Roger Dudu King’s Series Interstellar Hollow Artist Cooperation Fake Watch

The most unexpectedly exploring creative inspiration is Rogerdubuis, RogerDubuis;

Breaking the routine is the invariant attitude of Rogerduis RogerDubuis;

Bold cross-border is the creative source of Rogerduis Rogerduis.

The birth of each subversion is the best performance of brand inheritance and transcendence.

Adhering to the concept of “our games have no rules,” Rogerdubuis, Rogerdubuis pursues the pursuit of watchmaking with its limits and surpasses the limit. Since 2021, it has opened an “urban art artist composed of city culture artists worldwide. The cooperation journey of Urban Art Tribe explores the rich manifestations of the contemporary art world, sprinkles creativity, and creates shocking art of the wrist.

Hand hands together to play the art of the wrist.

Subvert the rules, show professional skills, and are committed to pursuing future design -these world-famous urban cultural artists have the same values as brands. They have renewed the pentagram elements with their unique artistic style. As an essential part of the brand link and the art world, each timepiece of the “Urban Art Tribe” cooperation plan combines the exquisite skills of artists’ vision and watchmakers. Lead the future of Hyper Horology with creativity and design.

Explore the Journey to the Universe: Roger Du Pi X DR.WOO

2021 is a new milestone in Roger Dudai’s entry into the world of contemporary art. The brand joins with a minimalist, monochrome, and single-needle, and the top tattoo artist Dr. Woo, well-known in the tattoo industry, launched the king series. Single Flying Tbar Flying Wheel Artist Cooperation Watch-Dr. Woo. The artist uses geometric shapes and planetary patterns to depict the cosmic map in his mind, and our watchmakers have changed the outstanding creativity of the artist into reality with their superb skills. The timepiece uses metal-treated gold erosion on the sapphire crystal glass to present the reinterpretation pentagram on the dial with an exact, delicate, eye-catching design, showing exceptional excellent craftsmanship.

King Series Single Flying Tusso Wheel Artist Cooperation Watch-DR.WOO

Graffiti Creative Creative: Roger Dudui X Gully

Roger Dudui always accepts the challenge and cooperates with Gully, French graffiti artist Gully, who is good at blending various graffiti-style styles to launch the King’s series single flying wheel artist watch -Gully, and once again create a classic single flying wheel fake watch. Gully integrates the professional knowledge of high-end watchmaking with colorful graffiti art and uses a stroke to renovate the iconic pentagram element. The case and movement adopt simple and sharp lines and modern high-tech materials, dramatically improving the level of timepieces and making it an exciting canvas to realize the artist’s beautiful thoughts quickly. Create a unique masterpiece.

King Series Single Flying Tyorian Artist Cooperation Watch -Gully

The new chapter of common score cities: Roger Du Pi X Liu Ye

In 2022, Roger Dudui joined hands with the sculptor, sketchiest, and painter. Liu Yan, the most noticeable Chinese contemporary artist today, launched the third paragraph of the “Urban Art Tribe” cooperation plan. Times-King Series Single Flying Tusso Wheel Artist Cooperation Watch-Liu Ye. Watchmakers design a three-layer structure with superb skill, one layer of vertical lines, and the second layer is equipped with iconic pentagram signs. The third layer is engraved with horizontal color lines. The aesthetic structure of Purple Qi “turned the watch into a” hedging color “masterpiece.

King Series Single Flying Tusso Wheel Artist Cooperation Watch-Liu Ye

Lead the fashion trend: Roger Dudui X Hypebeast.

With a keen vision and precise grasp of the trend with a sharp eye and direction, Hypebeast cooperated with the trend information e-commerce platform and released the king series of interstellar hollow artist watches-Hypebeast. At this time, it inherited the iconic pentagram shape. The Panyuan and micro-swing wheels use Hypebeast’s unique color scheme: navy blue, with a white ceramic case and strap; simple and modern design highlight the King’s series of interstellar hollow wrists. The clear and sharp lines unique to the table show the brand’s pioneering fashion attitude and provide an excellent way to experience super watches at the trend leaders who are at the forefront of fashion.

King series Star Hollow Artist Watch-Hypebeast

New Cooperative Machinery Time and Space: Roger Dud Pei X Empty Mountain Foundation
The breakthrough never stops, and the tide is extraordinary to lead the future. On March 10, 2023, Roger Dudi held the “Machinery Time” King series Star Hollow Artist Watch-Kongshanji Party in Chengdu to hold the Watch-Kongshanji Party. Inject pulse vitality into the fashion capital and open a new chapter for the brand’s development in the southwestern area.

“Mechanical Time and Space” King Series Star Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Kongshanji Party

The new King Series Star Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Empty Mountain is based on the appearance of that night, and the world-renowned Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, as a pioneer in its artistic field, is a pioneer in its creative field. Understand the existing routine and shake the traditional thinking. Its extraordinary and excessive talent led to cooperation with well-known people in old fashion, technology, and music. Kongshan foundation continues to break through the art world on the road of creation. This time, Roger Dudui invited him to welcome creative challenges: Huanxin interpreted the brand’s classic pentagram elements.

King series Star Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Empty Mountain Foundation

The empty mountain foundation uses the brand’s existing design method to present a new style reinterpret of the King’s series of interstellar hollow best replica watches with extraordinary expressiveness and complexity. The eye’s curvature and bright refinement differ from the previous brand’s distinctive cut lines and strong contrasts. Empty Shanji draws more elements from his iconic creation. Echo. To achieve these aesthetics, you need to use the extraordinary skills of watchmakers to develop unique technical technologies to achieve a good effect. For Roger Dudine, this is a challenging task, especially when comprehensive polishing titanium cases and bracelets. Kongshanji gives this watch more light and shadow effect, so it has redesigned the brand’s micro-swinging tubes, creating a Moor wave pattern visual effect caused by the wearer’s wrist, showing a charming dynamic. This lovely and endless ripple effect is the first attempt for artists and brands. It needs to be designed in the watchmaking factory for several months to find exquisite mixes of various materials, decoration, and refinement. It ultimately combines several great technologies: building a highly accurate optimal distance between each line of stamping and decorative patterns and taking three hours of traditional engraving on some parts of micro-swing Tuo, And the stamped sapphire crystal glass table is placed on the innovative assembly process on the novel miniature tubes. The release of 28 times with a limited edition is equipped with a level 5 -level titanium alloy bracelet with the first fast-disassembly device that is easy to replace quickly and diversely.

King series Star Hollow Artist Cooperation Watch-Empty Mountain Foundation

The party site also has a striking empty mountain-based mechanical Ji art device and the iconic pentagram modeling device of Roger Dudu. Metal skin and muscle lines present a unique futuristic aesthetics, leading guests to explore the mechanical time and space full of vitality.

It is unlimited to achieve transcendence and explore more time mysteries. The wrist art legends composed by Roger Dudui and the “Urban Art Tribe) are continuing … In the future, Roger Dudui will continue to explore art and watchmaking with endless imagination and creativity. And thereby leading the future of “Hyper Horology.”