Brilliant And Agile, Elegance Describes The Time, Quality Replica Watch

Combining elegance, timelessness, and exquisiteness, the Ludo series reinterprets Van Cleef & Arpels’ 1934 classic. The Ludo bracelet is named after Mr. Louis Arpels, the first-generation member of the Maison. It has been widely favored since its introduction. Its shape echoes the popular fashion accessory of the time – the belt and its natural meshwork and inlays. The precious stone clasp is unique and makes the watch even more outstanding. Inspired by the Ludo bracelet, the Maison created the first Ludo secret watch in 1935. Quality replica watch.

This year, Van Cleef & Arpels uses the exquisite design of guilloché yellow gold to interpret the new watch, giving it a new aesthetic style. The craft of guilloché is inherited from goldsmiths and silversmiths and can be used to carve fine parallel lines on the surface of precious metals, precious stones, or mother-of-pearl. Since the 1910s, the Maison has used guilloché engraving on accessories, precious objects, jewelry, and watches, and today, this traditional craft also inspires new patterns. The Maison uses this process to decorate this watch with a radial sun pattern, creating subtle changes in light and shadow, showing every gesture’s ever-changing and dynamic beauty.

The two high-end jewelry watches in the Ludo secret series are made of rose gold, with pink sapphires or diamonds carefully set in a radial state, gradually blooming with dazzling brilliance from the center outwards. To create such exquisite visual effects, Maison’s gem experts devoted their craftsmanship to gathering gemstones with harmoniously matched brightness and color. The meshwork is pieced together like bricks to form a structure as delicate as a snake, echoing the shape of the belt of the original work. Each hinge is assembled with skillful hands, intertwining a soft and agile design, like carefully woven gauze. Van Cleef & Arpels adheres to the tradition of hidden swiss replica watches and carefully hides the guilloché carved white mother-of-pearl dial. Only after pressing two pavé-set buttons simultaneously can the secret of time be slowly revealed.