Why Does The “Panda Disk” That Everyone Loves To Dominate The Aesthetics Of The Bezel? Knockoff Watches

Before the 60th anniversary of Daytona, other brands are already ready to move. Not long after the beginning of the year, efforts were made in the clocks field, and the launch of various “panda disks” once again set off the popularity of this classic design, which is foreseeable to be the highlight of 2023.

Famous for its highly recognizable dial design, the appearance of the “Panda Dial” is inseparable from the popular motorsports in the 1960s.

The iconic black and white dial design is adopted on the clock. The “Panda Dial” has won the love of many watch players for its legibility and gradually extended various deformation designs.

To this day, the “Panda Plate” is still popular with its unique design and style.

Especially with the return of the retro trend in the watch circle in recent years, the “panda plate” has swept in again and has become a classic design feature of various chronograph knockoff watches. Today, we will take stock of those “Panda Disk” watches worth seeing.

No one would have thought that the first new work launched by Vacheron Constantin in 2023 would be the “Panda Disk” worldwide.

Although as early as 2018, Vacheron Constantin tried black and white color matching and launched the “reversed panda dial” vertical and horizontal series chronograph 5500V/110A-B481, with a pure black dial and an elegant white sub-dial. A wave of watch fans loves it.

Continuing this classic, just this year, Vacheron Constantin launched a new stainless steel vertical and horizontal chronograph watch, and it has more “panda” characteristics in appearance.

The silver sunburst satin-brushed dial is used, with a black snail-shaped small dial and a black velvet-textured minute scale ring, which fully complements the classic design of the “panda dial” to Vacheron Constantin’s representative sports replica watches.

Retaining the classic design of the hexagonal bezel, it is equipped with the brand’s self-made 5200 self-winding movements inside, designed with double barrels, and the column wheel is decorated with Maltese cross-shaped screws.

The public price is 248,000. Whether in terms of appearance or performance, it can be regarded as a surprise work in 2023.

Regarding motorsports, TAG Heuer Carrera has to be mentioned in addition to Rolex Daytona.

As the first clock designed for professional racing drivers, the Carrera can guarantee accurate and precise time reading even in extreme speed environments. Because of its beauty and practicality, since its launch in 1963, it has quickly gained recognition worldwide and has become one of TAG Heuer’s most popular watch series today.

In 2023, the TAG Heuer Carrera series officially celebrates its 60th anniversary. And the Calera 60th anniversary commemorative watch was grandly launched at the beginning of the year.

Based on the 2447 SN, which is quite collectible in the original Carrera watch and incorporates contemporary design elements, this 60th-anniversary edition of Carrera adopts a newly upgraded retro color scheme in appearance.

The silver sun pattern matte dial, with a black sub-dial, differs from the color matching of the panda dial in our conventional perception. Many classic elements have been retained in the 39 mm stainless steel case, the iconic inner lugs, the sleek case profile, and the narrow polished bezel.

With a black calfskin strap, you can see the TAG Heuer Caliber Heuer02 automatic chronograph movement built into the watch through the sapphire case back with a limited edition serial number. Including hours, minutes, stopwatch, and chronograph functions, it can provide about 80 hours of power reserve and 100 meters of water resistance.

The Tissot PRX series has been top-rated recently, especially this “panda face” timepiece launched in 2022, a prevalent model.

With a diameter of 42 mm, the dial has a large area of vertical brushing, which is very retro. It also uses a silver dial design, which echoes the stainless steel case. The overall design looks more advanced with rose gold hour markers and hands.

Small black dials at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock undertake the timing function; there is a calendar window between 4 and 5 o’clock, and the practicality is also fully considered.

The built-in VALJOUX A05.H31 self-winding movement has a power reserve of 60 hours. Compared with the general-purpose movement that Tissot has always used, details such as fish scale polishing have been added. The hollowed-out automatic rotor also adopts techniques such as brushing and polishing, significantly improving aesthetics.

Combined with the one-piece stainless steel strap, which is ingeniously integrated with the barrel-shaped case, the sporty style is strong while maintaining a specific retro look. With such a design and quality at the price of 10,000 yuan, it can be said that it is a cost-effective choice to start with the “Panda Disk.”

Previously, Seiko had launched a “Panda Disk” watch, SSC813P1, not only known as Seiko’s “Panda Di” but also considered the most robust replacement for Rolex Bai Gangdi.

As an extension of the large wrist diameter, the SSC911P1 has a diameter of 41.4 mm. It continues the classic black-and-white color scheme in appearance. It adopts a three-eye chronograph layout. The contrasting color bezel and the iconic red second hand significantly improve the watch’s readability. Combined with the comprehensive design of the hour markers, it is visually more open and atmospheric.

Equipped with V192 solar power movement, it has excellent antimagnetic, travel time, and battery life performance. Coupled with the price of about 5,000, it is very suitable for the positioning needs of the workers. It saves money, time, effort, and worry. The size is also ideal for most men to wear.

Unlike the previous ones, at the end of 2022, the German watch brand Yulian launched a silver-yellow “Panda Disk.” It is striking at first glance and very unique.

You may need to learn more about Yulian, mainly because it came to China much later than other brands and officially entered China in 2018. Focusing on the mid-end market, this watch brand from Glashütte, a famous watchmaking town in Germany, also inherits a strong “German flavor” in design.

This “yellow panda” is the representative. Inspired by retro sports cars, bright yellow and dynamic silver distinguish the dials. The overall color ratio is consistent with the body design of the antique Porsche 911.

It adopts pump buttons, a slightly arched sapphire glass mirror, and an eye-catching orbital scale ring with an asymmetrical dial design full of retro style.

Coupled with the UNG-27.S1 movement, it has a silicon hairspring and a power reserve of 65 hours. The characteristic Glashütte columnar pattern is added to the polished decoration, which forms a harmonious aesthetic feeling with the blue steel screws, exuding a robust German watchmaking charm from the inside to the outside.

There is a saying in the fashion industry: “No matter who has been in the fashion industry for more than 5 years, they will feel that the cycle of fashion is repeated.” Regarding this, we can also feel it in the watch circle.

Just like the design of “Panda Noodles” lasts for a long time, its popularity, on the one hand, is, of course, linked to the outstanding results in the auction market – Ref.6239 Paul Newman Edition set a shocking transaction price of 120 million, Even now it is enough to deter.

On the other hand, the follow-up effect caused by wearing celebrities and stars is also constantly pushing it to a famous climax.

But the popularity of retro fashion, in a sense, also represents the failure of modern inspiration. Returning to the classics and sticking to the tradition is good. Still, the awakening of creativity is the best weapon if you want to always be at the forefront of fashion and maintain long-term consumption motivation.