A Union Of Precision Machinery And Style, Luxury Replica Watches

Breitling and Triumph have teamed up to combine the extraordinary craftsmanship of watchmaking with the free spirit of motorcycle sports.

Swiss luxury watch brand Breitling and British motorcycle brand Triumph have teamed up for the third time to launch the Chronomat B01 42 Triumph. This watch is made of titanium and 18K red gold with an anthracite dial. The brown perforated leather strap complements the new watch, showing the free spirit of riding on the open road. Luxury replica watches.

At the same time, Triumph has launched the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Breitling Limited Edition, which is equally exciting. Two hundred seventy motorcycles will be available, and all buyers will be eligible to purchase the Chronomat B01 Triumph Owners Exclusive. This watch features a carbon fiber dial that echoes the extreme beauty of the limited edition motorcycle, and the case back is engraved with the motorcycle’s number.

The mechanical chronograph series (Chronomat) was originally designed for the Italian Frecce Tricolori aerobatic team in 1983. It reversed the quartz watch craze and brought mechanical clocks back to their former glory. The new mechanical chronograph series B01 watch 42 Triumph is based on this bold and innovative spirit, perfectly matching Triumph’s pioneering concept in the motorcycle industry.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern said: “The mechanical chronograph and the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR reflect our shared pursuit of the highest standards of design and performance. We also share a rugged spirit that combines art and adventure.”

Triumph Motorcycles CEO Nick Bloor agrees: “Through our partnership with Breitling, we are connecting two worlds that share a common pursuit of precision, speed and impeccable style.”

One in One: The Owners Exclusive and the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR

For enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of both worlds, Triumph is launching the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Breitling Limited Edition motorcycle, limited to 270 units. Each owner will receive a unique QR code with the Limited Edition certificate to purchase the Chronomat B01 Triumph Owners Exclusive from Breitling.com. The custom watch features a carbon fiber dial and a brown alligator leather strap, which complements the high-performance characteristics of the motorcycle. At the same time, the caseback is engraved with the same individual number as the motorcycle’s upper plate, creating a unique combination that complements each other. Swiss fake watches.

The Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR motorcycle is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. This modern sports motorcycle is painted in stunning metallic paint with hand-painted details, ultra-light carbon fiber parts, a unique high-specification Akrapovič titanium silencer, and a custom leather seat with exquisite French stitching. The collaboration with Breitling is reflected in every detail: the custom Breitling start screen, the Breitling logo laser-engraved on the machined rear wheel trim, and the unique gold Breitling badge on the fuel tank. Each motorcycle is individually numbered, enhancing the uniqueness of this Triumph Owner’s Edition watch.

The new mechanical chronograph series B01 42 Triumph (Chronomat B01 Triumph) is made of titanium and 18K red gold, echoing the deep tones of the motorcycle; the gold details pay tribute to the Öhlins fork of the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR.

The mechanical chronograph series occupies a special place in Breitling’s history. This cooperation intersects the brand’s development path and a journey of pioneering spirit and bold design concepts.