De Bethune Launches Db Kind Of Grande Complication Swiss Replica Watch

The independent watchmaking brand De Bethune launches its dazzling work in 2024 – the reversible double-sided large complex DB Kind of Grande Complication watch. As the essence of De Bethune’s style of high-end watchmaking, the DB Kind of Grande Complication watch is the culmination of the core technology and aesthetic characteristics accumulated by De Bethune in 22 years of innovation, research, and creation. De Bethune’s memory and culture are condensed in this exceptional timepiece, showcasing the technical and artistic abilities cultivated in its workshops in L’Auberson, which Denis Flageollet and his highly skilled team have embraced over the years. Challenge.

The DB Kind of Grande Complication watch was once the pinnacle of a young watchmaker’s dream. When he marveled at the double-sided large complex watch, he had already foreseen the production of such a timepiece. After years of design and development work at De Bethune, Denis Flageolet finally used the resources and concepts accumulated by the brand over the years to realize it, continuing the innovative spirit of the great classic watchmaking in the Enlightenment era.

DBKind of Grande Complication watch

DBKind of Grande Complication is the master of technology and innovation.

The reversible double-sided case is a natural choice because it integrates many complex functions and provides a space for unrestrained aesthetic expression by displaying various tasks on both sides. Another exciting thing about this case is that it uses a rotatable system that debuted in 2021 and is mounted on the lugs. The watch case can rotate smoothly and accurately around its central axis through an ingenious micro-mechanical device. Over 60 components fix the two dials, 50 of which are waterproof and, therefore, perfectly rust-proof. A cam-driven system ensures perfect alignment of the case with floating lugs, which provide an excellent fit on the wrist.

The classic round case is paired with a modern noon crown and hides the technical challenge of a double-sided case. The multiple displays of multiple functions and the combination of 8 different swiss replica watch complications in a single movement significantly increase the difficulty of production. The eight functions include:

  • A perpetual calendar.
  • Spherical moon phase indicator.
  • Retrograde moon age and leap year indicators.
  • Blue titanium ultra-light tourbillon.
  • Jumping seconds.
  • Dynamic reserve.
  • A dual indication of hours and minutes.

The DBKind of Grande Complication watch has a reversible double-sided case.

The exterior and movement use a total of 751 components, and their integration requires more thought than assembling various complex functions individually. Remarkably, the movement functions as a whole, and each function interacts in perfect harmony. This would be unimaginable without an ideal grasp of the technological innovations and patents in the past 32 movements. Swiss models replica watches.

DBKind of Grande Complication establishes a robust modern aesthetic.

A modern dial shows the exquisite structure of the Caliber DB2529 movement, including a power reserve indicator and a moon age indicator, showing the update of the month and day through a retrograde silver-white indicator. It highlights the busy 36,000 vibrations per hour of the De Bethune 30 Seconds Tourbillon – one of the fastest and lightest tourbillons on the market – with the slow, steady movement of the slender, mirror-polished seconds hand. Contrast between beats. This comparison is achieved through the tourbillon at 6 o’clock, made of 63 components – composed mainly of titanium and with a total weight of approximately 0.18 grams (the lightest of which is less than 0.0001 grams and the heaviest of which is only 0.0276 grams) – It is coordinated with a jumping seconds device composed of two pure gold gears in the center. The jumping seconds mechanism is driven by a double pawl lever, with four pawls plus two solid gold gears, setting a noble rhythm for the passage of time.

Mirror-polished triangular bridges support the asymmetry of the transmission train as an aesthetic symbol of the brand. The gears are subtly decorated, taking polished decoration to the extreme, even on the most minor components. Each element contributes to the movement’s understated aesthetic and technical silence through its function and finish.

DBKind of Grande Complication watch displays extraordinary movement aesthetics and watchmaking skills.

The other side is a classic-style dial, blessed by a perpetual calendar, a three-dimensional moon phase indicator, and the brand’s iconic starry sky disk. Light has always been at the heart of the manufacturer’s creative process, reflected in the mirror-polished blue titanium dial. The various shimmering effects reveal the shades that give De Bethune blue its unique character. The hand-decorated starry sky comprises tiny white gold needles installed by hand and a galaxy pattern made by a laser micro-milling machine. The little white needles and plated 24K gold foil depict an incredible starry sky.

Just as we look up at the stars, the moon phases can be read through the sphere located at 3 o’clock. The sphere rotates around its central axis and consists of two perfectly balanced hemispheres of blued steel and mirror-polished palladium. To reproduce the different motions of this celestial body, a high-precision mechanism must be supported, and this mechanism takes a full 122 years to accumulate a deviation of one day.

Faced with limited space and volume, the solution introduced in 2004 was to bend the hands slightly downward to ensure that the hands could smoothly pass over the moon phase, and this downward bend has become one of the brand’s characteristics over the years. Like the leap year indicator aligned at 3 o’clock, the blue superimposed on the small ring and window and the golden fonts of the day, month, and date create a subtle feeling. It blends seamlessly into the starry sky and the Milky Way without losing its readability.

The other side of the DBKind of Grande Complication watch presents a classic dial.

The silver-white fine finish of the hour and minute rings, the soft lines borrowed from the hunter-style case, the beautiful font of the numbers, the style of the hands, and the unique starry sky are all cultural references to the high-end watchmaking craftsmanship of the 18th century, which is about greatness. The age of regulators and marine chronometers.

The production of such a large and complex watch is fraught with formidable technical challenges, as each stage is crucial to the monumental test of final assembly. In addition to solid technical knowledge and extensive experience in the field of high-end timepieces, this task also requires values that go beyond ordinary work attitudes. According to master watchmaker Denis Flageollet, founder of De Bethune, “My watchmakers are like top athletes. To ensure that they do not fail in the final sprint and do not take risks that affect the timepiece. Integrity, they demonstrated extraordinary and unshakeable mental strength, as well as extreme concentration and outstanding stability.”

Like a masterful sculpture or a classical music concerto, the DB Kind of Grande Complication watch is an actual work of art. Its unique presence captures the brand’s essence and conveys a universal energy and emotion. This stems from its multiple qualities: innovative purpose, the continuation of traditional expertise, and the depth of watchmaking and artistic culture expressed through a strong modern aesthetic. It is the ultimate expression of the spirit of De Bethune.

DBKind of Grande Complication Watch is the culmination of technology and innovation.