Versace Watches – 2023 Autumn And Winter Series, Best Fake Watches

One year after the birth of the first WeLoveDiamonds collection, Versace launched a follow-up expansion plan to add luxury styles to the brand’s four most successful timepiece series. This time, Versace interprets jewelry watches with a new style, highlighting the powerful functions of Swiss movements and the intelligent Italian design style. Adhering to this strategy, using precious and rare gemstones to decorate watches has become an indispensable way to create jewelry watches.

These gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc., are not added randomly but must be perfectly integrated into the fashion details of each collection. It is worth noting that the WeLoveDiamonds selection series also extends to watches with sporty style and bold design. This is an unconventional choice for the jewelry and watches industry. Best fake watches.

The jewelry model DVOne Automatic automatic watch is the leading new timepiece of the 2023 autumn and winter series. In addition to the iconic details, the white and black dial models are set with three sapphire or ruby hour markers at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, respectively. The Greek key pattern is also created in a high-end jewelry style. The white version is inlaid with 206 diamonds and 74 sapphires, and the black version has 206 diamonds and 74 rubies.

The characteristics of the IconActive series chronograph are that the gold version has 27 diamonds on the hour markers, and the black version has 145 diamonds on the top ring. A distinctive feature of this replica watch is the transparent polycarbonate case closed by four decorative screws.

In addition to the DVOne and IconActive series, Versace’s WeLoveDiamonds selection series includes the men’s watch Greca Reaction and the women’s watch Medusa Infinite. Available starting October in Versace stores, authorized retailers, and