the distinctive new dial color scheme, it is one of the typical representatives of contemporary neutral wind watches to give the watch with no gender attractiveness.

In addition, the new pilot series automatically –chain watch brought by Zhenli also reflects the concept of being gender-free.

The strict pilot watch is defined as a men’s exclusive. When the power is confirmed with a grid, the new pilot is paired with a 40 mm diameter stainless steel or black ceramic case.

The appearance of the oversized crown is clear and corners, full of a modern fashion atmosphere, and at the same time, retains the characteristics of convenient operation. The lady was worn by it, and the feeling of coolness was revealed.

In the past, the jewelry watch was only considered a fashion accessory. Most people are more focused on pursuing watch function, and expensive jewelry decoration does not eat incentives.

However, with social and aesthetic concepts opening, people have begun to value the relationship between high-end watchmaking and advanced jewelry. The polishing and inlaid jewelry process is gradually regarded as a significant embodiment of the brand’s superb watchmaking technology.

Especially in recent years, the fusion trend of high-end watchmaking and advanced jewelry has been more apparent.

Last year, the Square Bang Unico watch released by Hublot officially entered the new era of diamonds. This year, this series has added eight new platinum, titanium, and Wang gold works. At the same time, they are combined with four different levels of dimensions to show the fusion charm of high-end watchmaking and advanced jewelry again.

The watch King Patek Philippe directly released a big move. At the scene of 2023WWG, it brought an ultra-complex functional timepiece with high-grade jewelry—the master strings 6300, with a valuation of over 100 million.

One hundred eighteen long-shaped emeralds are inlaid with a time-sided bezel and folding buckle, and the calendar bezel and case are inlaid with 291 long diamonds. The guy will put it in the pocket.

In 2023, the famous sports table design is still popular, occupying an important position in this year’s Geneva watch exhibition. But the most discussed among the formal table, the most significant contributor, is Rolex.

Thirty-nine millimeters diameter, Breguet pointer, tiny three needles, back-through design, and crocodile leather strap, no one would think that Rolex in 2023 would open a new form of formal dress 1908 to replace Chelini directly. Essence

In addition to the narrow triangle pit pattern on the outer circle, you can hardly see the familiar Rolex style except for the little triangle pit pattern on the outer ring, but this is the design of the classical format.

At the risk of risks not recognized by the market, the 1908 type formal format that is not “Rolex” is not “Rolex,” bringing everyone’s attention back to the design of the classical format table. Rolex is re-driving the classical formal form to become popular in a stubborn way.

At the Geneva watch exhibition in 2023, there is another phenomenon worthy of our attention: Many watch brands have chosen to upgrade the user watch purchase experience.

Two typical examples are Nations and Tudor.

In 2023, IWC launched a personalized customization service for users of Portuguese chronograph.

Personalized customization services are not unusual in the bezel. Jiang Shicon and Earl implemented this service a few years ago. But most customized objects are expensive.

In contrast, the choice of personalized customization concepts in Portuguese is more universal and widespread.

Customers can choose 18K red gold and stainless steel cases according to their preferences. The dials include 16 unique color options: pine stone green, blue, purple-red, and turmeric.

In addition, there is a personalized choice of pheasant or gold-plated inlays and pointers on the dial; the strap provides colored calf leather or crocodile leather strap, Timbertex paper base strap, rubber strap, and high-grade stainless steel strap, etc. A variety of options to meet the matching needs of different scenes of customers.

Generally speaking, customized Portuguese must wait for about three weeks to complete the production and delivery. The finished product at 6 o’clock is also engraved with the “i” logo at the time of the scoop of the product to highlight its unique identity.

However, it should be noted that this personalized customization service is still in the trial period and is only provided in the IWC Wan Guo Table concept store in Dubai and Shanghai.

In addition, to better display the style of the new product engineer watch, the Wan Guo Watch has also created a new 3D virtual space to provide the opportunity to explore the legendary watch development process and optimize the user scene experience.

It is also upgraded in the consumer experience, and Tudor used this year to open a limited-time boutique method.

According to the previous routine, the new products released at the exhibition will often be fully listed for sale after a while. This year, Tudor was abnormal and moved the store directly to Geneva and made the slogan “Not only can you see, but also buy it.”

All model watches, and the latest new products released at the high-end watch exhibition can be bought in Tudor’s limited-time boutique store.

The limited edition of Bitong Bronze in Biwan 1958 will also usher in the first appearance.

No need to book or line up; you can start seeing the new product at first glance. It is fragrant!

At this point, the “watch and miracle” in 2023 will end for the time being, but the development of the watch circle will not stop.

Under the trend of the youthfulness of luxury goods and the upgrading of consumption, how to make classics keep pace with the times and absorb more young consumption main force has become a vital growth direction for the future of significant clock brands.

Including thinking about these issues and starting every new popularity. These rising trends generally contain people’s expectations for a diverse future. What will be like in the future and the right to speak is still in the hands of each consumer.