Roger Dubuis New King Racing Series Maverick Sterrato Titanium Swiss Watches Replicas

Inspired by galloping enthusiasm,

A model of unruly modern style,

A shocking work that attracts attention.

King Racing Series Maverick Sterrato Titanium Watch

Roger Dubuis once again joined hands with Lamborghini SquadraCorse, the sports department of Lamborghini, proudly launching the Maverick Sterrato titanium alloy watch camouflage blue watch of the king racing series. This expressive timepiece adopts a new color design and is bold and avant-garde. The look of the same name, released in 2022, is made of flame orange, which integrates a sophisticated mechanical structure, cutting-edge technological materials, and visually shocking aesthetics. The surging creativity combines the art of RogerDubuis super watch (HyperHorology) and the bold and fearless advanced technology of the Sterrato supercar, showing its innovative charm. Swiss watches replicas.

The blue frenzy swept across the new track, creating an extraordinary realm of watchmaking that subverted tradition.

Powerful movement, full of power

The RD630 movement is like a supercar engine, roaring to ignite every passion, presenting the iconic shape of the hexagonal air intake, and interpreting the fusion between timepieces and supercars. The double barrels located at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock, echoing the multi-fuel tank design of supercars, are the eye-catching symbols of the Mavericks watch of the King Racing series. Symmetrical to it is the inclined balance wheel at noon. This device reproduces the tachometer on the dashboard of the Sterrato supercar, showing an unconventional and unconventional brand attitude. Since 2013, brand watchmakers have continued to explore the three-dimensional field, playing with three-dimensional elements, endowing the balance with hairspring and flying tourbillon with a new inclination, and setting the balance at an angle of 12 degrees to achieve the best performance. This innovative adjustment compensates for the angular tendency when worn, placing the balance wheel in a more favorable horizontal position. At the same time, it also provides a better viewing angle for the wearer, who can fully watch the rotation of the balance wheel caused by the expansion and contraction of the hairspring and feel the constant rhythm of the watch.

King Racing Series Maverick Sterrato Titanium Watch

The calendar window display is also unique. Looking through the back of the watch, there are a series of illegible symbols on the calendar disc. However, when viewed from the front, the calendar disc rotates in front of the color decoder, displaying the numbers. From the back of the watch, you can see the 360-degree oscillating weight indicated by the semi-skeleton movement. Its inspiration comes from the rim of the Huracán Mavericks supercar.

The movement has a 60-hour long-term power reserve, with the brand’s consistent precision and powerful functions.

Cutting-edge materials, extraordinary design

The use of modern high-tech materials further reflects the brand’s superb mastery of watchmaking technology, and when selecting materials, it pays special attention to their extreme lightness and durability. Therefore, the watchmaker chose SMC sheet molded carbon fiber to make the 45mm case of this timepiece. It’s a composite material nine times lighter than gold, and its application was inspired by the design of Huracán’s monocoque chassis and body panels. The six enlarged minute markers on the bezel are more expressive and reminiscent of the unique fender protectors of the Sterrato sports car. This grooved bezel is made of black DLC-coated titanium alloy. Its increased thickness symbolizes the higher ground clearance of the supercar and constantly reminds the wearer of the thrill of the supercar speeding.

Another unusual and unique design makes this watch stand out. The two sharp bars on the dial extend from the noon position to the 5 o’clock position and the 7 o’clock position, respectively, and the neat lines of the roof rack of the Sterrato off-road sports car are ready for all expeditions and also demonstrate Roger Dubuis’ unruly style that always moves with his heart. The black logo is printed on the sapphire mirror on the back of the timepiece. Undoubtedly, this is the source of inspiration for the design of the entire watch.

King Racing Series Maverick Sterrato Titanium Watch

Blue camouflage is unstoppable.

The rubber strap is paired with blue camouflage patterns of different shades, like blue notes jumping between the wrists, echoing supercars’ wild and passionate off-road performance. The original design vulcanizes many colored plates through a unique process, which takes 30% more production time than ordinary straps. The strap is made of black rubber, decorated with a Pirelli Trofeo R tire pattern, and equipped with a quick-release device, which is convenient for the wearer to replace the strap, showing a variety of styles quickly.

Exclusive courtesy, exclusive experience

The Maverick Sterrato Titanium Watch of the King Racing Series is limited to 28 pieces, and it is a rare wrist timepiece for rebellious players. The first five customers who purchase this timepiece online through official channels will each receive a custom hand-painted helmet that echoes the watch’s design.

Innovative colors, bold and fearless, start the journey of true colors on the wrist—the pioneering journey of Roger Dubuis. The brand’s watchmakers subvert the routine, transform and sublimate in every creation, and endow the watch with an eclectic personality.

Don’t be limited by the rules, don’t stop at the present, and bravely explore the unknown direction to control the future.

King Racing Series Maverick Sterrato Titanium Watch

About Roger Dubuis

Since 1995, Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of fine watchmaking, leading an expressive style and creating luxurious and gorgeous brand characteristics with a bold and unique attitude. The brand is determined to pioneer the “Hyper Horology,” insists on innovative design, and goes forward to create the future world of high-end imitation watches. All this stems from our crazy love for subversive conventions and the pursuit of pleasure and freedom. Backed by a full line of Swiss watchmakers, Roger Dubuis has always pursued excellence and created peak performance, and each 100% brand-made movement is the ultimate interpretation of this. While carrying forward the tradition, the brand creates a modern style and, at the same time, plays with advanced technology and time-honored watchmaking craftsmanship, selects innovative materials, and exerts surging creativity to create an outstanding timepiece certified by the Geneva Seal. Roger Dubuis is avant-garde, uninhibited, and creative. It presents a dazzling and extraordinary timepiece series for unique customer groups and constantly creates the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology.