Roger Dubuis’s New King Series Fake Watches Shining Debut.

Unbalanced is RogerDubuis, RogerDubuis inherent;

Continuous innovation is Roger Dubuis’s long-lasting pursuit.

Naturally outstanding, no fear of shining. As an innovator, Roger Dudui continuously develops a new state of watchmaking through his expressiveness and superb craftsmanship so that the new king series neon-stone fake watches bloom gorgeous fluorescent potential. The neon series is famous for its exquisite glowing aesthetics and excellent performance. As the latest series of replica watches review became the focus, the outstanding avant-garde king series neon-strong watch has taken a bold step forward. This unique watch pushes the brand’s watchmaking technology to the extreme, and every detail shines. The new timepiece is equipped with the RD720SQ movement, which shines artistic beauty and attracts the audience as soon as it appears.

Exquisite craftsmanship sparkles innovation.

The bright spinels of this super watch (Hyper Horology) instantly attract people’s attention. Whether red or blue, day, night, or under an ultraviolet line, every spinel with superluminova always shines with unique colors. The effect of this multi-tone gives the watch a gorgeous appearance and exquisitely presents Roger Dudine’s dedication to complex glowing art. Each spinel stone has been synthesized and growing to achieve exquisite color tone, uniformity, and luminescence. This very challenging technology must ensure the perfect fusion of color and light to achieve the most indifferent results.

This watch is innovative in the dazzling spinels surrounding the bezel and Pan edge. This world’s first gem-cutting technology is applying for patents and once again proves that the brand can develop the aesthetic design in the most spectacular form. Each spinel is an ingenious work. It is cleverly carved from its iconic curve and sharp perspective, demonstrating innovative watchmaking skills.

At the same time, the striking framework is composed of its 3D spinel. These colorful micro-light beams form the branch of Roger Dudbi, and the center of the pentagram is neatly dotted with a natural fluorescent diamond. Finally, this carefully selected spinel has added a sense of gorgeousness to the watch, proving that the brand will never ignore any details.

King series neon-SPIN-Stone watch

Unremitting pursuit of excellent performance

The RD720SQ automatic movement considers superb aesthetics and performance, has better 72-hour power storage and optimizes micro-swing tubes to minimize vibration. To further improve the stability, the inertia of the swing wheel doubled, reducing the sensitivity of the watch to beat.

King series neon-SPIN-Stone watch

However, improvement continues beyond there. To pursue higher efficiency and energy transmission, the shape of the escapement mechanism has also been improved. It is also matched with silicone fork tiles and new lubricants with diamond coating. Roger Dudine’s dedication to mechanical design and -made high-quality and delicate maintenance has obtained the Geneva seal certification, one of the most stringent standards for the high-end watch industry.

Bold innovation and variety of style

The bold color defines the king’s series neon-Stone watches, and the balance of other materials also provides a sharp contrast. The 42mm case of this watch uses a long-lasting eternal golden tone and is paired with a white flower calf leather strap to make the look more delicate. The strap is equipped with a multifunctional fast-disassembly system, which can quickly change the watch’s appearance within a second and easily change the personal style.

King series neon-SPIN-Stone watch

Welcome to experience the most colorful and dazzling watch masterpieces so far. What makes this watch so different is not only because of its exclusive quantity but the creative and breakthrough thinking behind it. Roger Dudui once again reached the crossroads of craftsmanship, innovation, and performance, and this concept cleverly guided the brand to the peak of Hyper Horology. This fantastic watch is the ultimate equipment for the fearless. The ambition, colorful and impeccable, experience the gorgeous light of the hydrology anytime, anywhere.

King series neon-SPIN-Stone watch