Buy Replicas Watch, Follow The “Buying A New And Not Buying The Old”?

It is the consensus of many consumers. Just as the new hardware is equipped with advanced technology and has more robust performance than the old model, it is undoubtedly a better way to choose a new model under the premise that the price gap is not apparent. However, this view has been released. Is it applicable to the bezel?

Twenty Pilot Series Mark Twenty

Watch friends who support “buying new and not buying the old” believe new watches often reflect current trends and aesthetic habits. Buying new models can have a longer use cycle; it is not easy to “overdo” even after many years. Another reason is that the appearance of the old buy replicas watch has been used for several years, which can easily cause aesthetic fatigue. The new model can get an unprecedented wear experience, which is the advantage of “buying new.”

Omega disc series elegant watch

In addition to the appearance factors, the new watches generally upgraded the movement. For example, the latest Omega series of elegant fake rolex watches will be upgraded to the CAL.8800 movement and the CAL.2500 movement that has been used for many years. Compared with the former Cal.8800 movement, the magnetic field can be increased and resist 15,000 Gauss, and it is promoted from COSC Observatory to a more harsh “Zhizhen Observatory” certification. The latest Mark 20 of the country has also upgraded the movement. Compared with the former Cal.35111 movement (based on the Sellita SW300-1), the new Cal.32111 movement has increased to 120 hours, and some silicon uses some silicon. The performance improvement perception is significant in part of the parts (such as the escalation wheel and fork). “Buying a new” at this time is very necessary.

Cartier Tank Series TANK MUST

The advantage of the new model is also the value-preserving strength: the same brand and series of new models, due to the number of stocks and circulation products, the prices in the secondary market are generally higher than the old model. On the other hand, once the old model is selected, if it is not a specific popular product, it is necessary to make a “fracture” psychological preparation.

Rolex Airbly Type Ref.116900

After discussing the necessity of “buying new,” let’s look at different views. This part of the cousin believes that, as a luxury, performance is only one of the reference factors for purchasing, and it will not have a decisive role in the final decision. Of course, the “old” mentioned here does not refer to the second watch but the earlier version and the suspension of production.

Rolex Greenwich II Ref.116710ln (green needle)

The advantages of the old model are first reflected in the price. Generally speaking, given the new model, the old models typically have good discounts; even if they do not participate in values, the price advantage of the old model has been significant in the face of public prices that have risen in the new year. In addition, the mechanical watch differs from “Moore’s Law” in electronic products. Today’s products have a limited upgrade level and no major innovative breakthrough. Therefore, there is no need to pursue the latest models deliberately; choose the development of the eye with subjective preference.

Rolex submarine navigation type Ref.116610LV and Ref.126610LV

On the other hand, designing classic and highly recognizable “old” is often more attractive than the bland new models. The so-called classic must be a work that has been verified by time. Take Rolex’s most concerned “green water ghost.” For example, the discontinued Ref.116610LV uses a green plate and ceramic circle combination. A strong sense of one, thereby bringing extremely high recognition.

Rolex Exploration Type 39 mm and 36mm models

In contrast, the 2020 REF.126610LV, due to the replacement of the dial to black, weakened the product characteristics to a certain extent, resulting in the reputation of the new style being less than expected. Similar situations also occur on “Explore 1”, and the suspended 39mm models are more popular with consumers than new models of 36 mm. From this perspective, even if the new product has a stronger CAL.3235/3230 movement blessing, it still cannot shake the old status. Therefore, the “old model” does not mean that the negation of previous products, the consumer outlook on “buying new and not buying the old,” may not be applied to the bezel.

Panerai Lu Mino series PAM01272

The above are the two sounds about whether to buy a form to follow “buy new and not buy the old.” What do you think about this?