Afraid Of Buying A Fake Rolex Mens Replica Watch?

I don’t know if you have a friend (and possibly yourself) with high-quality goods price bought bad fakes; small makeup is often heard such things happen (which may be in the circle of the table to stay for a long time) if you bought a famous brand mens replica watch for a few hundred when is fake watch small makeup is not to say what, after all, no one is a fool, all know it’s a phony table, The key is that a lot of people are using the actual price to buy the fake table is a little bit of the past.

Today Xiaobian to talk to you about how to identify Rolex as true or false; maybe some people will ask why they choose Rolex because they know the table, and most do not see the table people like Rolex, and its high popularity makes it into the imitation of the table business favorite, next Xiaobian to say how simple to identify Rolex.

1. look at the certificate

The most direct way to spot a fake Rolex is to see if there is a standard certificate. A qualified Rolex certainly can not be in question about the authenticity of the certificate. Some counterfeiters have always tried to fake credentials, but the real ones were depreciated paper before 2007 and have now been updated to hard plastic credit letters, a detail not lost on mens replica watch lovers.

2. Look at the dial logo

The real thing
Fake Rolex

As you can see from the crown, the logo of the genuine one is thin and transparent, while the fake Rolex crown is large, the text is thicker, and the connection of the bracelet is also more comprehensive.

Is it clear when you zoom in? The characters and crowns of fake Rolex are less precise than the authentic ones, and the writing line of the characters requires good artisans and advanced technical support, so the fake Rolex is impossible to achieve.

3. Dial glass

New Rolex models from recent years have a laser-made crown logo on the outside of the glass at six o ‘clock. This logo is not very easy to see; you need to tilt the mens replica watch at some Angle to see; the Rolex number is six digits, and all have this laser-made logo.

Need everyone’s attention; some fake Rolex also starts to make laser scanning effects, but the counterfeit Rolex “laser effect” will be a lot of, such as laser spots and large shapes, even flattering look can be found, and so on, and authentic Rolexes, careful observation is difficult to find, but need to pay attention to some of the old Rolex watches can not laser anti-counterfeit marking.

4. Numbers

Every genuine Rolex watch will have a unique number when it leaves the factory, usually located between the ears. To save costs, the number of each batch is the same. If you go to the Internet and find a lot of swiss replica watches with the same number, it means that it is a fake mens replica watch.

5. Loosen the crown adjustment time

When you loosen the crown to adjust the date, the actual labor will start at six o ‘clock, not 12 o ‘clock. Very few fake Rolexes can replicate this.

6. Check the back of the case

No current Rolex watch has a bright back, so if your mens replica watch happens to be like this, there are only two possibilities: it’s a fake Rolex or a priceless museum piece.

7. Checking Details

General fake Rolex watchband artistry is rough, especially between the gold is more prominent, there will be gold plated edge processing could be better. Between the genuine gold mens replica watch belt in the case of bending, the section is thick, the thickness is not uniform, and the thickness of the fake is the same.

Rolex watches are flawless; if there are any flaws, you must not be wearing a Rolex, not to mention the size of the difference.