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With the spirit of pioneering and creating history, Shanghai Watch has created elegant timepieces for women of different generations. Shanghai Watch has newly launched the 31 mm diameter Tribute·Creator Series, with its exquisite and compact size, diverse dial colors, and rich strap options. It highlights women’s elegance and taste and perfectly adapts to various daily wear. It has become the Watch of choice for modern women.

Shanghai Watch Pays Tribute to the Creator Series 31mm Elegantly Arrives.

Drawing on the design essence of the brand’s first mass-produced mechanical Watch, the A581, the Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series follows the representative design of the A581 watch: the combination of Arabic numerals and three-dimensional arrow nails and the red dots of the first trial production. The second hand and the three-dimensional building brand logo that reproduced the Shanghai Watch when it was founded all pay Tribute to that vibrant era. In addition, it is paired with an arched sapphire glass mirror and a case back decorated with a calligraphy brand logo and retro crabapple window design, which jointly demonstrate the sophistication and style of Shanghai. Best replica watch site.

Modern golden rhyme imprint of time

The night falls, and the lanterns come on. Shanghai shines brightly against the lights as if it has been plated with a layer of gorgeous and dreamy gilding, showing the prosperity and modernity of the city. In 1958, Shanghai Watch injected a unique urban charm into the brand’s first mass-produced mechanical Watch, the A581, with its modern building logo and shining gold. The building’s brand identity was designed by engineer Mr. Chen Jiachang when the brand was founded. The majestic Shanghai Tower inspired it. This building, located on the banks of the Suzhou River, is an early representative of the modernist style and not only witnesses the century-old legend of Shanghai. , which highlights the fashionable and avant-garde charm of this city. Today, the Tribute to the Creators series once again presents this modern gold, which inherits the brand’s classic aesthetics and shines with the shining light of the times, like the neon lights of Shanghai.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

Modern gold is sprinkled on the dial, just like the epitome of the bustling city of Shanghai, condensed in the square inches of the wrist. The iconic building logo is visible on the dial, revealing the accumulated beauty over time. The characteristic digital time scales at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock complement other arrow nail design time scales, and the 48 round nail-shaped minute scales scattered around like pearls add a unique and exquisite style to the entire dial. The golden toffee hour hand jumps lightly, and the red lacquer on the top of the second hand is like a finishing touch, injecting vitality into the entire dial. The second-hand red dot lights up the dial instantly and pays Tribute to the history of the first trial production of Shanghai watches before National Day in 1955.

31 mm, elegant and round

Shanghai Watch Tribute·Creator Series 31mm, elegant and rounded

Following the retro design of the 1950s, the Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series uses an arched sapphire glass mirror. Its slightly convex mirror design cleverly magnifies the disk’s vision and adds a bit of elegance and roundness. The 31 mm stainless steel case complements the smooth curves of the lugs, exuding a charming metallic luster. The crown is decorated with the “Building Body” logo, supplemented by exquisite anti-slip texture, demonstrating the brand’s ultimate pursuit of details and ingenuity.

The Watch’s back cover is decorated with a retro crabapple window and the “Shanghai” calligraphy logo.

Gently turn the Watch over, and the begonia flower window design and the “Shanghai” calligraphy logo on the stainless steel watch back cover come into view, recreating the oriental aesthetics of the last century. The exquisite gravel texture gives the Watch a rich visual layering and a badge engraved with time marks.

The 31mm Shanghai Watch Tribute to the Creator series has a date display function, provides a power reserve of up to 38 hours, and is waterproof to 50 meters to meet the needs of daily life. It is internally equipped with the excellent ST4200 self-winding movement, which swings at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour. It is equipped with 29 synthetic ruby bearings to reduce wear and tear effectively and is also loaded with a shock absorber to ensure its durability and stability.

Expressing affection to each other and spending time together

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·The Creator Series 39mm and 31mm express their love for each other and spend time together.

The Shanghai Watch Tribute·Chronicle series uses modern watchmaking technology and inherited ingenuity to re-engrave classics. It is available in 31 mm and 39 mm sizes and has three unique and timeless dials, showing the morning and dusk in Shanghai, respectively, and night, highlighting the city’s diverse charm. In addition, this series is also equipped with black, camel, and brown leather straps with quick-release systems and classic steel straps to meet the personalized needs of different watch enthusiasts. Replica Rolex watches.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1603.011.09)

“Sunset Gold” is like the afterglow, and the gradually changing golden glow of the disk is like the Shanghai Bund at dusk. The sunset reflects the Huangpu River, reflecting time’s quiet and beautiful charm. When paired with a black strap, it is even more intoxicating.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1800.011.09/S5000.1800.011.19/S5000.1800.014.09)

“Skylight Silver” is like dawn, showing Shanghai in the morning light with light sun patterns, carrying the elegant charm of the city. Paired with a brown or camel strap, it shows a more tasteful style, while paired with a steel strap, it reveals the beauty of competence.

Shanghai Watch Tribute ·Creator Series 31mm

(Model S5000.1802.011.09)

“Yoye Black” is like a starry night sky, with black sun patterns reflecting the urban scene. Paired with a brown strap, it adds a sense of mystery and depth, showing an international metropolis’s charming charm and infinite vitality.

A classic that has been tempered by time, awakening the Shanghai years in modern memories. Today, the Tribute to the Creator series conveys deep affection in the form of a pair of watches and spending time together. The 31mm is exquisite and delicate, suitable for women to wear, showing elegance; the 39mm is majestic, showing the stability and style of men. The 31 mm and 39 mm models go hand in hand, symbolizing love and the vow of staying together with their shining golden light, witnessing every precious moment together.