German Lange 2023 1815 Perpetual Calendar Swiss Watches Replica

Triple complex, secondary assembly, consistent Lange

Through the 1815 rattrapante perpetual calendar watch, Lange interprets the three primary complex functions in watchmaking with classic design. This rare and bold combination of split-seconds chronograph and perpetual calendar is now presented in a new look with an 18K white gold case and 18K rose gold dial. The new 1815 Rattrapante perpetual calendar watch is limited to 100 pieces.

The new 1815 rattrapante perpetual calendar watch in 18K white gold

When it was launched in 2013, the 1815 rattrapante perpetual calendar watch marked a milestone in the new era of Lange. It was equipped with the eighth chronograph movement developed in-house by the Lange watch factory in Saxony. This movement combines three sophisticated, complex functions, which is rare in the classic and elegant 1815 series watches, and this movement is excellent in both short-term and long-term accuracy. With its namesake complication, the 1815 Split Seconds Perpetual Calendar sets the standard for short-time measurement and calendar display. Swiss watches replica.

Compare timing to seconds.

One of the significant horological technical challenges faced by the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar watch is the rattrapante function. In addition to the traditional roles of a clock, this sophisticated and complex watch can realize split timing, comparative timing, and the measurement of the maximum and minimum timing values ​​in one minute. Since the vibration frequency of the balance wheel of the L101.1 movement made by the watch factory is six and a half oscillations per second, the recording accuracy of the timing measurement value is as high as one-sixth of a second. An extra scale on the outer ring of the minute scale allows accurate reading of the deal.

The precise control process inside the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass bottom cover. The classic design of the double-column wheel is used to control start-stop and split-time measurement. Adopting Lange’s consistent standards, sophisticated technology, and high-level craftsmanship are integrated. The tops of all moving parts are decorated with straight lines, and the chamfers of the outer ring are also polished. Only experienced artisans can polish the corners to give them a perfect and flat appearance.

Perpetual calendar

The split-seconds chronograph can measure various periods accurately to a fraction of a second. At the same time, the technical strength of the perpetual calendar lies in its “long-term memory.” The calendar display only needs to be corrected once on March 1, 2100, because according to the rules of the Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar), this year is not considered a leap year.

The precise moon phase display is also sustainable for a long time. It accurately shows the moon’s synodic month and only needs to be corrected by one day every 122.6 years.

Harmonious display

The 1815 Rattrapante perpetual calendar watch’s uniqueness lies in its technical details and the exquisite layout of the display functions. After the AUTOGRAPH Panorama Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon in 2019 and the LANGE 1 Perpetual Calendar in 2021, this is the third Lange watch with an 18K rose gold dial (excluding the Concorsod’ Eleganza Villad’ Este antique car show unique 1815 chronograph “Concorso” special edition). The warm tones of the dial and the cool tones of the 18K white gold case complement each other with elegance. With its traditional train-track minute scale, Arabic numerals, and the harmonious arrangement of its four sub-dials, this dial captures the essence of the 1815 watch collection, named after the year of Ferdinand Adolphe Lange’s birth.

The layout design of the perpetual calendar display and the split-second chronograph function fully demonstrate the classic aesthetics of early Lange pocket watches. Paired calendar displays at 3 and 9 o’clock. The left sub-dial displays the date and day of the week, while the right sub-dial displays the month and leap year. The sub-dial is at 6 o’clock with the moon phase display, and the small seconds are decorated with eye-catching colors—chronograph minute hand and power reserve indicator at noon. The shorter golden hands on the inner ring remind the wearer when the movement needs to be powered by the winding crown. Longer hands in blued steel indicate the chronograph minutes.

Manufacture L101.1 movement

The L101.1 hand-wound movement inherits the traditional design features and comprises 631 independent parts. The perpetual calendar mechanism alone requires 211 pieces, while the rattrapante chronograph requires 206. The screw balance is driven by a balance spring developed by the watch factory to ensure high-speed stability. The movement components have been reassembled and exquisitely decorated, interpreting Lange’s strict standards for perfection in every detail.

Manufacture L101.1 movement

“With three classic complications, the Manufacture L101.1 movement is one of Lange’s most complicated movements. Each complication is a masterpiece of technology, and when combined, they significantly impact our designs. It is a greater challenge for watchmakers and watchmakers because the fine-tuning and adjustment process of all mechanisms requires dexterity and technical expertise.” Luxury replica watches.

Three models

The new 1815 Rattrapante perpetual calendar watch features an 18K rose gold dial with an 18K white gold case. The case is 41.9mm in diameter and 14.7mm thick. It is limited to 100 pieces. This watch has launched two models: platinum 950 case/silver-white dial and 18K rose gold case/silver-white dial.