BVLGARI Releases New Divas’dream Peacock Marquetry Watch, Buy Replicas Watch

BVLGARI Divas’ Dream Peacock watch opens a new chapter, using fine inlay technology to launch three unique masterpieces. The peacock is one of Bvlgari’s classic, bright, charming, and enchanting animal images. Bulgari’s new Divas’ Dream Peacock watch pays tribute to the innate nobility and elegance of the peacock. The three new works inherit the brand’s ingenious skills in jewelry, craftsmanship, and complex function watches and demonstrate the innovative blend of elegant style and exquisite craftsmanship.

In 2017, the Divas’ Dream Peacock watch was officially launched. In this regard, Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, mentioned in the book “Beyond Time” that it traces the creative journey of the brand: “It marks the beginning of Bulgari’s creative journey.” Li takes the craftsmanship of Swiss masters to a whole new level.” This series draws design inspiration from Bulgari’s deep heritage, colorful creativity, and craftsmanship and writes a new chapter in the watch through the beauty of the peacock, capturing the beauty and magnificence of this beautiful creature. Buy replicas watch.

The peacock image used in the Divas’ Dream Peacock watch is one of Bulgari’s classic animal images. In Bvlgari’s animal imagery, the snake (“Serpenti” in Italian) is mysterious and charming, winding around the wrist and winding; the peacock (“Pavone” in Italian) has silky and delicate feathers. Open your wings and spread your wings with a graceful posture, showing your confidence and brilliance. The peacock opens its tail, outlining exquisite arabesques and elegant curves, reminiscent of Bulgari’s iconic design element – the mosaic pattern of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. Swiss models replica watches.

Bulgari has mastered the exquisite setting technology since the 1970s and then applied it to watch manufacturing: the classic Divas’ Dream Peacock Dischi watch has no hour markers and is equipped with an automatic movement with a peacock. The feather-inlaid dial cleverly combines mechanical watchmaking techniques and inlay craftsmanship. The dial of the Divas’ Dream Peacock Diamonds watch is decorated with Bulgari’s iconic fan-shaped pattern, which is also inspired by the mosaic decorative pattern of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. Peacocks are a common sight in glorious history. In ancient Egypt, the peacock was a powerful symbol. In Roman mythology, Juno, the wife of the god Jupiter, was also closely related to it.

Today, the Divas’Dream Peacock watch welcomes three new masterpieces: the Divas’Dream Peacock bird feather fine setting watch, the Divas’Dream Peacock mother-of-pearl fine setting watch, and the Divas which provides instantaneous jumping hours and retrograde minute displays. ‘Dream Peacock Retrograde Fine Bezel Watch. The new work focuses on the beauty of Bulgari’s marquetry craftsmanship, echoing the rare mosaic patterns from ancient Rome. Among them is the Divas’ Dream Peacock retrograde fine-set watch, which is gorgeous and intelligent. Its dial is 18K rose gold, inlaid with brilliant diamonds, and embellished with Aventurine and malachite.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Peacock Bird Feather watch

The Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Peacock Feather Fine Inlay Watch is designed to celebrate the gorgeous feathers with which the blue peacock is born. The 12 feathers on the dial bloom brilliantly, and the “eye-shaped pattern” on the peacock feathers symbolizes wisdom. These feathers are obtained from the naturally fallen feathers of peacocks. Artisans carefully collect them, select the ones with unusual colors and textures, and use fine inlay technology to set them on the dial. Marquetry is an ancient technique used in Italy during the Renaissance and ushered in a new life under the promotion of Bulgari in the 1970s. Although marquetry only requires simple tools such as magnifying glasses, tweezers, knives, and scissors, the process is highly delicate and takes several days. Each feather is treated with an ancient brass steam engine to restore its original natural luster. Artisans then cut, assembled, glued, and recut the feathers to create a mosaic pattern that shimmers like silk.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Peacock mother-of-pearl watch

The Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Peacock fine-set mother-of-pearl watch outlines the noble outline of a peacock in 18K rose gold and mother-of-pearl. The peacock’s fan-shaped feathers sweep across the lower half of the dial, its head is decorated with a cluster of crest feathers, and its beak is made of 18K rose gold. Set against it is a delicate white mother-of-pearl background engraved with several radial decorative lines to highlight the multiple symbolic meanings of the gorgeous peacock, namely wealth, protection, and wisdom. The peacock’s tail feathers are designed to be lively and dynamic, like a night sky full of stars. Mother-of-pearl is a fragile material, so its marquetry requires exceptionally high skill. First, Bulgari artisans will paint different shades of blue pigment on the back of the mother-of-pearl, then finely cut it, and finally embed it into the grooves engraved on the dial. Mother-of-pearl is a gift from the sea. After the artisans outlined it with 18K rose gold, it formed an exquisite flush inlay layout, revealing the natural luminescence from the deep ocean.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Peacock Retrograde Fine Bezel Watch

The Bulgari Divas’ Dream Peacock retrograde fine-set watch cleverly combines watchmaking skills and jewelry craftsmanship to present a magnificent peacock on the dial vividly. The dome-shaped sapphire crystal suspended above the peacock is inspired by the iconic convex cabochon cut used by Bulgari since the 1950s. Thanks to the 3D fine inlay technology, the peacock’s fan-shaped tail feathers stretch naturally, and the complex and exquisite feather design highlights the classical beauty of the peacock’s posture. The details of the components have been exquisitely bent to form a seamless and flush inlay layout and are embellished with 18K rose gold, snowflake pavé diamonds, Aventurine, and malachite to present the gorgeous posture of the peacock further. The rich green color of malachite is deep, showing the nobility and elegance of the peacock. In ancient Rome, malachite was regarded as a protective stone to avoid bad luck. The origin of the name Aventurine is related to the word “accident” because it was invented “by chance” (“per adventure” in Italian) on the island of Murano in the 14th century. The invention of Aventurine also once again confirmed the many rare handicrafts in Italy.

The production process of the Divas’ Dream Peacock retrograde fine-set watch is highly complex, and it took a year of research and development and repeated iterations. The new watch adopts a unique watchmaking mechanism based on Bulgari’s self-made movement BVL 262, which fully demonstrates Bulgari’s superb watchmaking skills. The window at noon on the dial displays the jumping hours. The minutes are indicated by a retrograde hand located in the upper half of the dial. To avoid covering the time display, the handles of the hands are made of transparent sapphire, while the tips of the hands are made of metal. Finally, the crown is sparkling with cabochon-cut tsavorite and complements the emerald peacock eyes, adding luster to this elegant timepiece.

The peacock is one of Bvlgari’s classic animal images. The three new Divas’ Dream Peacock watches praise the beauty of the peacock and brilliantly present the long jewelry origins of the Italian family Bvlgari. As Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin said in the book “Beyond Time,” “Our brand business originated from jewelry creation, which is the exquisite combination of gold materials and precious gemstones. Together, we achieve the art of beautiful work.”