Problems To Be Paid Attention To When Wearing A Fake Watch In Winter

In freezing weather, users must pay more attention to wearing a watch. After all, a fake watch is a highly delicate instrument, and it is no longer a matter of wearing it as you want. So what issues should you pay attention to when wearing a watch in winter?

1. Waterproof

In summer, it is sweat, and in winter, it is rain. Although watches have a specific waterproof performance, most swiss replica watches are only waterproof to a depth of about 30 or 50 meters and cannot directly contact water. When it snows, the fake watch will get water inadvertently. I will say more about the damage of the watch to the watch. In short, the recycling price of the watch will drop greatly. Therefore, wearing must pay more attention to prevent watch contact with water vapor.

2. Anti-fog

In winter, you may find that the door and window glass is often full of water droplets, which is caused by the significant temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. The mist will automatically disappear, but the internal movement of the after-sales department has been flooded. If this happens for a long time, it is easy to oxidize the campaign and cause the watch to stop timing. In the window environment, etc.

3. Antifreeze

The most prominent feature of winter is cold, so not only do we have to do antifreeze work, but also the fake watch must be prepared for antifreeze. It is also due to the smoothness of the internal movement of the watch, and the required preparation work is also straightforward. Add a few more to the watch. A piece of “clothing” keeps the watch properly warm and hides it in the sleeve so as not to leak out when the temperature is too low.

4. Anti-fall

Compared with other seasons, you should pay more attention to anti-fall in winter because the hairspring is relatively fragile in this season, and violent vibrations are likely to damage it. Especially when encountering slippery roads on snowy days, you must pay more attention to preventing falls.

5. Wear a belt

It is easier to understand because it is easy to match, and the steel belt is easy to freeze hands in winter, but the belt will not.