GP Girard-Perregaux Laurel Series Dedicated To Romantic Valentine’s Day, Replica Watch

“Girard-Perregaux” was born more than two centuries ago. It originated from a romantic love story and has continued writing beautiful love chapters with ingenious timepieces. On February 4, 1854, Constant Girard and Marie Perregaux, who came from a famous watch merchant family, married. Their hearts were intertwined in love and their marriage. The latter two combined their surnames to become one of the few watch brands named after a husband and wife in Swiss fine watchmaking.

GP Girard-Perregaux dedicated Valentine’s Day to the Laurel Series, which was born in 1975. Like the iconic octagonal bezel of a laurel crown, it crowns the pure and perfect love of lovers.

Hand in hand day and night

Laureato 42mm black ceramic watch

Laureato 38mm white ceramic watch

The Laureato laurel series 42mm black ceramic watch interprets gentle love with a relaxed style. Its case and bracelet are black ceramic, alternately modified by frosting and polishing. It is either bright or dark, crisscrossed at different angles. Create a visual effect of great depth. The Laureato Laurel Series 38mm white ceramic watch has 56 sparkling diamonds set on an octagonal bezel made of stainless steel. It is paired with a white dial with a Paris hobnail pattern. Graceful and charming. The soft white and mysterious black show low-key luxury, like walking alternating night and dawn, carving the marks of love and time. The one-piece bracelet made of black and white ceramic material is as natural as a couple. It is also a testimony of love, telling lovers of eternal commitment and protection.

Spend the romantic sunshine together.

Laureato Laurel Series 42mm Blue Dial Watch

Laureato Laurel Series 38mm Copper Watch

The elegant and calm Laurel Series 42mm blue dial replica watch has GP01800 movement. The dial is decorated with fine and raised Paris hobnail patterns. The pyramid-shaped structure is crisscrossed to capture the flow of light and shadow perfectly. The personalized Laurel Series 38mm Copper watch is equipped with GP03300 movement. The delicate and elegant copper dial changes rich colors under natural light, like the romantic warm sun pouring down, warm and delicate. The movements of the two watches resonate at the same frequency of 4 Hz, allowing you to feel the implicit heartbeat rhythm. The stainless steel case is naturally connected to the bracelet through smooth and delicate craftsmanship and flexibly fits the wrist, bringing unparalleled wearing comfort. The dials of both watches are decorated with Paris hobnail patterns, which are closely arranged like a pyramid-shaped structure, making light and shadow dreamlikely intertwined, just like lovers walking hand in hand along the road of life, cuddling with each other on a romantic night, witnessing the undying love for each other. Time. Luxury replica watches.

On this Valentine’s Day, let Girard-Perregaux be the guardian and witness of your purest love, witness the beauty and preciousness of love in every second, and offer pure, sincere, and eternal blessings to lovers.