The Audemars Piguet Fake concept does not only exist in the concept table

When it comes to the concept table, it seems that it can only be a star-studded comet, but the Audemars Piguet Fake watch is the most unique star on the mainstream stage.

Many people already think that Royal Oak is synonymous with Audemars Piguet Fake.

This is undeniable but not completely correct. I always believe that the success of a brand is not only achieved by a single model. But by the complete development and improvement of all aspects. The two things that make me most appreciate are the creative ability of complex craftsmanship and the outstanding courage of watch design.
Today, I want to talk specifically about the word “concept”. In the circle of watches, there has always been a lot of conceptual design. Whether it is a material challenge or a mechanical structure, the concept table always represents the work of the watch. Pushing to the limit, showing more possibilities for the creation of watch design. But these concepts may have great challenges in mass production, no cost or professional manpower can achieve more output. So These concept models often only stay in the exemplary position.

For the advancement of watch technology, the existence of the Copy Audemars Piguet concept table is of course necessary.

But the design of all the mechanical mechanisms of the watch requires the actual test of the actual wear and use. In order to know the advantages and imperfections of this design, in the end, to create A watch that can be worn really but with a new design concept, or is it still a cool idea but can only stay in the experimental concept?
People say that Audemars Piguet Imitation brand subtext should be “bold and innovative”, I think that boldness is not enough to describe this vision beyond the times; innovation cannot cover its unique creation in the creation.

Do we recall what was the mainstream case material in the high-end watch industry around the millennium?

At the beginning of the millennium, its watch opened two new ideas about fine watchmaking: the possibility of material and the readability and interactivity of mechanical properties.  Precious metals (including platinum, K gold, etc.), stainless steel (we probably will not forget that Audemars Piguet has pushed the use of stainless steel to the mainstream of high-end watchmaking), ceramics, titanium and so on.

The 2896-type complex movement of the first Audemars Piguet Fake watch was the first movement to be rebuilt according to the case.

Watchmaking is one of the pioneers in the use of titanium lightweight and anti-wear properties in the movement of the core material. However, at the time, this movement also has several pioneering mechanical structures: linear power reserve display, crown operation switching gear, shock-proof tourbillon fixed bridge, torque Display panels, etc.

Open the front-end concept of high-end watch design with a no-panel design, to fully reveal the avant-garde mechanical structure. And show the low-key hidden watchmaking process in a high-profile and high-profile manner.
All Replica Watches have a total case thickness of 16 mm and a diameter of 44 mm. Women’s wrists are simply impossible to wear. But it has recently introduced a 38.5 mm tourbillon drill with a case, 18K white gold case. Inlaid with 397 diamonds on the faceplate, the concept series movement is the design of the face plate.

It is like a snowflake structure and a windmill-shaped faceplate, which is set against the flying tourbillon device.

It is like an avant-garde version of ice and snow. Already almost can see the Queen of Snow appear on the tourbillon. Compared with the 44mm concept watch, this tourbillon drill reduces the harder. And more complex lines on the side of the case, making the overall contour more sharp and simple. And highlighting the diamond’s shine on every sharp surface.
With a decade of development, the Audemars Piguet Fake watch has become a banner in the ranks of complex watches. Bring all the concepts of all contemporary luxury watches into a series of creations and creations. A series of watches are at the forefront of the aesthetic design and movement concept. All concepts can only stay in the concept itself if they are not realized. When the concept is implemented as a mechanical object that can be actually worn. This is really creative and The practical significance of the concept exists.