Why Are Rolex Submariner Watches So Popular?

The Rolex Submariner series is one of the hottest sports imitation watches. In 1926, Rolex invented the famous Oyster case, which a female athlete wore across the English Channel. The Oyster became famous in the first battle. In 1953, Rolex launched the first Submariner series watch, one of the originators of modern diving watches.

Today, the Oyster Submariner has become one of the most sought-after and classic sports watches and has become the object of imitation by many small brands. So why are Rolex Submariner imitation watches so popular? I think the reason is rough as follows:

1. Consolidated, durable and practical

Of course, durability is the characteristic of every Rolex watch, not just the Submariner series.

Each watch in the Submariner series has a super waterproof function of 300 meters. This waterproof depth can almost meet all human underwater activities. In addition to the waterproof oyster case, it dramatically enhances the watch’s dustproof and shockproof functions. The airtight oyster case is as airtight as a submarine.

The Submariner series is equipped with Rolex’s self-produced 3135 movements, with a powerful blue hairspring that can effectively reduce the impact of temperature and effect on the watch, ensuring the watch’s accuracy.

2. Good looking, very classic

A beautiful appearance is an essential plus item in this era of looking at faces. The Submariner series also has this condition. The green water ghost is striking, the black water ghost is calm, and the blue water ghost is noble, attracting countless watch fans.

The Submariner series has mostly stayed the same in the decades since its birth, but it is widespread, and this can only be achieved with a classic style and traditional means that it will not expire.

3. High-value preservation

Many people will consider the issue of preservation of value when buying a watch. Of course, there are not many imitation watches with this attribute in the circle, and the Green Water Ghost is just one of them. In the past two years, when the market of green water ghosts was relatively stable, second-hand green water ghosts could be obtained for 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. Still, the demand for green water ghosts is soaring, and second-hand green water ghosts with good quality can almost be repurchased at a fair price. Just ask you whether value preservation is vital!

4. The price is not high

The most popular styles sold by Rolex are not those precious metal or diamond-encrusted styles but the most basic stainless steel richard mille replica watches. A large part of the reason for this is the “price”. Indeed, the price of Rolex is not low, but compared to the unattainable price of Patek Philippe, Rolex is much closer to the people, especially at this price. With such a good quality watch, the Submariner is naturally very popular!

5. Big brand and high recognition

It is no exaggeration to say that Rolex is famous in China, and we all know that those who can wear Rolex must be rich. Wearing one on their hands will make others look at you highly. As Rolex’s leading props, the Submariner series naturally bears the brunt. The Oyster is also highly recognizable, especially the hottest green water ghost, which can be recognized as a Rolex water ghost from a few meters away!