Jiuqu Yingyue Series 36mm Ladies Watch, Best Swiss Replica Watches

Before the plum blossoms and hundreds of flowers bloom, spring comes to the world alone. In 2024, Shanghai Watch will launch the new Fuxing Jiuqu Yingyue 36mm women’s watch, using ingenious gold carvings to create a wrist garden with a deep sense of architecture and vitality. The winding bridge deck, jagged pavilions, and the beautiful scenery of Yuyuan Garden are reduced to a small space with exquisite watchmaking technology. A branch of plum blossoms quietly blooms with a faint fragrance.

Shanghai Watch’s Revival·Nine Songs Reflecting the Moon series presents a pine and a plum blossom with golden eagles in the cold weather in pairs.

(The black dial in the picture is a 40mm case, and the white dial is a 36mm case)

In the 19th century, Shanghai’s Yuyuan Garden welcomed guests worldwide with the Pavilion in the Center of the Lake as the center and the Jiuqu Bridge as the road. One bridge and one pavilion are symbols of Shanghai’s “city business card” facing the world and are also the epitome of the city’s cultural and artistic heritage. In the brand renewal journey in 2022, Shanghai Watch draws on the garden artistic conception of Yuyuan Garden, integrates traditional gold carving craftsmanship into mechanical aesthetic design, and grandly launches Fuxing Jiuqu Yingyue, a 40mm case and Jiuqu Bridge, Lake Pavilion, and Cang The dial design beside Songyi Lake all shows the aesthetic depth and inspiration of the brand’s unique Shanghai-style oriental charm. The brand has added new work, using a 36mm case and iconic gold carving elements to reinterpret the plum blossom, one of Suihan’s three friends, injecting unparalleled vitality and timeless beauty into the watch. Replica swiss watches.

The cold golden eagle presents the beauty of spring.

The Jiangnan garden scenery is stunningly carved with square-inch gold carvings on the natural mother-of-pearl dial. The nine-curved bridge with neat and straight lines extends from the bottom of the dial to the lake center pavilion on the left – the winding nine-curved bridge welcomes Chinese and foreign tourists. , gathering the world in a small teahouse pavilion, enjoying the thousands-mile scenery of Yu Garden. The subtle surface of the lake stone, the texture of the branches and leaves of the Cangqiu Winter Plum, and the sharp-edged pavilions and bridge decks all add a sense of vividness to the picture. Only craftsmanship can present the detailed contrast between the natural mechanism and the geometric lines of the building.

Golden carved plum fragrance, Shanghai Watch Renaissance·Nine Songs Reflecting the Moon 36mm ladies’ watch.

A branch of plum blossom is found at 3 o’clock on the dial, which is the finishing touch to the painting, carrying the beautiful meaning of the good news of spring, good luck, and peace. Unlike the beauty of petals emphasized in Western decorative aesthetics, this winter plum focuses more on the strong branches and beautiful blooming. The calyx of the plum blossom has five symmetrical petals with a floating fragrance, which is gorgeous; the branches and trunks of the plum blossom are winding and rugged, vigorous and robust, showing the proud bones of the snow. The fragrance of plum blossoms carved in gold is fixed in the horizon of the wrist. At this moment, beauty and auspiciousness always accompany. Art and time perfectly blend, interweaving a poem and painting of plum blossoms blooming in spring. Swiss replica watches store.

Shanghai Watch Renaissance Jiuqu Yingyue 36mm Ladies Watch Black Fritillary Model

The new Shanghai Watch Revival, Jiuqu Yingyue series, brings two exquisite 36mm pieces suitable for women to wear. One is a PVD rose gold 316L stainless steel case with an 18K gold engraved black mother-of-pearl dial and a black leather strap. , setting off the calmness and tranquility under the black-gold moon. The other one is a 316L stainless steel case with a platinum-engraved white mother-of-pearl dial lined with a white leather strap, which is even purer and more beautiful. One black and one white symbolize the day and night when Yu Garden is bathed in golden light. It is also the golden light scene when tourists disperse at midnight, and the white top and bottom in the snow scene, a pavilion in the middle of the snow that has been seen for many years.