De Bethune X Robbi Joint Name, Best Swiss Replica Watches

The second hand is flying; the moon is Mid-Autumn Festival, De Bethune, which takes innovation as the core watchmaking concept, joins hands with the trendy art IPROBBi to jointly present a magnificent new mid-autumn work, gathering pioneering ideas, absorbing classic elements, and accompanying you to step into ROBBi’s fascinating time universe and explore the art of De Bethune’s ingenuity. The environment makes every moment elegant and timeless. Best swiss replica watches.

De Bethune is the benchmark of the modern advanced watchmaking industry, and its works are highly creative and unique. The relentless pursuit of technological innovation and aesthetic design has been De Bethune’s watchmaking philosophy since its establishment. As one of the brand’s founders, Denis Flajolais (Denis Flageollet), once said, “A watch is a watch that beats on the wrist. Art”. As the core IP of ROBBiART, a trendy art brand in Shanghai, ROBBi is a futuristic and mysterious space rabbit. The original design inspiration for TA comes from the lunar rover “Yutu.” Robbi is committed to combining trend elements, street culture, and art design across borders and conveying the brand’s spirit of pursuit of exploration, adventure, breakthrough, and innovation. The cooperation between the two parties fully demonstrates the ingenious collision of advanced watchmaking philosophy and trend culture. It vividly reflects the art of letting trends carry, thus creating a new symbol of domestic trends. Fake watches for sale.

This time, De Bethune and ROBBi’s joint Mid-Autumn Festival limited figure through the different perspectives of watches and trendy toys, cleverly combined ROBBi’s “space rabbit” image and De Bethune’s iconic “roasted blue” technique, condensing oriental sentiments in the ingenuity and craftsmanship. The ROBBi limited figure is inspired by the gradient blue tone of light and shadow, depicting the image of the cloudy and waxing moon. It adopts the pioneering mirror metal texture, echoing the unique deep blue titanium gem-inlaid dial of De Bethune. The dots of moonlight turn into De Bethune’s iconic triangular shield logo surrounded by pointer patterns, condensed on the chest, in the rhythm of time, engraving the art of protection, with futuristic mechanical lines, showing the power of the same strain Stylish, full of sci-fi charm, on this good occasion, accompany you.