De Bethune Presents The Db28xs+purple+rain Replica Watch

As an alchemist in the watch industry, De Bethune continues to explore the titanium baking process to discover more color possibilities. In the broad spectrum, purple is more elegant than blue, providing a clever transition between warm and cool tones. Purple embodies mystery, imagination, and creativity, capturing the essence of darkness and depth while evoking dignity and grandeur.

In De Bethune’s workshop in L’Auberson, Switzerland, particles become bright, metals emit visible light, substances oxidize, properties change, and surfaces change, resulting in unprecedented natural colors. De Bethune’s founder, watchmaker Denis Flageollet, and his team initially conducted in-depth research on blue tones.

De Bethune presents the DB28xs Purple Rain watch.

The power of different colors

De Bethune introduces a new color with the newly released DB28xs Purple Rain replica watch, which is also a bold evolution. Purple has already shown its rich color before blue, blending the nuances of red and blue to form a harmonious rhythm. Purple is a color that has inspired artists, poets, and visionaries for centuries, often symbolizing passion, spirituality, and innovation. In the palette of heated titanium colors, purple pave the way for the appearance of blue, gradually introducing cool tones while retaining a hint of warmth and depth. This subtle transition creates a harmonious connection between the different tones and provides coherence in visual perception.


Put innovation at the heart of the entire process, integrate creativity, and push the boundaries of innovation. Break the inherent thinking mode. Not to repeat but to create, cleverly considering precision, reliability, readability, and comfort.

DB28xs is not just a watch with a smaller size in aesthetics but a new chapter for De Bethune. This watch marks a milestone in the brand’s history, as it is another step in a journey that has been immersing Denis Flageolet for almost 20 years. If the DB28 is De Bethune’s flagship collection, this new version is even more significant, as it has a unique inner meaning. The DB28xs 39mm diameter is significantly smaller than the previous model while retaining De Bethune’s unique and distinctive design, which is no small feat. Not only has it achieved vital technical innovations, but most importantly, it has used its superb skills to inject the watchmaking spirit of the Enlightenment era into a 21st-century watch, rethinking the excellence of craftsmanship to create an unprecedented aesthetic creation. The creation process of a new watch is by no means a complete reproduction of history but rather the pursuit of evoking a new emotional experience when people are faced with something extraordinary. The original intention of De Bethune founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageolet is pure: he looks at the watchmaking tradition from an innovative perspective. He is committed to making the contemporary mechanical watch a cultural carrier of measuring time on the wrist. Swiss replica website.

DB28xs Purple Rain reveals its fascinating micro-mechanics

A masterpiece of technical prowess

The DB28xs Purple Rain is a feat of technical prowess that combines the dignity of an Enlightenment watch with the precision of a scientific instrument. Its fascinating micro-mechanics and aesthetic design are a testament to the creativity behind it. Despite its seemingly simple smaller size, the uniqueness of this watch and its design goes far beyond its size reduction and operation.

A passionate collision of art and science

For the geniuses of the Enlightenment, the goal was to create scientific instruments that were aesthetically pleasing through their functionality, simple mechanisms, and minimalist design. The rich and powerful called on skilled artisans, including woodworkers, bronzesmiths, and enamelsmiths such as Boulle, Caffieri, and Coteau, to transform these instruments into true works of art. The success of the DB28xs Purple Rain and DB28xs Starry Seas shows that Denis Flageollet’s team fully understands and implements the De Bethune spirit from this culture. De Bethune always adheres to this philosophy of continuous progress because it is the cornerstone of the brand’s development. Denis Flageolet said: “Work is meaningless unless you want to make progress, and the only way to make progress is to constantly question your assumptions. We need to constantly go back to the starting point, rethink the current Work, and optimize it by changing an element, process, and skill, and the result is sometimes just a small improvement that is difficult to detect.”

Lighter and more shock-resistant DB28 watch

For centuries, watchmakers have eliminated external influences on timekeeping accuracy by placing timekeeping mechanisms on towers, tables, and universal joints. As timekeeping accuracy has improved, people have begun to want to wear these timepieces. To ensure that these timepieces maintain excellent timekeeping accuracy in various extreme wearing environments, they must be able to resist the influence of shocks, accelerations, and magnetic fields. However, these are very modern problems that require particular research and are closely related to the smaller size of watches. The DB2005 movement has been fine-tuned to meet the demands of this trend towards miniaturization without sacrificing its exceptional chronometric accuracy. Even better, its lighter weight makes it more efficient in the face of acceleration shocks.

DB28xs Purple Rain

Regarding aesthetics, choosing blue is not simply a matter of visual beauty. Blue has tremendous technical value in De Bethune’s mechanical watches. In fact, during the development of the new De Bethune balance, Denis Flageollet’s initial attempts to solve technical problems of stability and precision led him to create a groundbreaking new oscillator whose color combined the white metallic color of palladium with the bright blue of titanium. Since then, this blue, born of technical innovation, has become a signature element of the brand. The color shines brightly on different materials and finishes through reflections and refractions of light, creating an endless variety of subtle tones.

DB28xs Purple Rain watch with a unique and distinctive design.

De Bethune has boldly unveiled a fascinating new look, exploring the full spectrum of color: purple. De Bethune uses the most modern science and technology to continue the unremitting pursuit of impeccable precision and stunning aesthetic design by the great watchmakers of the 18th century. The brand’s teams are committed to finding unique, innovative, efficient solutions. For over 20 years, De Bethune has always adhered to this principle: to create outstanding timepieces that inherit the watchmaking tradition while integrating modern mechanical, technical, and aesthetic innovations.

Unique brilliance and fascinating existence

Through the superb control of the natural oxidation of purple and titanium, De Bethune creates watches and timeless works of art. Each piece perfectly combines traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and modern innovation, which fascinates watch lovers. De Bethune, an actual color alchemist, invites every watch lover to explore the world of beauty and refinement, where purple and blue together compose the brand’s exquisiteness and excellence.

DB28xs Purple Rain watch breaks the boundaries of innovation.