How Many Best Fake Watches Should A Man Buy In His Life?

It was once asked by the late clock master Mr. Wing Lun Chung: How many best fake watches is a man complete in his life? The master replied: “A man must have three watches: a casual watch for everyday wear, a sports watch and a gorgeous watch for formal occasions. On this basis, the competent people multiply each series by three, this lifetime is enough “.

There is no intention to judge the right or wrong of the master here, but the old gentleman is a watch master and a lifetime of dealing with the watch; the conclusion will naturally have the truth; below, we will look at a man’s life needs three watches are what?

Leisure table

As the name suggests, it is suitable for your weekend party or family party to wear a watch, do not deliberately show your status and strength; choose a comfortable watch to wear. It is recommended to choose the belt or rubber watchband style, which is more comfortable to wear than steel. At the same time, it is not recommended to buy precious metal best fake watches since they are ordinary wear imitation watches, so you can only sometimes think of their hands still wearing a valuable watch.

Watch of motion

A sports watch is in the outdoor or indoor sportswear watches; compared with leisure and formal table, sports watch has a lot of more severe restrictions, such as fall resistance, resistance, seismic resistance, and so on; if necessary, the best watch can also bring timing, diving or countdown functions.

Sports best fake watches are usually based on steel belts; the diameter of the table can be limited to many. For example, the Rolex Underwater and Omega Seahorse series are suitable choices.

Formal dress table

A formal table is not necessary to match formal wear; the actual requirements of a standard table are probably like this: precious metals, a special leather watchband, three or three needles, a dial clean and neat, can have a calendar window, can not be, to be thin, can hide in the sleeve and not uncomfortable. It is for you to dress with long sleeves; looking at the watch will not appear in the embarrassing situation of the watch card in the cuff. A formal watch that meets the above conditions can be round, square, or keg shaped in shape.

In general, for formal best fake watches, the basic is the belt, and it should be a black or brown crocodile leather watchband; dial color, the more element, the better, do not need to have too much fancy decoration.

These are the best three watches a man should have in his life. Major brands have launched different series for these three directions, so this article only recommends specific styles. Watch friends can, according to their preferences, based on the above principles choose.